One Small Step for The MoonWalkers, One Giant Leap for Gaming on the Internet Computer

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
One Small Step for The MoonWalkers, One Giant Leap for Gaming on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Okay, so the MoonWalkers team isn’t literally walking on the moon, but they’ve certainly gotten one step closer in the metaverse. Not only that, but the talented and generous ICP Maximalist and Tommy are making nearly a year of trial and error research accessible to new devs in the ecosystem to propel gaming on the Internet Computer ecosystem into the future. Let’s dive deep into what the team has accomplished and what it means for the future of the Internet Computer.

Description of the Moonwalkers as seen in The IC Gallery metaverse

A Unity Game Template for Internet Computer Game Developers

Okay, I have to get this out of the way first – I’m not a developer, and most of the people reading this article are not either. So I’m not going to get super technical. If you want all the details, Tommy (the Co-founder and Lead Developer of MoonWalkers) breaks it down for you here in a very technical Medium post. The short version is, that article will help you to:

· Create an IC Unity Project from scratch

· Download and deploy the IC Unity Project code created by The IC Gallery team

· Integrate the Plug Wallet and fetch NFTs from Unity C#

So be sure to check out the article if you are a game developer who wants to bring your technical expertise to the Internet Computer with a minimal learning curve, you are already developing on the Internet Computer and want a shortcut to wallet integration, or you are just curious to see how it all works.

Demo of Plug wallet integration using the IC Unity Project code

The Big Meeting

On March 30th, the MoonWalkers team had a call with Dominic Williams himself in order to demo the gaming world they are building on the Internet Computer blockchain. He had seen an early demo and been really impressed, so he requested the meeting, and the team got to show him an updated demonstration and discussed the challenges and potential associated with hosting sophisticated games fully on-chain. This led to direct communication with the DFINITY Foundation to continue research and development in tandem.

The DFINITY Foundation felt it would be really helpful to open source the Unity Template and the MoonWalkers team agreed. It was always a part of their plan, but the idea that it could help onboard more gaming developers for the Internet Computer was the driving factor in making this a priority for the team.

The MoonWalkers Generously Shares Their Unity Game Template with the World

The fact is that the ICP Maximalist and Tommy are concerned with more than just their project. Like so many of us, they want to see the entire Internet Computer ecosystem succeed. So, of course, they have generously shared the Unity Game Template with the world. If you are already developing a game on the Internet Computer, this gives you a tremendous shortcut to integrating Plug wallet tokens and NFTs into your game experience.

This is also a calculated move to try and draw more gave developers to the Internet Computer. With millions of dollars up for grabs in the Supernova Hackathon next month, the timing couldn’t be better.

Enter your Internet Computer game, DeFi, NFT, social, Web3, or infrastructure project now to have a shot at the $6 million in rewards.

You Learn a Lot About a Project by Their Actions

Any project can say whatever they want to their community to try and sell NFTs. But actions prove what a development team really values. The actions of ICP Maximalist and Tommy prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they value the success of the Internet Computer ecosystem, that they value the onboarding of game developers to the Internet Computer ecosystem more than making money with proprietary code, and that they are ready to make a success of The IC Gallery project and the Moonwalkers NFT collection.

The future of gaming on the Internet Computer looks a little brighter today. The reason? The hard work, talent, and community-first mindset of the MoonWalkers team.

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