Saga Legends NFT Public Sale and Holder Perks 🃏

Daniel James
Daniel James
Saga Legends NFT Public Sale and Holder Perks 🃏
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Jorgen Builder

This week, the first Saga Legends NFTs will be on sale on the Internet Computer blockchain. Here’s everything you need to know about the sale and these NFTs that you do not want to miss. ❤️

Public Sale Details

The sale will begin on Friday, December 10th, and you’ll need to follow @SagaCards on Twitter to be notified of the start time. Supply will be limited to 117 NFTs, with 100 available during the public sale. Each mint will cost 2 ICP.

This is the first of 22 releases: one for each of the Major Arcana in a traditional tarot deck. These releases will happen regularly, once every two or three weeks.

The public sale will be available from our home page when the time comes.

Each release features art from Saga’s first official Tarot deck with rarity-based card trim.

Legends NFTS

Saga Legends is an innovative project that imaginatively pushes the boundaries of NFTs, strongly enabled by the Internet Computer blockchain. 💪

Here are some of the standout features of every Legend NFT:

It can be viewed in three ways: as an interactive 3D object, static image, and animation.

It has a manifest that developers can use to bring the object into any 3D application.

Encoded directly on-chain: one canister (smart contract) maintains all assets, plus records of ownership, transactions, etc.

Holder Benefits

We are always looking for the best way to make this project an engaging and rewarding place for you to spend your valuable attention and $ICP. 🙏

Community Coffer Allocation: A portion of sales will be allocated to a community coffer that holders will be able to vote on to put towards different initiatives. This includes proceeds from this week’s sale.Previously this article indicated that there would be a revenue share for holders. While we have the tech do to this, we have been advised that now is not the time. The community coffer replaces this feature.

Percentages shown here are not final and are subject to change.

Note: marketplace integration is mostly complete as of this writing, but our marketplace partners are still in development. Marketplaces will be ready in 1–2 months.

Deck Crafting: Every Legend NFT will have several forge slots, which allow you to craft a complete tarot deck with the unique card back and border of your Legend. Use the deck in dApps, or sell it on the marketplace. (It will be several months before this feature is available.)

The Road Ahead

We’re building Tarot in the Metaverse! Saga is hard at work on our first tarot deck and several fun dApps for you to use them in. We are committed to building an open and decentralized tarot ecosystem together with the Tarot and web3 communities.

Thanks for tuning in! We’ll leave you with a look ahead at the next four legends…

Written by Jorgen Builder and published at his request.

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