PHASMA NFTs: A Collection of the Phantasmagorical

Marko Mil
Marko Mil
PHASMA NFTs: A Collection of the Phantasmagorical

“In a future far, far away, humans will have acquired the ability to detach themselves from their material body and to transcend as PHASMA, a non-physical shape free of experiencing our reality, and the new, hereafter.

No more than “apparitions”, specters of a past, material life adorned with every sort of feature and gadget our minds will be able to conceive of.

Metaverse or reality, digital ecosystem or Earth, there will be no difference for this new ghostly human society.

However, is it actually that far away?”

PHASMA is an Internet Computer-based NFT collection consisting of 5000 unique pieces, or it would be more appropriate to say, 5000 unique phantoms. It’s a speculation of our destiny, of human society actually: a future in which our body will become meaningless and, as weird and soulful specters, we will be able to experience reality and change it too.

Colorful, fun, stylish, expressive… They’ll still be us. Almost- just...better.

The collection will feature bodies, backgrounds, clothes, hats, smiles, eyes, and more, for an overall amount of almost 500 features. That’s a total of 500,000,000,000 possible combinations, among which 5 of them will be special and the other 5 will be “ghostly” legendary.

Nevertheless, PHASMA’s story will not stop there. They’ll have to deal with their new intangible way of living, to face threats coming directly from the digital ecosystem and so, so much more. We envisioned giving them life through animations, to evolve their path with complete transmutations… Yes, you have read correctly, PHASMA will one day transmute.

Change, evolve and advance, it’s not just about a mere value increase, it means something to create something that lasts. Follow our story, the story of humanity, and discover what this collection will give you access to.

It’s just the beginning of a long journey.

*Note this article has been written by the team at Phasma and published at their request

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