NFT Studio Is Building Minting Engine That Will Turn 3D Games Into NFTs

Berto Parga Pena
Berto Parga Pena
NFT Studio Is Building Minting Engine That Will Turn 3D Games Into NFTs
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Last July, a highly rated and completely sealed copy of the Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64 sold at auction for a jaw-dropping $1,560,000. Keeping the original packaging gives it this high value (in addition to keeping the game in perfect condition). When I was given a game as a gift, I always opened it. That game is no longer valuable, but I enjoyed it as a child.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will allow you to be the unique holder of the game’s value while you can still enjoy playing with it. NFT Studio will allow you to mint 3D games that can be transferred, bought, and sold on marketplaces (in the same way as done in an auction).

NFT Studio Minting Engine

The first 3DWASM Minting Engine on the Internet Computer is ready, tested, and working. Its potential will allow you to create a new type of digital asset: 3D games that, after minted as NFTs, will immediately appear in your Plug wallet. The NFT Studio platform will allow you to mint your own NFTs, and support their trading. Below, you can see an example made by this talented team:

Therefore, If we add the latter, you could create the following digital assets:

  • Regular NFTs: Photographs, images, gifs, videos, and more. See for yourself in the following example.
  • Interactive 3DWasm NFTs: 3D objects and 3D games. Minting these NFTs will be a very simple task on the NFT Studio platform. Go one step further and experiment how easy it is to deploy a 3D Object like this one, created with a modern Rust framework (YEW.RS library) inspired by React and compiled in WebAssembly (WASM). More examples: Newton’s Cradle and Ball Shooting.

All this is possible using the same engine that will allow you to create 3D NFTs in a straightforward and accessible interface. The NFT Studio works tirelessly to see how far they can push their limits, and they are constantly discovering new uses for this powerful tool!

The game shown below was minted by NFT Studio as an NFT to showcase the power of the minting engine. At the end of the game, the user wins a collectible, which can be transferred out, and sold. This adds replay value to the game.

This project is based on teamwork, in which NFT Studio has developed all the code and has been in collaboration with Chris from Plug Team, Hazel from DepartureLabs, and ToniqLabs to make it a reality.

NFT Studio Tools

The minting engine seen in the previous section will have several tools for creators that will allow them to build 3D NFTs and mint them immediately. One of them is the NFT Studio Voxel Tool. A Voxel Editor is a special type of software used by artists to create 3D voxel models. Once constructed, these voxel models can be used for several purposes, such as photos for social media and 3D models for video games.

Creating 3D NFTs will be an easy and rewarding task for users, as you can see in the demo video below:

NFT Studio Voxel Tool Demo

Once you've designed your cool 3D object, you can mint it with the push of a button:

In addition, the staking is being worked on. At first, it will be normal staking, as we are used to in the Ethereum blockchain. Later on, staking will be fundamentally different and will offer a brand new kind of experience to users. They will add a location component to the staking so that users will earn yield depending on their geographical location.

A new bridge is confirmed.

Just a few days ago, as you can see in the article below, we announced that the bridge between the Internet Computer and Arweave (Koii Network) will be the first to be built, and they were planning upcoming releases to achieve interoperability with other blockchains. Today we can also announce that the bridge between Internet Computer and Algorand is official, so this project is definitely moving forward.

NFT Studio Is Building Bridges To Connect Top NFT Markets With The Internet Computer
The goal of the bridge-building project, developed by NFT Studio, is to achieve interoperability between the leading blockchains in order to transfer NFTs between them.


NFT Studio's minting engine will be available on its platform with several tools that will allow you to design, mint, and stake regular NFTs and interactive 3DWASM NFTs that can be transferred, bought, and sold on marketplaces.

Furthermore, the bridges announced also open up access to a broader worldwide network of collectors interested in NFT and other collectibles. It is an excellent opportunity to get a diversified portfolio of unique tokens!

Official Channels: Website | Twitter | Telegram

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