PHASMA: Artistic Divergence Between Worlds

Hyuna Kim
Hyuna Kim
PHASMA: Artistic Divergence Between Worlds

PHASMA is an upcoming NFT project on the Internet Computer that introduces the lore and core principles behind the Phasma brand. It is made up of 5000 uniquely generated ethereal avatars called PHASMAs, which perhaps can be best described as futuristic specters containing the essence of humanity.

The collection is a cohesive, aesthetic statement that also serves as an introduction to team Phasma’s vision through high concept storytelling.

The origin myth of the PHASMA characters is as complex and layered as the team’s ambitions. In the future, man has completely transcended his physical limitations and has transferred consciousness into the PHASMA form, most analogous to what we would call ghosts or apparitions.

As non-physical entities, PHASMAs are free to experience life in a drastically new fashion. No longer constrained by a physical body or even the laws of time, mankind is finally able to witness, indulge in, and change our shared reality from a bird’s eye view.

The philosophical questions implied by the PHASMA lore feel especially relevant these days, as truly immersive virtual reality looms on the horizon. What does it mean to be ‘human’ without limitations? How do we navigate a wholly intangible reality? The PHASMA story will continue to build on these themes alongside the NFT launch and beyond. Chaptered lore videos can currently be found on their official Twitter.

Phasma’s two-person team seems well-qualified to explore these labyrinthine concepts with style. Marko Milicic is a dev with over five years of experience in software development; Alice Ballabio is a career designer and artist born and based in Milan, holding two Masters under her belt and years of real-world experience. (

Befitting a project helmed by an experienced artist, Phasma’s intention behind their inaugural NFT project is to treat it more like a living, interactive installation rather than a one-off piece. A collectible PHASMA print collection is planned for the future and will be a collaborative effort with other artists.

A conceptual, performative element will be added through food videos (tying in the themes of tangible sustenance feeding physicality versus the intangible, immaterial nurturing of the soul), along with other interlinked visualizers, such as street art videos.

As PHASMA gets ready to launch, interested buyers should take note that there is a tiered Whitelist system in place: Classic and Genius.

The Classic whitelist will be non-limited, ensuring that anyone who wants to purchase their own PHASMA will have a fair chance of earning a whitelist role through collaborative community engagement, like Twitter contests and events with other projects in the DFINITY ecosystem.

The first of many collaborative giveaways will be in partnership with Dfinity Community on April 1st, where ten lucky participants will be rewarded with a Classic role. Keep your eyes on Phasma’s official Twitter for your chance tomorrow!

An added bonus to being on the Classic list is the chance to be selected by the Phasma team to be placed on PHASMA’s second, more exclusive “Genius Whitelist”.

Unlike the Classic whitelist, the Genius list will be limited to 500 roles. Your spot can only be obtained by the Classic whitelist lottery mentioned above or via PHASMA’s unique sticker contest. Starting April 4th, interested parties can go to Phasma’s Twitter account to fill out a form that will give people the chance to receive free, physical PHASMA stickers in the mail; the number of these stickers are limited so be sure to act quickly.

Those fortunate enough to receive a PHASMA sticker can then participate in the Genius whitelist sticker contest. This fun event blends the physical and digital world together, appropriate to the overarching theme of the PHASMA world. To participate, and hopefully win, all you have to do is take a photo of your sticker and post it on Twitter, tagging @phasmafuture.

Being on the Genius whitelist will give people various benefits such as guaranteed early purchase, a reduced mint price, and access to an exclusive Genius family Discord channel. Most exciting of all, 50 of the most creative sticker contest entries will be rewarded with a PHASMA airdrop. The most ingenious photo entry of them all will net one very lucky person a rare NFT, one of only five available in the entire PHASMA collection.

Milicic and Ballabio are two to watch for. Their vision for Phasma reaches beyond the PHASMA collection, to a digital platform called Phasma Art that merges the functionalities of an artist collective and NFT launchpad together. Phasma Art will help onboard “real world” artists into web3, by helping them generate, promote, and sell their art on the Internet Computer blockchain.

Eventually, the duo hopes to create the Phasma Academy, an educational project intended to make development in the DFINITY ecosystem easier for newcomers. This extensive roadmap should pique the curiosity of NFT collectors and ecosystem fanatics alike.

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