Storytelling 2.0 with Kontribute and Bonsai Warriors

Hyuna Kim
Storytelling 2.0 with Kontribute and Bonsai Warriors
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Storytelling is a quintessential human tradition. From Homer to Cao Xuequin, and epics by contemporary bards like George R. R. Martin, our societies have been fascinated by stories since man first huddled around fires to share them. Technology has not dissipated our desire for a good story, but rather offered us new ways to create and consume them. Team Bonsai is a development studio focused on doing just that, connecting a truly global community so we can craft brilliant new worlds together, all on the Internet Computer.

Team Bonsai is currently working on two interrelated products to showcase these storytelling possibilities: Kontribute and Bonsai Warriors NFTs.


Kontribute is a dapp on the Internet Computer that allows readers to vote on various elements of a story, such as character attributes and actions. Team Bonsai hopes to turn it into a platform for interactive stories, where creatives and readers can collaborate seamlessly. Kontribute’s long term vision is to allow users to launch their own tales. Currently it is where you can find the Bonsai Warriors story, an Eastern-inspired fantasy set in the Celestial Empire of Man. Think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, but centered around a community of users who are just as invested in the plot and characters as you are.

The dapp is live and the voting mechanism is already in place. Anyone with an Internet Identity can read and participate now as the Bonsai Warriors story progresses through its Prologue, though in the future stories will be gated to story-specific NFT holders. In addition to being an entertaining read, Bonsai Warriors demonstrates Kontribute’s potential of becoming a hub where storytellers can build a participatory audience, as well as generate funding via related NFT collections to sustain content production.

A Bonsai Warrior NFT

Bonsai Warriors

The Bonsai Warriors NFTs tie back to the lore of the Bonsai Warriors story. This means that readers will be able to own pieces of this world in addition to participating in the progression of the plot. Team Bonsai will be integrating NFTs into Kontribute, so that in the future users can buy, mint, hold and sell NFTs directly in the dapp.

Team Bonsai’s goal is much grander than telling one great story. They have more interactive stories planned for this year, all with corresponding NFTs so that you can really immerse yourself into the various fictional universes. Characters, landscape elements, significant plot props, and more can be bought for your favorite stories as both keys and collectibles--imagine owning Harry Potter’s wand or Captain Adama’s helmet! Those with literary inclinations should get excited about Kontribute’s potential as a full-fledged platform, where writers can build a dynamic reader community and change the game for creative funding.

Interested readers and speculative investors may want to take a peek at Team Bonsai’s fundraising round with CrowdFundNFT, coming March 19th. Early supporters will be able to purchase from a highly limited collection of 300 Kontribute NFTs. These NFTs will help Team Bonsai develop the Kontribute dapp further and come with a slew of benefits, such as guaranteed airdrops of all future Team Bonsai NFTs.

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