Updates from the 9 Functional Internet Computer NFT Marketplaces

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Updates from the 9 Functional Internet Computer NFT Marketplaces
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It’s becoming impossible to track every single NFT project personally, so from here on out, I’ll be relying on the tons of amazing third-party data that’s out there from teams like Avocado Research, Raisin Rank, NFTGeek, and ICStats. There are also nine unique NFT marketplaces that currently function on the Internet Computer, including two new ones that were added this week. So let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting things that are happening on the Internet Computer NFT scene this week and a few exciting upcoming projects.

The Internet Computer Now Has 9 Functional Marketplaces (and more are coming)

Entrepot was the only game in town at the start of the year, but the C-C-C marketplace has undoubtedly taken its role as a perfect place for airdrops and staking collections. Gigaverse Labs opened their marketplace for their own ICPunks, ICats, and Infinity Flies projects, as well as a growing list of third-party NFT projects. CrowdFund NFT has positioned itself as the perfect way for projects to presell NFTs in a reputable way.

Girls by ShuFan is launching on Yumi NFT Marketplace.

However, five other marketplaces have quietly joined the scene:

· CetoSwap – CetoSwap’s claim to fame is a combination of NFTs and F-NFTs (fractional NFTs). They have also launched ICPL’s Bobo Eggs and the IC Chibi project. Future launches include Bones Dfinity and Puppet Originals.

· Yumi – Yumi Marketplace has put itself on the map with its own Dfinity Soul Club collection as well as projects like NFTGaGa, ICFlowers, and ICLove. The launchpad currently features the Girls collection from ShuFan. Her first three girls (each a collection of 10 NFTs) sold out immediately.

· ICMarket – You will notice this marketplace is mostly a clone of Entrepot. However, their claim to fame is that it’s the only place to list Starfish on the secondary market.

· Hatch – The Hatch marketplace has its own collection of Shellbacks and now features a collection from Night Birdz Universe.

· Impossible Things – We’re about to take a closer look at the exciting new marketplace from ORIGYN Foundation.

The ORIGYN Foundation Holds Their First NFT Auction

ORIGYN Foundation has positioned itself as the curator of luxury NFTs on the Internet Computer. A recent article in Forbes magazine highlights a partnership between ORIGYN and WatchBox, designed to authenticate luxury watches. They have also launched their marketplace: Impossible Things. The first auctions are part of their “NFTs for Good” series, which will spotlight collaborations with charity organizations.

One of the Ivan Rakitic jerseys up for auction on Impossible Things - the actual NFTs are animated

The first collaboration is a partnership with the UEFA Foundation for Children. Football (or soccer if you are from the US) is an internationally beloved sport, and three NFT jerseys are being auctioned to support the UEFA’s charity efforts. As of Monday, the top auction bids ranged from 44 ICP to 63 ICP, with the auctions set to end this Saturday.

DfinityGangs Ready to Begin Staking

C-C-C already offers staking for their Crazy Zombie holders, so it’s no surprise that other projects with a desire to offer staking have selected this platform for their NFTs. Remember that DfinityGangs was a free airdrop, and is still holding a floor of 1.8 ICP, two months after dropping directly into a bear market. They have a total volume in secondary sales of 14.4k ICP. And now, staking is set to become a reality on Thursday, 12 May at UTC 00:01. Remember that rarity matters when it comes to staking rewards for this project, so check your NFT’s rarity score to see where you fall on the rarity badge chart.

This rarity badge chart groups the NFTs in the collection into six categories - the rarer the NFT, the higher the staking rewards

Drakon Floor Price Exceeds Mint Price

If you look at the Entrepot Launchpad, you’ll find a dozen NFT projects that are still minting (in no particular order – in fact, the order changes every time you refresh the page). In the midst of these projects, you will find Drakon NFT, a collection of brilliantly drawn dragons – the first dragon collection on the Internet Computer. While only 217 have sold as of Monday, there are a few good reasons to check this project out.

The Drakon team created this comprehensive list of reasons to mint

First of all, the people who have collected the dragons have diamond hands. No one is selling below the mint price (the floor is currently 1.85 ICP), so if you want to get one for 1.8 ICP, you have to mint it. Second, the team is continuing to work on the roadmap despite the slow sales. Pictures have already emerged of the Dragon Egg airdrop coming to holders, and apparently, this collection has already been completed! Plus, the team is planning on releasing a series of Knights NFTs as well. The two collections will combine to allow players access to a Dragons and Knights card game slated for release in 2023.

Exciting New NFT Projects Releasing Soon

Here are some of the top projects that will be dropping in early May 2022.

· Internet Creeps – With classic style sci-fi comic book art and an extremely limited run of 222 NFTs, Internet Creeps is looking to disrupt the Internet Computer NFT space with generative pulp art NFTs. The collection launches on 5 May at 15:00 UTC on Entrepot. Whitelist wallets will pay 3 ICP to mint, while the price is 4 ICP for the public.

Stunning art from the Internet Creeps collection

· DogFinity – Are you an early dog? The fact is that everyone minting NFTs on the Internet Computer is early. On 9 May, 3969 DogFinity NFTs will be up for grabs on Entrepot. DogFinity is promoting itself as a movement and not a mere NFT project. They have no roadmap, just a promise to strive to build the IC community. If you believe in the future of the Internet Computer, this movement has to be on your radar.

· Kongs (from IC Park) – IC Kongs is the second collection from IC Park, which airdropped its first collection of Lions on C-C-C marketplace. Kongs will release on 9 May at a price of 2.5 ICP for whitelisted wallets. Keep in mind that both collections are fairly limited, with only 2222 Lions and 4444 Kongs in total. Some of the Kongs will be airdropped to Lion holders at a scaling rate of 2:1, 5:3, 10:7, and 20:15. However, in an effort to stop airdrop hunters from dumping Lions after getting their Kongs, the team has also added a burn option allowing Lion holders to trade 1:1 for Kongs. This will diminish the Lions collection further, especially since it will likely be common Lions that are burned.

Those are my top picks for the upcoming week. Do you have a favorite NFT project about to launch? Let me know about it in the comments.

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