NFTStudio to Launch a 3D NFT Marketplace and Minting Tools

NFTStudio to Launch a 3D NFT Marketplace and Minting Tools
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

NFT Hype is heating up again with virtual land being sold for hundreds of Ethereum and other mainstream players such as Adidas entering the game.

NFT Studio brings a whole new meaning to Minting 3D NFTs by leveraging the Internet Computer Protocol.

The team is looking to expand and was on a hiring spree a few weeks ago. They have received a grant from the DFINITY foundation and has also applied for a follow-up grant. The founder has revealed that investors and venture capital will be allowed to invest soon in the project.

The CEO and founder, Lucas Merville is extremely optimistic about the studio's prospects, stating:

I think our minting engine and marketplace heralds a brand new paradigm for NFTs.

NFT Studio hails its Minting engine, which can mint entire games as NFTs. The team expects to have creators and artists as a huge part of their user base, but the tools and the platform is open to everyone.

I believe that the Internet Computer can become ground zero for the metaverse. Our intention is not to build the metaverse, but to provide tools that will help developers and creators get to that point. Our tools will benefit the entire Internet Computer community.

NFT Studio soft-launched in October with their website

The fully functioning Marketplace and Minting Engine are expected to launch on Monday, 6th December.

Lukas elaborated on the competitiveness and cutting edge tech that will give his project an advantage by saying that:

'Our main edge is our minting engine, which allows us to mint 3D objects, movies, games, experiences. This completely sets us apart from the competition… We use the Dat protocol for example to give our NFTs offline capabilities. Our B64 NFT standard, which is an extension of our 3D WASM standard, is designed for speed and portability and is great for realistic-looking NFTs.'

NFT Studio is additionally developing staking methods for NFTs, including location-based yield farming and stake-to-earn rewards.

After launching the marketplace, the team plans to launch their NFT Game, hopefully before Christmas. NFT Studio cross-chain bridges are set to be deployed in Q1 2022, and the team is planning to tokenize the service.

After the launch, users and NFT connoisseurs can buy 3D NFTs from the NFT Studio marketplace.

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