NFT Collectors Are Revealing What Is Most Important to Them

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
NFT Collectors Are Revealing What Is Most Important to Them
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

More than two months into the Internet Computer’s bear market, collectors are showing more than ever what the most important things are to them. Actions speak louder than words, and the projects that collectors are buying up show what they want to see more of. Here are some of the week’s top projects that have met the two greatest collector demands.

#1 High-Quality Artwork

From the lighting to the stitching, Ikuzo's strength is in the details. 

Much can be forgiven if the artwork for your project is stunning. We learned this after weeks of projects not selling out, followed up by some same-day sellouts for projects like Dragon Boots, IC Bucks, and Ikuzo.

· Dragon Boots – The Dragon Boots collection from VRSTL is the intersection of where high fashion and NFTs meet. The limited-edition collection highlights a bright future for designs from the VRSTL team. The team’s first collection saw a 68% bump in floor price this week from 23.7 ICP to 39.8 ICP. Not bad for a project that minted at 8 ICP just three weeks ago.

· IC Bucks – The collaborative project from Spanish artist Egido Val and the Internet Computer ecosystem’s beloved DKLORD (of OG Medals fame, in case you’re new here) saw a dip in floor price this week (likely due to 1,000 airdrops), but volume is strong and signals good future value for the highly art-forward project.

· Ikuzo – I’m going to start out by addressing the naysayers who think Ikuzo is just the poor man’s Azuki. First of all, where would animation be today if there was only one company that produced anime? That anime style has become ubiquitous, and it only makes sense that there would be many projects drawn by talented anime artists. I happen to think the artwork on Ikuzo is stunning. And the Internet Computer community seems to agree with me because in their second week on the secondary marketplace, the Ikuzo floor price is up is up 13%, from 2.2 ICP to 2.49 ICP. Remember that collecting 3 of the male Ikuzo NFTs will get you an airdrop from the female collection (assuming that any NFTs you have listed are above the floor price of 4 ICP set by the team).

Egido Val really put an insane amount of work into the art on IC Bucks.

#2 GameFi Projects that Deliver on Roadmap Goals

I mentioned this in last week’s marketplace update, and the fact that projects with major milestones have come up big again this week proves it. In particular, gaming projects on the Internet Computer have led the way this week, including Eimolad, Cosmicrafts, and DfinityDeck.

· Eimload – The Eimolad weapons and Dwarves collection floor prices are both up this week. Weapons were a free airdrop, so anyone who got that is already in the green, but Dwarf collectors are finally seeing the floor price back up above the mint price of 7ICP following a 19% jump this week. The team has been sharing weekly project updates and this week’s to-do list includes beta testing as well as a wallet launch.

· Cosmicrafts – The Cosmicrafts floor price rose 12% from 13.9 ICP to 15.5 ICP. This is a marked increase over the 10 ICP buy-in price for their crowdfunding round about six weeks ago. The team just received a $25,000 grant from the DFINITY Foundation to continue work on their ambitious roadmap. They also just announced the initial allocation of their Spiral token that will serve as in-game rewards, fund advertising, and go to seed investors.

Sneak peek of the next DfinityDeck collection from BeYouStudio.

· DfinityDeck – With the limited number of decks currently available and the high price tag on the collections (the floor price of Paradigm is holding steady at 190 ICP), it would be difficult for anyone to meet a DeckSwap challenge and receive the reward without spending a ton of ICP. Teasers for upcoming decks have everyone excited to see more availability and the onboarding of more community members. In the meantime, weekly game nights have given community members the chance to win Digm NFTs and ICP. The floor price of the Elements collection is up 17% this week from 15 ICP to 17.5 ICP, putting it well above the whitelist private sale price of 9 ICP and very close to the public sale price of 18 ICP.

Additionally, I just want to congratulate the MoonWalkers team for breaking 10,000 ICP in secondary volume. It is a testament to how the community responds when you keep working at your goals, and you put the Internet Computer ecosystem first.

Upcoming Projects

Not much new to report this week since I got pretty far ahead with the previous article. Keep your eyes peeled for these releases:

· Thursday – Dfinity Dragons (Entrepot) / ICChibi (CetoSwap)

· Next Tuesday – Triad Boys Society (Entrepot)

Other upcoming projects include Internet Creeps, Dfinity Pigs, Internet Computer Baboons, ICP Degen Gameverse, ICTrees, Bones Dfinity, and Puppet Originals. The Puppet Originals social accounts just went live. Follow this link for their Twitter (where you will also find the Discord link):

Until next week, remember to do your own research on new mints and find those rares on secondary!

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