The First Internet Computer NFT Marketplace Attention Shift: CCC Gaining Mass Popularity!

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
The First Internet Computer NFT Marketplace Attention Shift: CCC Gaining Mass Popularity!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Entrepot is the current champion when it comes to NFT marketplaces on the Internet computer. However, this week may have seen the first-ever shift in attention if we follow the liquidity in the space. If you look at the Avocado Research top 10 projects by trading volume for the week, they were undoubtedly proud to place their own project at the top of the list.

However, you will also see DfinityGangs (23% floor price increase) and Crazy Zombie (63% floor price increase) on the top 10 list. This marks the first time that the C-C-C marketplace has three projects in the top 10. Crowd Creative Canvas is constantly upgrading its marketplace's functionality and user experience, and it is paying dividends for its conscientious and proactive team.

The top 10 NFT project on the Internet Computer last week by trading volume (via Avocado Research on Twitter)

Additionally, CrowdFund NFT has taken a big step into introducing a safer presale marketplace on the Internet Computer. After the ICProposalDAO rug pull, people are increasingly skeptical of NFT presales. However, CrowdFund NFT is providing a space to legitimize this practice. Sure, you will still have to do your own research as the CrowdFund NFT platform doesn’t guarantee the success of any project. But they do provide an excellent platform for NFT projects to kickstart their own funding. Present projects include:

The CrowdFund NFT homepage

· CrowdFund NFT – This launch has been fully funded as CrowdFund NFT collected 1500 ICP for their own project by offering benefits like early access to upcoming releases and VIP Discord access.

· Cosmicrafts – The goal of 3000 ICP in funding was reached, and the first 300 NFTs in the project have been distributed to the early supporters who contributed 10 ICP each.

· IC Ukraine Support – 54 ICP of 6000 ICP goal has been set aside for UN Refugee Agency. Keep in mind that the ICP will be returned after 60 days if the project is not fully funded (the .0001 ICP transaction fee is not refundable).

· KontributeNFT– 650 ICP of Team Bonsai’s 1500 ICP goal has been funded so far. For 5 ICP, a supporter will receive four airdrops from the team’s first four projects (including Bonsai Warriors, due to launch this month, as well as a special role and VIP access in the Team Bonsai Discord server.

So there are certainly some interesting things happening in the Internet Computer ecosystem as far as NFTs are concerned. Now let’s check out some top-performing projects, see what’s currently on sale, and take a look ahead.

Project Spotlights for the Week

Let’s take a look at some of the top-performing projects of the week:

ICP Art Tranquility collection on Entrepot Marketplace

· ICP Art – It was a big week for art lovers on the Internet Computer. The Tranquility collection saw a 20% bump in floor price from 12.50 ICP to 15 ICP. At the same time, the floor price of Eleos – the free airdrop for ICP Art DAO governors – increased 50% from 10 ICP to 15 ICP.

· ICPhotography – The Wing collection had a big week, with the floor price jumping 40% from 10 ICP to 14 ICP. Meanwhile, the Flight floor price made the week's biggest move with a 198% increase from 4 ICP to 17.89 ICP. It shows the power of these limited edition collections to move quickly when there is new interest.

The Flight collection on Entrepot Marketplace

· DfinityDeck – Paradigm saw a 12 ICP jump in floor price to 150 ICP. This marks a 50% increase in floor price over the past two weeks. Likely this is related to the release of the Elements collection, which sold out rapidly despite an 18 ICP public sale price. The floor price for Elements is currently at 28 ICP.

· Motoko Day Drop – Motoko experienced their third-largest sale of all time this week. Motoko #2703 sold for 480 ICP (roughly $8,000 at current values). This particular Motoko features three of the four original Motoko features, showing how sought after those original features are. You can use to sort Motokos by their features so you can search for rare or sought-after traits.

On Sale Now

If you are looking for NFT projects to buy right now, head over to the Entrepot Launchpad. The projects you will currently find include Feminiverse, IC8, and ICmoji Legends. The Legends collection from ICmoji will supplement the original collection for use in their upcoming ICmoji Adventures game, which looks awesome!

ICmoji Adventures will feature the original collection alongside Legends as playable characters.

New and Noteworthy

What projects will be entering the NFT marketplace this week and beyond? Here are the most notable projects in the final days of Q1.

· ETH Flowers – BTC Flower scarcity is once again increasing as ETH Flowers approach. The flowers will be airdropped to holders at the time of the snapshot. This will take place on March 23. Then the remaining six flowers will be auctioned, after which trading will begin on seeds. On March 25, the flowers will be revealed.

· Internet Humans – ICPuppies and ICKitties were two of the strongest NFT communities on the IC. Now they have combined and are releasing Internet Humans on March 25. Both previous collections sold out quickly, so this is a highly anticipated launch.

· ICGiraffes – A new launch is also coming on the C-C-C marketplace this week. ICGiraffes will be breedable, so be sure to collect these grownup giraffes if you hope to breed giraffe babies.

We also expect the launch of Boxy Dude, ICKoalas, Eimolad Dwarves, and Bonsai Warriors by the end of the month. Additionally, MetaRealities will be selling auction tickets during the week of March 28. So there is a lot to look forward to in the final days of March for NFT lovers on the Internet Computer.

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