The ICP Squad: A Brief Strategy Guide for Winners

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
The ICP Squad: A Brief Strategy Guide for Winners
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Are you feeling lucky? If so, that's great! But luck will only take you so far with the ICP Squad.

To master gameplay and regularly win our NFT giveaways, you'll need to develop skills and craft careful plans. You'll also need something that is at a premium nowadays - patience!

Here are three strategies that, when combined, will give you an edge.

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1. You have to play to win!

To win a game that's built on an engage-to-earn model, you need to engage. All wallet and dApp (decentralized application) activity on the Internet Computer increases your odds of receiving airdropped NFTs as rewards.

Airdrops happen daily, and rewards are distributed based on player activity during the previous 24 hours. In other words, every day is a blank slate! So don't give up — keep trying! Assuming you have a Level 1 ICP Squad Character with no accessories, you can still improve your probability of winning by up to 20x. All you have to do is engage more than the average player.

And engaging with the Internet Computer ecosystem is easy and satisfying! Our showcase of DeFi, social media, utility dApps, and games is increasing every day. On the Internet Computer, soon you'll be able to do everything you can on the broader, non-blockchain Web. Even better, your Internet Identity will ensure your data isn’t visible, tracked, or mined by advertisers or malicious agents.

Just use the Internet Computer for your daily online activities, and you'll be good to go!

You must play to win!

2. Know your limits!

The ICP Squad is fair and fortified against cheating. That means we've implemented activity and boost caps. Our game has defenses in place to detect repetitive or inhuman amounts of actions. Moreover, we don't want our game to devolve into a pay-to-win grind. We understand how easily insiders, bots, and whales can ruin all the fun if left unchecked.

No matter how many flashy accessories or legendary items you stack, you'll still get a maximum advantage of 10x over the lowest-ranked player. No matter how active you are on the Internet Computer, you'll get a maximum advantage of 20x over the lowest-ranked player. This means, at most, you can improve your chances of winning daily prizes by 200x.

Moreover, benefits gained by accessories or holding multiple characters are averaged out. In other words, all the money in the world won't give you an unfair advantage - we value our players too much to let a select few people push everybody else to the sidelines.

For example:

  • Holding two level 3 characters from the same season is not advantageous apart from granting slightly more balanced properties (we'll discuss properties soon).
  • Holding a Level 1 and a Level 3 character from the same season roughly equates to holding a Level 2 character.
  • Holding a Level 3 character with an accessory and another Level 3 character without an accessory will result in boosted properties averaging out with unboosted properties; you'd be cutting your boost benefit in half!
  • Holding two Level 3 characters with accessories will result in boosted properties being averaged; you’d be wearing out twice as many accessories for no reason!

So don't blow all your cash on stacking characters and accessories!

Know your limits!

3. Gotta collect them all!

It's essential to collect and ICP Squad characters and accessories strategically. Every ICP character is unique and has several important properties that can be boosted by accessories: productivity, skill, efficiency, and stamina.

  • Productivity - This property determines the probability that activities will win new accessory NFTs. Characters with higher productivity will gain an activity advantage and reach the daily activity cap faster.
  • Skill - This property determines the likelihood of winning rarer accessories; the higher the value, the greater the odds of getting a rare accessory.
  • Efficiency - This property determines how quickly the character wears out accessories. Since accessories are perishable, when possible, you should use them on characters with high efficiency.
  • Stamina - A cooldown period is triggered whenever you win an airdropped reward. The length of the cooldown period depends on the value of the accessory as well as your character's stamina. The higher your stamina, the quicker you can get back into the game!
  • Personality Traits - These tags, which include "Friendly," "Artistic," "Nerdy," and "Entrepreneurial," determine the effects of different types of accessories.

Collectible accessories will temporarily boost character properties — the only exceptions to this rule are legendary accessories, which never wear out and can only be purchased at auctions or acquired through special events. Each character can wear up to four accessories at any given time in each of four different accessory slots: eyewear, headwear, clothing, and miscellaneous. Keep this in mind when purchasing or using NFTs.

Here are some examples of accessories you could claim and use:

Laboratory Goggles [Eyewear Slot] - Starting Perishability: 100.

  • Increases productivity by 200% for all characters.
  • This only applies to all non-social media-related actions since it’s just weird to wear laboratory goggles in public.
  • Increases skill by 400% for characters with the “Nerdy” personality trait.
  • Increases efficiency by 500% for all characters.

Nifty Headphones [Headwear Slot] - Starting Perishability: 100.

  • Increases productivity by 100%.
  • This boost is increased to 300% for characters with the “Artistic” personality trait.
  • Increases stamina by 700%.

Lucky T-Shirt [Clothing Slot] - Starting Perishability: 80.

  • Increases skill by 800%.
  • This boost is decreased to 400% for characters with the “Entrepreneurial” personality trait since they make their luck.

Obnoxious Cigar [Misc Slot] - Starting Perishability: 10.

  • Increases productivity by 5,000%.
  • This only applies to non-social media-related actions since no one wants to be around you when you're smoking an obnoxious cigar.
  • Increases skill by 2,000%.
  • Sets your stamina value to 10.
  • Sets your efficiency value to 10.

Also, collecting multiple characters across release seasons can be beneficial. When determining aggregate properties for players who hold characters from different seasons, the highest value for each property (including accessory boosted properties) are applied, plus an additional bonus:

  • 2 different seasons = 5% boost.
  • 3 different seasons = 10% boost.
  • 4 different seasons = 15% boost.
  • 5 different seasons = 20% boost.
  • 6 different seasons = 25% boost.
  • 7 different seasons = 30% boost.
  • 8 different seasons = 35% boost.
  • 9 different seasons = 40% boost.
  • 10+ different seasons = 45% boost.

Therefore, veteran players will be rewarded for building an arsenal by collecting a character and accessories from each season. Moreover, you'll want to keep certain accessories to use for special events. Again, just because you an accessory doesn't mean you have to use it immediately - you probably shouldn't! You could even conceivably keep a reserve of specialized characters in a separate wallet.

Gotta collect'em all!

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