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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Building a roadmap is a difficult job: you need to envision what it’s still not here, create excitement, and build a future that could both be interesting but also valuable for people.

PHASMA, we need to acknowledge that, had an advantage in this respect. Indeed, the project was already born from profound research on the relapses of the NFTs ecosystem into our daily lives and with a bold but clear aim: to bring meaningful content, with artistic value, to the IC community.

Therefore, building a path came quite naturally, and we want to bring each of you into our world, our vision of the future. For easy reading, we decided to divide the PHASMA roadmap into three main steps: NFT Collection, TRANSMUTATION, and PHASMA Art.

Q2 | NFT Collection

The first steps into the digital world, our aesthetic statement, and the first book of a trilogy: the PHASMA NFT collection. We are talking about 5,000 unique NFTs, a collection that features 500 billion possibilities, other than five rare and five legendary PHASMAs.

The very idea was to reflect on the intangibility, or immateriality, of the new realities we will soon experience in a fun, stylish, and graphic way. To do so, we created a story, five chapters written to describe the destiny of our human society through the eyes of its protagonists, these colorful phantoms.

After the launch and the introduction to our world, all our social channels will soon be operative: Twitter and Medium at first, followed by DscvrO, Discord, and Instagram. We will promote our CLASSIC and GENIUS whitelists through these channels, giving you access to a great number of opportunities and our unique stickers.

After a communication and marketing period and some sneak peek of our future operations, the PHASMA team will announce the MINT date and price. The public sale will happen on Entrepot, and a rarity tool will come just after.


PHASMA's story doesn’t stop after the “first book” and its five chapters. In the second period of time, after the PHASMA world introduction and its reasons and peculiarities, our protagonists, the specters, will need to face several threats coming directly from the digital world, the one they now belong to.

Indeed, there will be some digital viruses, let’s call them “exceptional transmutations,” that will allow each PHASMA owner to get an additional specter, the character of this second book, altered in a new, strange, and unique way. To transmute something means changing material into another by radioactive decay or similar processes, which is exactly what will happen to PHASMAs.

The “viruses” will be 5, with a different rarity scale, and each PHASMA owner will receive a free airdrop of one of them. It’s all fun and games until you see what they’ll transform into!


Bringing meaningful and valuable content into the Internet Computer community is our main goal, but we can’t do that alone. We decided to create PHASMA Art, the first launchpad in which exclusively “real life” artists, designers, and creatives will be featured and helped to enter into this difficult world, the NFTs one.

This platform will display artists' pages, and collections, each of them briefed and curated in detail by the art direction of the PHASMA team that will constantly keep up on trends and verify the value of the featured art.

Furthermore, PHASMA Art will allow anyone to create their own public profile, personalize it and share with everyone its collection of NFTs. The rarity level will be available for each NFT, and there will also be a ranking of the top 100 NFT collectors on the Internet Computer.

Also, in this book, the last one of the first PHASMA trilogy, we will thank the ones that have been there since the beginning. Indeed, each PHASMA owner will get special features and exclusive access to the platform and receive a completely free airdrop of the first collection that will be launched on PHASMA Art.

It’s time to start, so let the fun begin!

*Note that this article has been written by the Phasma team and published at their request.

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