The Internet Computer NFT Market Hits $30M in Volume as the Supernova Hackathon Looms

The Internet Computer NFT Market Hits $30M in Volume as the Supernova Hackathon Looms
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Things are continuing to look up for the NFT scene on the Internet Computer. With the Supernova Hackathon in full swing and the submission date just a couple of weeks away, the NFT market is beginning to see the impact of thousands of developers coming to the space to create dApps, games, NFT projects, and more. Plus, the ecosystem passed $30M in total volume for NFTs, according to NFTGeek.

Here are this week’s notable events in the NFT space.

DFINITY Teases a 3D Motoko

The DFINITY Foundation has teased 3D Motokos twice on Twitter since the start of the Supernova hackathon. The second tweet introduced the idea that the NFTs will be free (at least for some people). No one is waiting on the details. They don’t want to take any chances since the 2D Motokos – given away during last year’s NFT NYC – are the number three project on the Internet Computer by trading volume.

In fact, the floor price of the original Motoko collection has been up for six consecutive weeks (well before the teasers appeared). So it seems people expect the airdrop to extend to current holders. However, this has not been announced, and I do not have any insider information, so be sure to do your own research before you decide to expand your Motoko collection.

The IC Dinos Team Continues to Produce Results

Another project with a floor price up for six consecutive weeks is IC Dinos. Unlike Motokos (which is all speculation), the Dinos floor price continues to rise due to the team delivering. I had the privilege to be a tester for their dApp, and it looks and functions beautifully. The Beta release is so close to being ready, you may have used the site already by the time you are reading this. In the meantime, if you bought Dinos at the floor price of 2.4 ICP six weeks ago, you are now sitting on 58% gains with the floor at 3.8 ICP. The project has also announced its collecting competition for June and launched a second collection (which for now is only available by winning the eggs in contests and hatching them on the portal).

ICPSquad Accessory NFTs Get an Upgrade

First of all, I just want you to keep in mind that the ICPSquad and Dfinity Community teams are separate, so I don’t have any information that isn’t available publicly on the ICPSquad discord server. That said, it’s been a big news week for the Squad NFTs!

A canister upgrade temporarily shut down the secondary market for accessories. Before the market opened again, the big news was announced. The accessory minting feature of the dApp is just weeks away, and the nine accessories currently available will be expanded to 29. So does that devalue the existing collection? By no means! The recipes for minting were also made available, showing just how many material cards are needed to make not only the new accessories but also the existing ones.

The recipe list shows just how valuable even the most common accessory is.

The other big news is that the project itself is going to be renamed. Head to the discord to submit suggestions for the new collection name. If yours is selected, you’ll win the 10 ICP bounty. The team also announced a competition to win one of 40 whitelist spots for Impossible Passes. Again, the full rules are in the discord server in the Announcements channel. In the meantime, the floor price for ICP Squad Accessories is up 144% since before the canister upgrade, and the floor price for each accessory is up.

Panda Queen Begins a Long-Awaited Recovery

I don’t know about you, but I was shocked when the Animal Guardians' genesis launch (Panda Queen) was the target of a coordinated attack that prevented the project from selling out and rapidly lowered the floor price. The art from Mark Sarmel is so stunning, and Rustin is such a pillar in the Internet Computer community for his philanthropic efforts to help animals. Never giving up and constantly rewarding holders has finally led to a floor price breakout!

Over the past two weeks, the Panda Queen floor has been up 90% from 0.21 ICP to 0.4 ICP. The good news is that it’s still an affordable entry point as Animal Guardians prepare to launch a special airdrop for holders (one NFT for every 10 Panda Queens held). This new collection is scheduled to have 888 NFTs (this could change due to market conditions), so (as of now) less than half will reach the public sale after holder rewards are delivered.

The artwork will feature a new Animal Guardian character, as well as a type of wild cat that will be a surprise! The public reveal of the project artwork will be in several weeks.

IC Koala Rebrands to the Klumsy Koalas

Alliteration is a popular way to make a project name memorable, and now that the 3D Koalas are coming to the Cardano blockchain, it was essential for the project to rebrand to bridge the gap between the two ecosystems. But have no fear, Internet Computer faithful! The Noxious Leaves promised as a drop to holders for mutating their Koalas are in the works, and the team is deciding on the best way to benefit holders who will want to make the leap to CNFTs to get a 3D Koala. The Klumsy Koalas team is not just rebranding but expanding by bringing the IC and Cardano communities together. And the floor price saw a modest move this week from 0.49 ICP to 0.55 ICP, so you can see the community expansion beginning. At the same time, the entry point is still affordable.

The Look Ahead

What is in store for NFTs on the Internet Computer in the days ahead?

· Impossible Passes

If you want to be at the front of the line for all of the exclusive releases on ORIGYN Foundation’s Impossible Things marketplace, you’ll want to have an Impossible Pass. The mint date is Monday, June 13th. You’ll have to wait until the last minute to know the price. The Foundation wants to make $314 per pass, so they will set the price in ICP as close to the launch date as possible.

· IC Park

The team extended the time to burn Lions in order to receive 1:1 Kong airdrops by one week.

· The Eggs Collection

The 3D Eggs collection from the Drakon team and artist Neel launches on June 15th. There are 4444 Eggs in total. There will be a 1:1 airdrop for Drakon holders (the snapshot has already been taken), and the Eggs will sell for 1.5 ICP in the public mint.

· Internet Creeps

The Creeps team announced in their discord that Gen2 is coming soon. The supply is increased, holders will be airdropped, and there will be a public sale. It is a stealth drop with no dates being announced or sneak previews of the NFTs.

That’s all for this week! Remember always to trade responsibly and not spend more than you can afford to lose.

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