Space Apes, Pets, Kitties, and Puppies Lead the Internet Computer NFT Marketplace to New Heights

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Space Apes, Pets, Kitties, and Puppies Lead the Internet Computer NFT Marketplace to New Heights
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

NFTs on the Internet Computer had a tremendously successful week. That means I will be scrambling in this article to get you all the top stories without snubbing some projects that had a good week, so let me jump right into it.

The Secondary NFT Market Soars

I’m going to start by highlighting the three top-performing projects of the week, but I’m going to have a bunch of honorable mentions too! Here are the week’s Top 3:

ICPets on the Entrepot Marketplace

· Dfinity Space Apes – In the past seven days, DSA has dominated the market as collectors race to create sets of planets for the airdrop. Volume has doubled in the last seven days (it’s over 20,000 now!), and the floor price is up 130%!

· ICPets – WE WANT OUR PANDAS! Yes, this is a hold-to-earn project, but some collectors are seeing an opportunity to make some fast money as the rest of the community tries to acquire pet gangs (one of each pet type) before the snapshot. It caused a 91% jump in floor price from .77 ICP to 1.47 ICP and added yet another 1,700 ICP in total volume.

· ICPuppies & Kitties – The Puppies/Kitties partnership (now announced as a complete project merge) has brought new attention to both projects. The floor price for Kitties is up 50% this week! Since their initial launch, the Puppies have been dominant. Continued news and contests are only pumping the collection even more. In the past week, the floor price jumped 49% from 3.15 ICP to 4.70 ICP as collectors try to complete sets and get a ticket for the “Pure Puppies” raffle.

ICPuppies on the Entrepot Marketplace

Many other projects saw a significant floor price increase this week, so here are some honorable mentions:

· Haunted Hamsters – The Hamsters are back! After a bit of a dip last week, the floor price is up 46% this week to .57 ICP.

· Cyman – Cyman has made a 33% jump in floor price over the past week from .3 ICP to .4 ICP.

· ICelebrity – The creators of ICelebrity released ICAliens this week and gave 1:1 airdrops to holders of their first collection. Maybe that is why the floor price jumped 28% from 5 ICP to 6.4 ICP.

· Chronic Critters – Congrats to Toniq on seeing a nice floor price boost on their own NFT gaming project! The floor price for Chronics was up 20% this week from 5 ICP to 5.99 ICP.

Chronic Critters on the Entrepot Marketplace

Plus, several other projects had floor price increases of less than 20%. All in all, it was a bullish week for Internet Computer NFTs!

New Projects Enter the Marketplace

Two projects got a spot in the secondary marketplace this week.

DfinityDeck on the Entrepot Marketplace

· DfinityDeck: Paradigm – Did anyone know a collection of 54 NFTs would be able to explode onto the scene so powerfully? Priced at 11 ICP each in the public sale, these animated playing cards now have a floor price of 150 ICP. I don’t know about you, but I’m priced out. I’ll be looking forward to their next collection for sure!

· ICSnakes – On the other side of the spectrum, ICSnakes appeared on the market as more of a whisper. Perhaps it is because, instead of being featured at the top for recently listed projects, they received their place based on the initial launch date of the project, essentially burying the Snakes on both the Recently Listed and Floor Price (default) searches. Don’t worry, Snakes – you’re still the first project to launch an NFT that is a playable game. People will notice that – people like the DFINITY Foundation, who Tweeted about your project this week. They also added the project to their Internet Computer ecosystem showcase.

ICSnakes on

What I’m Watching This Week

There is another big week in store for NFTs on the Internet Computer. Here are the projects I’m watching.

· ICAliens and IC Turtles should both be able to sell out and make their way to the secondary marketplace this week.

· Internet Astronauts (IASC) – The floor price is slowly and steadily climbing with announcements in the discord server. Up 12% in the past week, I’m interested in seeing what this week will bring.

· ICmoji – Another project getting a boost off some news in Discord and on DSCVR, the ICmoji floor price is up two weeks in a row. When the current teaser turns into an actual announcement, I expect to see this gaming NFT get another boost.

That’s all for today. Until next week – happy trading!

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