Marketplace Consolidates Around Fashion & Projects Hitting Roadmap Milestones

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Marketplace Consolidates Around Fashion & Projects Hitting Roadmap Milestones
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

While most of the Internet Computer marketplace has continued to remain flat during the month of April, there are a few projects with rising floor prices and increased volume. Let’s take a look at some of the top-performing projects of the week and the long list of projects about to launch on the Internet Computer in the next week or two.

Eimolad Reigns Supreme

Dwarf Elder and Weapon holders are the big winners this week as both projects saw big increases in floor price. The Dwarves are up 43% from 4.22 ICP to 6.03 ICP, inching closer to the original mint price. In the meantime, the Weapons of Eimolad collection (which was a free airdrop) has increased in floor price by 21%, from 1.38 ICP to 1.68 ICP. The team released a checklist of accomplishments so far this month and what to look for in the next week, and this has brought a great deal of interest to the project as roadmap milestones are ticked off one at a time.

You can see the April 11th-20th development checklist in the Eimolad Discord server.

DfinityDeck NFTs Rise After Previewing Work on the Next Deck

The DfintiyDeckSwap is going to make use of 2758 playing cards spread across 52 decks. The Paradigm collection was released first, including the only two Jokers, and while the floor price remained steady this week at 138 ICP, this is already a very expensive and exclusive deck. Plus, there are only 16 cards currently available on the secondary market.

Meanwhile, the floor price of DfinityDeck: Elements saw a modest increase in floor price from 17.98 ICP to 19 ICP. Elements is comprised of 5 decks of cards totaling 260 NFTs. They also have a separate collection of Digms that function as raffle tickets for prizes. With a preview of the next collection in Discord, the price of Digms shot up 33%, from 3.32 IPC to 4.4 ICP.

Remember that for the Elements launch, whitelisted addresses receive a 50% discount (9 ICP per mint instead of the public sale 18 ICP price), so maybe people are hoping for a whitelist raffle. You’ll have to join the Discord to see what’s in store.

Fashion NFTs Boost the C-C-C Marketplace and YOLO Club

VRSTL released their collection of Dragon Boots to an immediate sell-out and feeding frenzy in the secondary marketplace. The collection of 266 pairs of boots sold out instantly at 8 ICP each and have already experienced over 5000 ICP in total volume (launch and secondary), with the floor price holding at 30 for the most common boots as of Monday.

Perhaps this success drove some of the increased activity on the C-C-C marketplace this week as Crazy Zombie, Avocado Research, and ICLions all saw increases in floor price. After all, the ICP was already wrapped from the Dragon Boots sales (not that it takes much effort to wrap and unwrap ICP on CCC).

On Entrepot, YOLO got a much-needed 28% floor price bump from .25 ICP to .32 ICP as floor sweeps followed their teaser for upcoming IRL and NFT fashion releases connected to their collection of Octopus NFTs.

Fashion is hot on the Internet Computer right now. It's always been on the YOLO roadmap, but their sneak preview timing could not have been better. 

The Flower Power DAO Dominates Volume on the Internet Computer

If trading volume is your stat of choice, then you will be most interested in the Flower Power DAO with artwork from Ludo. They ruled the market with BTC Flower doing over 4300 ICP in volume and ETH Flower taking the top spot with over 5100 ICP in volume. And all of this happened before the Flower Power DAO dropped their “Constitution” Monday on Medium.

While BTC, ETH, and ICP Flowers will hold all of the DAO's voting power, other projects like these Punks will also be released as NFTs.

What to Watch This Week – IC Bucks and More

The project I will be watching closely this week is IC Bucks, the much-anticipated collaboration between the acclaimed Spanish artist Egido Val and DKLORD89 (of OG Medals fame). You can learn more about the project right here on the Dfinity Community blog. The short version is that 8888 NFTs will be in the collection – 7788 of which will be on sale this Wednesday on the Entrepot Launchpad. Whitelisted addresses can buy unlimited NFTs at a 0.9 ICP price, and the public sale price is 1.1 ICP. As hot as OG Medals and work from doxxed artists are on the Internet Computer, I think the community will find the price to be a steal and will slurp these right up.

Do not miss out on IC Bucks! 

Other projects for the week include Nuclear Sheep on Monday (Entrepot), IC-CuteMon on Tuesday (CrowdFund NFT), IC Cars on Wednesday (C-C-C), IKUZO on Friday (Entrepot), ICPrime8s Monkeys on Saturday (Yumi Marketplace), and ICPXY next Monday (Entrepot). Plus, we have IC Birds, IC Giraffes, Dfinity Rats, and IC Notes also coming in April. So collectors will have to research these projects and decide which ones warrant your attention.

Until next week – trade safely!

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