6 Reasons Why NFTs Will Boom in 2022

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
6 Reasons Why NFTs Will Boom in 2022
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Over the past year, the NFT marketplace has exploded into the mainstream!

For example, back in November, Paris Hilton and Bill Ackman threw their support behind the $300 million organization, Origyn Art. This exclusive fine art market community is harnessing the Internet Computer to issue guaranteed NFT certificates to ensure the authenticity and provenance of treasured physical masterpieces. Charmin has an intriguing NFT line of digital toilet paper with flowers, and Sotheby’s auctioned off an NFT for the source code of the Internet to an anonymous buyer last summer. Even celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steph Curry, Eminem, and Matt Damon have launched into NFT projects.

There's never been a better time than right now to invest in NFT!

6 Reasons Why NFTs Will Boom in 2022

  1. Digital assets have become commonplace - The world is already obsessed with everything from Fortnite skins to Pokémon to FIFA Ultimate Team digital trading cards. These predecessors to NFT technology have already popularized digital assets and stoked demand. It's only a matter of time before major sports, media, and gaming companies realize the nearly limitless potential of NFT technology.
  2. People have a perennial love for collectibles - NFT technology promises to change the way humans collect things. Trading cards, tickets, pieces of music, Internet avatars, and even tweets can be tokenized as NFTs. In fact, NFTs can serve as a digital twin to physical objects, thus ensuring authenticity and designating ownership.
  3. Unprecedented investment opportunities - NFT projects have already generated a lot of wealth. An Ultimate Master Bot NFT sold for 3,000 ICP ($172,140 USD) on the Internet Computer. At the time of writing, Poked Bots has traded a total volume of 62.6k ICP (about $13 million USD). With so many people flocking to invest in NFT, you can be sure that even more investors will surge forward in 2022!
  4. Enthusiastic celebrities - I've already mentioned that celebrities are getting involved, but the intensity of the craze is mind-blowing! Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, recently sold his first tweet as an NFT for about $3 million USD. A chain reaction has started that promises to drag almost everybody into the weird, wonderful, and wild world of NFTs!
  5. Transparency and cybersecurity - NFT are exchanged on blockchain networks via smart contracts, eliminating the need for a central authority while simultaneously making the Internet safer, more inclusive, and more open. Content creators can rest easy knowing there's finally a solution to safeguarding intellectual property rights and guaranteeing ownership.  
  6. The Internet Computer is here - The DFINITY Foundation's Internet Computer offers NFT creators and people who invest in NFT cheap on-blockchain storage at Web speed with no gas fees. The Internet Computer promises to be the premier platform for the NFT marketplace. It has what it takes to revolutionize NFT endeavors, make them indispensable aspects of daily life, and elevate them to the status of global financial juggernauts.

We at the Dfinity Community have also joined the NFT revolution. If you're looking to invest in NFT, look no further! Our innovative play-to-earn (P2E) ICP Squad game encourages increased engagement with the ever-expanding Internet Computer ecosystem. You can look forward to airdrops of rare NFT accessories, seasonal artwork, and adaptive gameplay that protects players from bots and schemers. We think ICP Squad may be the best NFT to invest in during 2022. Anyone can enroll in the pre-order with an entry cost of only 1 ICP for your first NFT!

What Are The Benefits of Using Non-fungible Tokens

In addition to monetary benefits for people who invest in NFT (non-fungible tokens), this incredible blockchain technology promises to remake the Internet and redefine how people think about ownership. Never before has technology existed that can seamlessly and flawlessly track authenticity and provenance in a decentralized, tamper-proof manner.

NFTs are like digital fingerprints - they are not a fad, they are the future. Soon, they will be ubiquitous in daily life, serving as concert tickets, certificates of authenticity, guarantors of intellectual property rights, collectables, game passports, real-life passports, digital deeds, and so much more!

Unlike physical tokens, NFTs cannot be destroyed. Unlike predecessor digital assets, NFTs cannot be tampered with, hacked, or maliciously duplicated or forged. Above all, using NFT technology will benefit society by enhancing integrity via a transactional system that ensures permanence and transparency.

Rise of NFTs

Clearly, NFTs are here to stay. Despite initial mainstream criticism, like cryptocurrencies in general, NFTs have proven unstoppable and are rapidly gaining retail as well as institutional support. As NFTs rise, so will the decentralized application ecosystem of Web3.

In fact, NFTs are the key to unlocking Web3. For example, Catalyze, which is the Internet Computer's answer to Slack and Discord, will rely on NFT technology to track donations in a nonprofit community-building space. Online events will also use NFTs as digital receipts for medals and rewards.

But that's not all! On the Internet Computer, NFT technology will fuel a dynamic community and commerce system, empowering and popularizing Web3 in a way in which other competitor blockchains cannot. a platform to build a new generation of digital applications upon. The Internet Computer blockchain’s autonomous status and complete independence from commercial web services and legacy API also means NFTs are directly owned and controlled by the end-user.

What To Expect in 2022

The NFT marketplace on the Internet computer started 2022 off with a bang! Projects have seen rapidly increasing floor prices, including Meme Cake, ICP Art, ICPunks, Dfinity Space Apes, Cronics, and many, many more! Best NFT to invest in could be BTC flower which saw a phenomenal floor price increase.  

With Gigaverse launching and the continuing emergence of bridges to other blockchains in 2022, expect the Internet Computer to become the coveted hub for everything NFT. The Internet Computer overcomes competitor blockchains gas fees and storage limitations and is eco-friendly and runs at Web speed.

Don't miss out! Join the NFT revolution on the Internet Computer!

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