The Internet Computer NFT Market Sees a Mid-August Heatwave

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
The Internet Computer NFT Market Sees a Mid-August Heatwave
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The NFT market on the Internet Computer had a strong week from Monday to Monday. Let’s take a look at the driving force behind some of the top-performing collections.

Have You Qualified for Any of These Airdrops?

I feel like I’m writing about airdrops weekly in the Internet Computer ecosystem. And while that is not necessarily a bad thing, you need a solid team, good art, and a community built up to ensure everyone doesn’t just dump the airdrops and the NFTs they held to get them. Here are three teams that I think are doing it well.

NyanNyanStudio has been teasing images from the Women in Web3 collections for weeks on Twitter, but now we finally have the snapshot information. 
  • Azumi – NyanNyanStudio is turning out some of the best projects on the IC. They are the artist for DfinityGangs, one of the few stakeable NFTs on the IC, and an airdrop itself. But the art project I was really excited about from them was Azumi (my wife loves the art and says they remind her of dolls from when she was a girl). Now the Women in Web3 collection is about to drop, and 660 of the 700 NFTS are going to go to Azumi holders. The snapshot will be taken on August 20th, and the collection will list on August 24th at CCC marketplace. The art for the new project is really beautiful, so I look forward to seeing how it is received by the community.
  • dSquad – As collectors are better understanding how the project works, the floor price on materials is dropping, but the floor price on accessories is increasing (as I predicted a few weeks ago). Now Isaac, one of the core team members, has outlined the airdrops for the top scorers in the engage-to-earn game for August, and there are more than just materials in the drop. There are also NFTs and ICP up for grabs. I won’t get into all the details because Isaac did a great job writing about it himself, which you can read here.
  • ICPuzzle – The GenZ NFTs are getting closer! The snapshot is August 24th. If you hold #311-3110 in the collection, you won’t get an airdrop; you have to actually swap your Gen0 NFT by sending it to a specific address and providing proof in discord before the snapshot. However, if you are holding any of the other rarer puzzle pieces, you will get a GenZ piece airdropped, and you get to keep your Gen0 piece. In the meantime, the ICPuzzle floor price has nearly doubled from 0.2 ICP to 0.39 ICP.
Some of the rarer airdrops will be sent to those holding specific mint numbers. For example, this image from the ICPuzzle discord shows that anyone holding mint numbers 7-10 or 3356-3365 will receive one of these 14 OG Special NFTs from the new collection. 
  • Check out the upcoming drop  - Faceless

Pineapple Punks Fervor Dies Down, but Flower Power DAO Heats Up

Don’t get me wrong, the Pineapple Punks collection is still one of the hottest in the ecosystem and likely will be for a long time to come. However, it seems some of the ICP flowing freely in the Pineapple Punks collection (over 58k ICP to date) is now being disseminated back into the BTC and ETH Flower collections.

· BTC Flower – As of Monday, there were only 199 BTC Flower NFTs available on the marketplace, making the collection as scarce as it has been in months. In fact, it’s the first time in the last eight weeks that less than 10% of the collection is available on the secondary market. The floor price is hot too and is up 20% in just one week. For many collections, 20% wouldn’t mean a whole lot, but for BTC Flower, that signifies a floor price increase from 230 ICP to 276 ICP.

· ETH Flower – The ETH Flower floor price is up 8% from 74 ICP to 80 ICP. It’s not as big of a leap as BTC Flower, but it’s a massive move considering the collection’s floor was consistently down for almost two consecutive months prior to this week.

I’m going to stop here and let you go back to trading. Until next time, I just want to conclude with encouragement to the IC devs out there to #KeepBuilding!

Ludo seems to be teasing a new collab on Twitter. Clown Skateboards are notorious for their clown logo, which Banksy designed. In this image, Ludo has reimagined the logo with his signature color and drips on a flower. 

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