Moonwalker- The Michael Jackson of the Internet Computer

Daniel James
Daniel James
Moonwalker- The Michael Jackson of the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It’s a Friday evening when Moonwalker joins me on Zoom. He’s just finished an important meeting and has posted an announcement of a new partnership with the extremely promising project ‘CipherProxy’ on Twitter. He’s an extremely busy man, but as he settles into the call, I feel he has all the time in the world for me, and I’m transfixed by his charisma and abundant, yet focused energy.

Having responded to his request to schedule a meeting in order to reach out to all corners of the Internet Computer metaverse, I start by asking him about himself. Moonwalker has an impressive resume: he’s been in marketing for about 15 years and has run several online businesses. He’s based in Europe and has what appears to be a French (though could be Swiss or Belgian for all I know) accent. He’s clearly intelligent and technically gifted.

It’s when we begin to discuss the reason for our foray into the world of web 3 via the Internet Computer that I realize the true extent of our affinity. We are entirely on the same page regarding the perils of big tech- from the negative self-image that Facebook and Instagram have inflicted on a generation of young women, to political censorship and the violation of our personal information and integrity, we are both clear on one thing; big tech has gone too far and must be stopped. Moonwalker is convinced that the Internet Computer has the potential to do it.

He explains how he detests data sharing and likens it to someone constantly looking over your shoulder as you use the internet, watching your every move. I’m reminded of how earlier on in the evening I’d discussed a very obscure product with my wife and despite never searching about it, having it pop up on my newsfeed. I mention it to him and he almost seems delighted to be corroborated, saying that whether it’s algorithms, tracking, or whatever else- they know us better than we know ourselves and that’s downright dangerous, and I’m inclined to agree.

He explains how initially he was a huge proponent of Ethereum but how the extortionate gas fees and issues regarding scalability drove him to look for a better solution.

He believes the Internet Computer is exactly what he has been looking for, and that the web 3 services it provides will ultimately be a transition to freedom.

Moonwalker’s confidence and enthusiasm regarding the Internet Computer is infectious. I find myself increasingly confident of the project’s resounding success. He assures me that all other blockchain projects have such inherent limitations that what he has done with both the Moonwalker NFT collection and the IC Gallery would be impossible elsewhere.

Here is a man who knows how to build and what it takes to do so, and when I see sneak peeks of the Moonwalker NFTs and look at the NFT art displayed in the IC Gallery I am convinced that the Internet Computer tech is what it’s cracked up to be, and will allow a new generation of art and services to flourish.

He tells me that the Internet Computer opens up a multitude of possibilities, from tokenized social media such as Distrikt, to the evolution of NFTs- something he knows a thing or two about. His Moonwalker project, named after the idea that the Internet Computer will ultimately be a moonshot and a game-changing project of the earth-shattering magnitude is something that he insists takes full advantage of the newly available tech on offer.

Ordinarily, he explains an NFT is a simple JPEG file. However, the Moonwalker collection will be comprised of 3 separate files per NFT: An avatar image which users can use on social media and so on, an animated video of a Moonwalker collectible, plus finally a 3D model- the part he’s most excited about- which can be used in gaming.

I find myself asking about the IC Gallery next. Why has this been created, I want to know.  Moonwalker discusses the possibilities of the Internet Computer metaverse through the IC Gallery and how the gallery will ultimately be a showcase of NFTs that are, wait for it, not hard coded but actually loaded as NFTs on the Internet Computer.

The gallery will have an increasing amount of NFTs and rooms over time, and the aim will be to create a metaverse style museum where folk can enjoy and interact with a new wave of digital art for an enthralling experience.

The appreciation of this art will lead to auction events- kind of like a virtual Sotherby’s or Christies where high quality NFTs will be auctioned. One thing seems to be clear from what I’ve seen, and that is that some of the Moonwalker collection ought to be on that list.

As we end what has been an intriguing call full of wide-ranging topics, I find myself likening the illustrious Moonwalker to Michael Jackson. Both are visionaries, both have charisma and both rely on a new type of art form to change the world, aided by technological development. I wish him all the best moving forward, and I have an instinctive feeling that his projects will be a resounding success.

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