The IC Turtles are About to Come out of their Shell for Self-Launch!

Daniel James
Daniel James
The IC Turtles are About to Come out of their Shell for Self-Launch!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Why self-launch?

IC Turtles have recently announced their target launch date of January 16 and have been working hard to prepare for a smooth launch, even if that means building their own minting/shop protocol and website. Here are some reasons that they have developed their own launch:

  • Many existing launch pads are busy and do not have the time to prepare a dedicated launch for the ICTurtles custom token standard. This includes the popular Toniq Labs/Entrepot route.
  • IC Turtles built a custom canister for their NFT, complete with accessory support, their own standard, customization, and so on. This makes it more challenging to integrate with existing launch pads. It may not be worth the hassle to wrap their NFT or implement additional interfaces to make it compatible with a launchpad. This could lead to a worse user experience. IC Turtles want to support accessory interaction right out of the box, which would be easier if they self-launch. Then, users could immediately view, customize, and interact with their turtles!

How will the self-launch work?

The underlying launch mechanics will be similar to something like Entrepot. IC Turtles will support the initial sale through the native ICP token. Even though the users will only need to click one button for the entire process, the below steps will be taken to receive your NFT:

  • You click the mint button on the official IC Turtles website.
  • An NFT will be reserved for you, guaranteeing that you will obtain one.
  • You will be requested to transfer ICP to the canister as payment.
  • After a successful transfer, the client will notify the canister automatically.
  • The NFT will be transferred to you upon receipt.

Launch logistics

Like many other projects, IC Turtles will likely use a tiered-sale system. The earlier NFTs will be cheaper and will increase as supply decreases. The exact start/end price of the NFTs has not been decided yet and will be finalized soon.

  • Whitelisted members will have a 0.1 ICP discount on all sale stages.
  • OG members will have a 0.1 ICP discount on all sale stages except the first batch. In the first (cheapest) batch, OGs will not have a discount.

At the moment, these benefits do not stack. IC Turtles are open to feedback regarding the above details. All stages of the sale will be public.

After this initial launch, IC Turtles will integrate with secondary markets to enable trading there!

Future applications

This initial sale platform will pave the way for many future Defi applications that the team has planned for the ICTurtles community! In the future, they will likely improve the user experience by encouraging users to use WICP instead. Their launch platform will be key in upcoming passive income applications that they will deliver!

Much more is to come! 🐢

*Note- This article was previously published as a Medium post and has been published on our platform following a request from IC Turtles.

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