The Great Burn, an Anniversary, and the New Monkeys on the Block

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
The Great Burn, an Anniversary, and the New Monkeys on the Block
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Today, we’ll discuss one NFT collection that will burn 15% of its supply this week (in exchange for 500 Gen2 NFTs), one project that is celebrating its first anniversary after an incredibly successful year

It’s going to sound like I’m speaking about the same collections over and over, but the same three collections have been putting up the biggest news lately. So today, we’ll discuss one collection that will burn 15% of its NFTs this week (in exchange for 500 Gen2 NFTs), one project that is celebrating its first anniversary after an incredibly successful year, and one newer project that had an explosive week of sales after a couple of quiet weeks in a row.

1,500 Gen1 Poked Bots Will Burn to Make Way for Gen2 Bots

The fact is that by the time this article goes to publication, the burn will likely be over. That’s how close it was when I was preparing this article. If the burn hasn’t happened yet, you can expect it at any moment. This is an incredible event for NFTs on the Internet Computer. One of the most successful collections on the IC is about to decrease its size by 15% while simultaneously launching 500 Gen2 bots. There will be 200 single-driver bots, 150 double-driver bots, 100 triple-driver bots, and 50 quad-driver bots in the new collection.

Gen1 bots already saw a 15% floor price increase over the last week. We’ll have to wait and see what happens once 1,500 of the most common bot types are burned.

Additionally, Gen2 bots will introduce an extension to the EXT NFT token standard on the IC. This will allow the NFTs to be listed on any marketplace. To start, the secondary market for Gen2 bots will be available both on Entrepot and on However, they can end up on any marketplace in the future.

Last year, when BTC Flowers was first released, this image appeared in my weekly NFT market update, and I added this snippet: "BREAKING NEWS: I had to add a last-minute update to this article because BTC Flower blossomed quickly with more than 10k ICP in sales volume in its first 24 hours. I expect to be covering this further in next week's update!"

BTC Flowers Celebrate Their First Anniversary on the IC

BTC Flowers first launched on 23 January 2022. That made Monday the one-year anniversary of one of the most successful projects on the Internet Computer. To date, the team has released BTC, ETH, and ICP Flowers, as well as Pineapple Punks. There are already two planned upcoming projects, a collaboration with Clown Skateboards and Cherry Punks. Plus, Ludo just teased that he’s willing to turn Punks into a trilogy as well if that’s what collectors want.

In the meantime, BTC Flower saw an 11.25% bump in floor price from 160 ICP to 178 ICP, holding its spot as the dominant NFT collection on the IC.

The top-selling Monkey Infinity NFT of all time went for a whopping 99 ICP. It's one of only 10 1/1s in the 10k collection.

Monkey Infinity Reaches New Milestones

Meanwhile, a project that is only about six weeks old continues to make news. The floor price of Monkey Infinity is up 76% this week from 0.54 ICP to 0.95 ICP, and there are only a handful left for sale below 1 ICP. In the meantime, the number of collectors is continuing to grow and surpassed 400 on Monday. That means the average holder only has 25 Monkeys now. That’s not a bad rate considering there were less than 200 minters.

What could potentially hold the collection back? The only downside I see right now is that the top 18 holders are in possession of half the collection. It would only take one of those collectors to decide they want to exit to create massive selling pressure. However, I thought the low number of minters would cause slower growth, so fans of Monkey Infinity have already been surprising me. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

You only get a 1at anniversary once, so here's another celebratory look at the BTC Flowers collection.

The Look Ahead

This is the big news for the week. I’m looking forward to seeing price discovery for the new Gen2 Poked bots. Will the floor settle as high or perhaps even higher than the Gen1 bots due to limited collection size and promise of metaverse interoperability? Will Monkey Infinity continue on its rising path? I’m also looking forward to the Is Not Art launch on 3 February.

There’s a lot to look forward to on the IC. So I leave you with the usual reminder to always DYOR and be safe!

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