The Rise Of NFTs On The Internet Computer

Berto Parga Pena
Berto Parga Pena
The Rise Of NFTs On The Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Many NFTs are being deployed to the Internet Computer as the ecosystem continues to grow day by day.

So What are NFTs?

NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) are, in essence, collectible digital assets, which holds value as a form of art or culture.

These digital assets, which are unique and indivisible, can be bought, sold, stored, and exchanged on a blockchain.

This means that the blockchain needs to enable its users to create unique tokens in order to offer them. Someone without extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry could create their own NFT which has a unique identifier that proves ownership of a digital item.

These cryptographic tokens are perfect for digital art, but there are many other sectors betting on this technology.

They can be used to represent any type of real or intangible item:

· Collections: Similar to trading cards, but in digital format. A one-of-a-kind Cristiano Ronaldo NFT has sold for $290,000 on the fantasy soccer game Sorare. It overtakes the value of an NFT card of a LeBron James dunk on the NBA Top Shot platform sold for $208,000.

· Videogames: NFTs can be used to represent assets in video games, such as a house, a terrain or a virtual food, which are owned by the player.

· Music: NTF's allows musicians to release their work.

· Cinema: Oscar-nominated documentary “Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah” is the first Academy Award nominee to be released as an NFT

· Sports: NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie tokenized his contract so that others could invest in him.

· Fashion: Nike has a patent that allows an NFT to be attached to physical products, such as a pair of trainers, and is called CryptoKicks.

· Art: Digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, made history in March when his NFT titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for over $69 million at auction at Christie’s.

· Others: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey auctioned his first tweet with a price tag of $2.9 million. Inevitably, influencers are the next wave trying to tokenize their own popularity.

NFTs on the Internet Computer

1. Toniq Labs NFT

Toniq Labs builds professional tools and services on the decentralized web such as wallets (Stoic Wallet), games (Rise of the Magni) and Defi solutions (platform Exponent will provide users with tools and on-chain services to deploy and manage NFT and traditional tokens).

Official Channels: Website | Twitter | Medium | Github

1.1. Cronic's NFT

Although Cronic’s started as a small experiment, ToniqLabs has decided to build out an NFT “virtual pet” style game. Cypher is the name of the first minted Cronic NFT:

Cronics are little critters who like to chill in canisters and “connect” with their Cronic friends on-chain. Cronics also demonstrate the power of the IC as well as the versatility of EXT as a token standard. This game will have the following features:

· 25,000 MAX Gen 0 Cronics will ever exist

· Cronic Breeding with transferrable parent traits: you can create your own unique Cronic based on the styles you like.

· Cronic Age: our Cronics will slowly age, which will affect their visual style.

· Feeding and interactions: similar to virtual pets you will be required to take care of your Cronic. Malnourished Cronic’s will change appearances!

· Consumables: give your Cronics treats and toys to keep them happy!

· Pageants: enter a range of pageants with different circumstances and on-chain voting to earn prizes and more!

View the first 200 Gen 0 Cronics here. An impromptu community auction was held on the official Cronic telegram channel on 9/28/2021. This is the first-ever NFT auction held on ICP Ecosystem and the First auctioned Cronic sold for 11 ICP.

Pulsating Cronics have found a price floor of 30 ICP. Rotating ones, second in rarity go for 11 ICP. But there are other rare features than just rotation or pulsation. Watch out for more from Toniq Labs

1.2. Rise of the Magni

Rise of the Magni is a tactical unit deployment game, where players take turns to deploy Magni (adorable, yet fierce champions) to the battlefield. Your Magni fight to win skirmishes against enemies, and create unified fortifications with allies. The mixture of dynamic gameplay styles, strategies, and the vast number of different team compositions means that no two games are alike.

Rise of the Magni is built on the ICP, and each Magni is a unique NFT owned by the player.

Official Trailer

Check out this article about the game, the online guide to learn the basics, and then take to the battlefield on website.

Trux is the first Limited NFT Magni from Rise of the Magni

2. Bunchd

Bunchd is a platform based on Dfinity for the benefit of creators and subscribers. Creators have all the say in what happens to Bunchd and how it allocates resources. It’s their tool and they will have the means to extend it as they see fit. Bunchd creators earn ownership of the platform just for serving their fans. Competitors, can’t and won’t ever provide this option.

Bunchd has an incentive token economy to reward early adopters, creators and developers. Creators are rewarded Bunchd for having paid subscribers on the platform, and the fees charged are deposited into the “governance chest” which is controlled by the creators.

The NFT above is hosted on Bunchd, as it had invited artists to test their platform. Find the artist on twitter

The Bunchd DAO (anyone holding Bunchd) will allow you to spend these funds, or allocate tokens to hire developers to extend Bunchd.

Furthermore, the critical bit is having this done on-chain. Only the Internet Computer can do this at scale, and at very reasonable costs.

Developer Hazel,  the founder of Bunchd has participated in the "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" ICP League Community event.

Official Channels: Twitter

3. Origyn

Origyn is a Swiss nonprofit foundation that leverages decentralized technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize the fight against counterfeiting. Their NFT certification method authenticates objects of value instantly and on-device by assembling a range of intelligent technologies.

Origyn is like Shazam, but for luxury goods, art, and digital media. It offers a blockchain-based digital certification system allowing users to authenticate luxury products immediately with a high-resolution smartphone photo.

This company uses advanced artificial intelligence and decentralized computing to identify, authenticate and prove ownership for valuable objects. Currently, they operate in three verticals:

· Origyn Art

Origyn Art established an irrefutable connection between physical works of art and NFT certificates that represent masterworks.

They take the most sought-after, collectible pieces and digitally authenticate and certify them for sale on an open marketplace.

Furthermore, Origyn Art brings the opportunity to own a portion of a physical masterpiece to a broader audience of art enthusiasts, enabling a novel dimension of liquidity and fractionalized ownership in the art world.

· Origyn Digital Media

Origyn Digital Media enables influencers, artists, creative talent and individuals to keep their digital property safe, searchable and tradable.

Being the creator of digital content and the owner of digital content aren't always the same thing. Origyn Digital Media gives the power of true ownership back to the content originators and creates new opportunities for consumers and owners to engage with and trade digital media. From securing digital entitlements to creating immersive experiences and novel marketplaces that promote secure content transactions, they are transforming the way creators, consumers and owners protect, transact and engage with content.

· Origyn Luxury

The industry-wide Origyn protocol allows for watches to be bound to their owner and to be registered as stolen or lost. It will also allow for easy ownership transfer, and will enable insurance providers to offer cover directly to watch owners.

Manufacturers (and one-day Certified Pre-Owned companies) will be empowered to take back control of the relationship with their end-consumers by proposing world-class products with irrefutable, notarized proof of pre-purchase of a watch that has not yet been released, or to offer watch servicing.

Official Channels: Website | Twitter | LinkedIN | Instagram | Facebook| Telegram

4. Canistore

Canistore is a decentralized social-store application (dApp) built on Dfinity that simplifies the storage, sale and sharing of your photos, music and videos.

The Canistore licensing protocol allows the community to upload, license, and securely store content. This upload is not only time-stamped to prove ownership, but includes a legally binding agreement recognized globally in the music industry. Users also have the choice of storing their digital media until a later stage of development when they can mint the content as an NFT, to monetize/sell. If users are not uploading content they can discover content listed publicly by other members of the community.

The Community Label enables the Canistore community to fund artists, producers and audio creatives by donating or investing in a user’s project. We’ll be offering new and existing artists/producers along with community members the opportunity to create and/or feature on promotional singles for the Canistore community label.

Official Channels: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Medium | Youtube

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