What Do We Want? Airdrops! When Do We Want Them? Yesterday!

What Do We Want? Airdrops! When Do We Want Them? Yesterday!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Internet Computer NFT community now has so many projects to choose from that things like utility, community, and promises of airdrops are becoming a must if you want to capture the attention of collectors. We’re going to take a look at some of the top drops coming to holders, some as soon as this week. Then we’ll look at the unique approach distrikt is taking with their PODs.

Taco NFTs See Increasing Sales as Airdrops Loom

The snapshot date for Taco NFT holders is Tuesday, July 19th, so by the time this article is released, it will be too late to collect before the current snapshot. However, there will likely be new collections appearing on the secondary market, as not one but two collections for holders are released later this week.

A preview from the Calavera collection, found on the Taco NFTs Twitter account.

· The Calavera Collection – If you don’t speak any Spanish, I’ll start by saying Calavera is the Spanish word for skull. The Calavera collection builds on many of the cool designs featured in the Taco NFTs collection. Who qualifies for the airdrop? You get one skull for every five tacos in your wallet. That means there is a maximum of 2k Calavera’s. However, based on the current number sold and the fact that many holders don’t have an exact multiple of five tacos, I’m anticipating somewhere between 1200 and 1400 in total.

· Motoko Pinatas – There are 19 different pinata sides in the Taco NFTs collection. Holding one of each in your wallet gets you an airdrop of a super sweet Motoko Pinata NFT. This is going to be one of the most limited collections on the IC. So far, there are only 21 wallets meeting the qualifications. There's some good news for anyone who got stuck somewhere between 10 and 18 and couldn’t complete the collection of 19 pinatas though. An amazing community member anonymously donated a full set! As of now, only nine wallets qualify for the raffle, which will include a full set of pinata Taco NFTs plus one extra to round it up to 20. They will also get the Motoko Pinata airdrop and four Calaveras. It’s a 25 NFT raffle!

A preview from the Motoko Pinata collection, found on the Taco NFTs Twitter account.

The community has really responded, minting hundreds of the previously unsold NFTs. Just three weeks ago, the secondary market volume sat at a meager 118 ICP. Now it is well over 500 ICP! And the floor price has increased weekly over the past month from 0.38 ICP to 0.45 ICP, up 18% in total. ICPJesse has really brought together an amazing community around the love of one of the world’s greatest street foods and just a genuine love for NFTs and the Internet Computer in general.

Holders Club Passes Drop Approaches for Drakon/Eggs Holders

The quarterly snapshot for Drakon and Eggs holders for “The Club” happened on July 15th. The membership cards will drop on July 22nd and will be tradable on Yumi. For this first quarter, club members will receive royalties from secondary sales. Future club benefits after the Q3 snapshot will also include things like stickers, hoodies, and t-shirts.

Whereas some collections see prices falling after a snapshot, the floor prices for the Drakon and Eggs collections are holding. Perhaps this is due to the quarterly nature of the club. Members don’t want to lose their standing, and new members want to join the club before the September snapshot for Q3.

· Drakon – The dragon NFTs have done about a quarter of their total volume in sales in the past three weeks. The number of listings has dropped from 473 to 364. The floor price has also been up for three consecutive weeks and has cumulatively moved from 0.91 ICP to 1.18 ICP, up 30%.

· The Eggs – Meanwhile, the floor price of the Eggs collection has fluctuated, usually staying close to if not over 1 ICP. But the other positive trends are continuing here. They’ve done more than 700 ICP in volume over the past three weeks – nearly 20% of the total collection volume. And the number of listings has dropped dramatically from 1411 three weeks ago to just 1006 as of Monday.

OG Medals and IC Bucks Holders Are Psyched for Infinity Swap Collaboration

DKLord and Egido Val have been teasing the work they are doing for the Infinity Gems collection, a collaboration with the InfinitySwap team. The exact date of the drop is unknown, though it is planned for late August. However, some exciting details have emerged.

The NFT collection will be called Infinity Gems. This is the project logo.

First of all, this is actually a token drop rather than a straight NFT airdrop. A set number of tokens will then have to be burned in order to mint an NFT, one of just 2000 in the collection. In all, every single token will have to be burned in order for the whole NFT collection to be minted. The token will also be tradeable on InfinitySwap's soon-to-launch AMM, just in case you don’t get enough tokens between your OG Medals, IC Bucks, and InfinitySwap wallet user token drops.

That’s all I know for now because the details are still pending on the total number of tokens, how many will have to be burned to mint an NFT, and how many will be dropped among OG Medals/IC Bucks holders and InfintySwap wallet users.

What the Future Holds for Distrikt’s PODs

I recently retweeted a recording of the Yumi x Distrikt AMA from July 14, 2022. I highly recommend listening to it if you care about distrikt, Yumi, the PODs, or the Internet Computer in general. But if you don’t have an hour to get through the whole AMA today, here are a few highlights regarding the PODs collection.

· The focus of the PODs collection is the use case within the distrikt ecosystem.

· The NFTs are designed to be dynamic. There is a long way to go in the PODs roadmap.

· The second phase of the PODs is the recently announced helmet design.

· These are experimental NFTs. The goal is to have the assets be moveable and interoperable. Yes, the first use case is in distrikt, but it is not intended to be the only dApp where someone uses this NFT.

· The helmets are symbolic of privacy in Web3. You’ll notice the helmets are closed, so you don’t see the person’s face. However, the team is experimenting with the possibility of having facial expressions that can be adjusted on the helmet, allowing you to express your current mood and moving ahead with the idea of it being a dynamic NFT.

· The dynamic nature of the helmets will be tested within distrikt first. However, the goal is to allow you to use the helmet in other dApps or metaverse projects on the IC.

· Distrikt wants you to be able to use your NFT across apps simply by having it in your wallet rather than having to manually upload it to every app.

Check out the recording to get all the incredible details from Andra (co-founder of distrikt) along with Casandra (designer of the PODs and head of product design at distrikt).

The Wrap Up

Sorry, I ran a little long this week. I’ll just leave you with two NFT projects that will be launching in the next few days. Only on July 20th, ICFantasyWorld will launch a collection of 200 alien NFTs. The team is also keeping one for a total of 201. The private sale price is 4.5 ICP, and the public sale price is 5.5 ICP. Then on the 21st Circle of Life, ICP will launch its first collection called Celestials. Prices will range from 0.1 ICP to 0.15 ICP. Their roadmap also includes collection launches in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 and Q1 of 2023.

See you next week!

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