Obsidian Tears - The First 2D NFT RPG on the Internet Computer

Obsidian Tears - The First 2D NFT RPG on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In the Fall of 2021, Bob Bodily, Ph.D., reached out to a few friends and family members about an up-and-coming blockchain with serious potential—the Internet Computer (IC). In particular, he reached out concerning something the IC was lacking, something grievous. It didn't have a 2D RPG. The idea spread, a team formed, and thousands of hours have since gone to building a deep-story, original 2D masterpiece.

Why do RPG's move us, especially these old-school 2D games? According to Pwoseidon, an IC community member and early fan, "it's an instant nostalgia-induced stress reliever." Many of us played games like this in our youth, and we fell in love with its simple, timeless genre. We know what we are getting into: a challenging world where we are the hero, and people need our help. We grow in strength, solve puzzles, and progress onto bigger and bigger challenges. We get to experience a level of story-telling that is often deeper than the flashy HD graphic games.

The Plan

Featuring an original sound score, art, and story, Obsidian Tears sets itself apart from other NFT projects on the IC by delivering the game first NFT collection second.

"Our aim is to deliver deep value despite the market trends," says David Ogles, Obsidian Tear's game and story designer. "Bringing NFTs into the game provides a unique earning potential for its players. We are excited to see it. However, we also know that earning potential is secondary to making a fabulous game experience. If 'play and earn' is to be a marketable feature of Obsidian Tears, it will only be because its first generation of game players will say to their friends, "Oh my gosh. Steve, Joe, Stacy,...you need to try Obsidian Tears. I absolutely love it."

The Game

It will feature several thousand NFT Heroes in its first minting with varying weapons, hair colors, and specialties.

Many in-game artifacts will also be tradeable NFTs. Imagine you are darting through the Dark Forest, running from Shadow Spawn like they're a stack of lousy homework assignments, when a humongous troll steps out from behind a cloven tree. He's holding a club of petrified wood the size of your grandfather's 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood. You utter a fiery spell Dragons Wrath and the troll is consumed in blue and purple-tinged flame so hot you feel it on your face.

After the troll is just a smoldering heap on the ground, you carefully step up and claim the club which shrinks down to your size: The Club of Unbreakable Oak. It's now yours. And there are only 60 NFTs of them in the game. You currently have something a couple of thousand other people don't. Take it on Entrepot. Somebody might want to try the game with it.

Obsidian Tears is set to launch on June 30th, 2022.

Be excited, and see you in the Land of Eli'Alan.

Note: This article has been published at the request of the Obsidian Tears team

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