What Makes ICPets so Special? An Examination of their Incredible Utility!

Daniel James
Daniel James
What Makes ICPets so Special? An Examination of their Incredible Utility!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Do IC Pets provide additional value? Do they have any utility and future? Or are they just cute and affordable jpegs?

Answers to these questions are all outlined in this article.

ICPets NFT — is your ticket to the privileged club, to the ICPets ecosystem, where each and every member gets rewards based on his holdings.

More “tickets” — more benefits.

Let’s go through it step by step quickly:

1. NFT airdrop.

400 NFTs are locked for the community and will be airdropped to 400 random minters wallets right after the end of the public sale.

2. The biggest airdrop is planned — up to 400 ICP will be distributed between 777 random minters wallets in 1 week after the end of ICPets public sale.

3. 80% of royalties ICPets are accumulating in the Community Treasury Wallet will be distributed between holders bi-weekly. Forever.

4.10% of profits will be locked in the community treasury for further development, marketing, and community airdrops

5. Additional 50 ICP to be airdropped to 100 OGs.

6. 50% of the merch store profits will go back to the community.

7. Daily yields of PETS food based on Rarity index and random attributes. The more you hold — the more tokens you accumulate.

The utility explanation is given below.

8. Collect an entire ICPets Gang (raccoon, hamster & penguin) and get one Genesis 2 pet — ICPanda. It will be revealed soon before the public sale. Panda will have higher yields opportunities, and by holding it, you will get access to limited wearables.

9. Additional Pandas will be airdropped among OGs and WL, who have participated in the presale and supported ICPets in the early stages.

10. Access to the Tetronic 3D Robotic Raccoon collection presale. Limited spots will be available with up to a 50% discount for ICPets Minters and holders. Mint 3 — Book one 3D raccoon presale spot with a 100% guarantee. Mint 6 — get two 3D raccoons and so on.

11. 10% from further launches (3D robotic pets & Abstract collection) — goes back to the ICPets community (via airdrop).

12. Another 10% of the profits will be used as a treasury to buy back and raise floor prices of ICPets → to increase liquidity and the floor price long term. Redeemed NFTs will be accumulating for DAO or will be burned to decrease available supply — TBA later.

13. ICP marketing Campaign. Part of the revenue will be spent on Internet Computer NFT press releases, paid ads marketing campaigns, and getting top NFT influencers onboard. ICPets aim to bring more buyers from Eth/Solana ecosystem to the Internet Computer NFT space, and it will benefit each player here.

Who is the 3D raccoon?

3D pets is a Gen 3 line of characters. ICPets are already working on it, and they're doing their best to make it as excellent as possible. Sneak peeks will be revealed before the ICPets public sale, and you will love it. As an ICPets minter, you will get guaranteed presale discounted spots, compared to the public price.

Important question — Token Utility.

All the rewards above are substantial; ICPets are building a community-based project where every holder will be rewarded based on their contribution and holding. The more you hold — the more revenue share and benefits you get.

ICPets are sure long-term success depends on the token utility of their NFTs.

What’s the ICPets vision?

Daily yields

There is no ready-to-go solution to make it happen in the way ICPets want, and therefore they need to create their protocol to implement it.

Each ICPets Gen-1 NFTs will be generating daily PETS token yields based on the NRI index and other attributes with a random period.

But if there is no value in these tokens — they cost nothing. That’s why ICPets should create a real market for it.

…At first, Pets Tokens will be connected to:

1. Breeding system

2. Generation of baby pets

3. Wearables and accessories purchases to make your pets rarer

4. Renaming the pet

5. Free mint passes

6. Access to the airdrops

7. Getting into the DAO

However, the main goal is to create value for them around the in-game earning process.

The P2E game will give an opportunity to earn pets' tokens. Creating teams, upgrading characters, increasing stamina, power, intelligence, buying new perks, etc. — all these things require either a lot of gaming hours or spending a PETS currency.

There will be no value of the Pets token if there is no market for it.

So how will ICPets create a market?

By launching their P2E game token as an IDO. Blockchain games are getting more and more attention each day because of their vast growth opportunities. People get an allocation to participate in games IDOs and buy game tokens.

As ICPets said before, ICPets Holders will be accumulating pets tokens daily.

New buyers are purchasing pets tokens for X price on an IDO. Once it happens — the market is created, and things start to roll. Your yields acquire additional value, and they can be sold/bought on the exchange.

So if you have a question, “Should I buy ICPets now” — please read everything above again. Please take a look into the ICPets community and join their Discord and be part of their ever-growing community with an opportunity to ask every relevant question and get answers and more insights.

FYI: DAO Daily auctions, its governance, and funds distribution mechanics detailed explanation will be published in the following article.

The public sale price is 0.5–0.8 ICP (based on how early you get in), which is pretty affordable in terms of the market price positioning.

But most of all, thanks for your support!

And don’t miss their public sale. Let’s rock together, ICPets Family!

#Icpets #Hold2Earn

*NB- The following article was taken from an ICPets Medium post and published after edits at the ICPets team's request.

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