Legacy Projects, Artists, and Airdrops Ruled the Internet Computer Last Week

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Legacy Projects, Artists, and Airdrops Ruled the Internet Computer Last Week
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Last week was a wild ride for the Internet Computer NFT marketplace, with some projects continuing to lose floor price value while others soared. As the space becomes more crowded, but the community continues slow growth, liquidity may be an issue facing projects that don't have major backing. Here are some of the projects that showed signs of life during the past week.

The Flower Power DAO

Ludo and the talented development team behind the Flower Power DAO (set to become a reality in April) have successfully launched their second project. BTC Flower, the OG collection of the DAO, saw the floor price climb back toward 200 ICP, while the new release of ETH Flower sprang into the top 10 projects on Entrepot by volume.

With the DAO going live in April, a collaboration project with DJ White Shadow launching in May, merch coming this summer, and ICP Flowers slated for Q4, the Flower community is continuing to dominate the Internet Computer NFT marketplace.

Oh, did I forget to mention the Flower Power DAO is also the recipient of a DFINTY grant? Congrats to the team! 

Internet Humans

The merging of the development teams from ICPuppies and IC Kitties has joined two powerful projects on the Internet Computer, and their first joint venture is already a success. Internet Humans sold out on day one after a small portion of the collection was burned to ensure the sell-out happened. And if you are not listening to the Dfinity Pill podcast on YouTube, you are missing out on a ton of valuable information for NFT collectors. With three successful projects under their belts, this is a team that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!

Watch the Dfinity Pill podcast and don't forget to hit that subscribe button!

Cosmicrafts: From Crowdfunding to Outer Space

Cosmicrafts is a much-anticipated sci-fi game on the Internet Computer blockchain. The earliest ships have already been presold on CrowdFund NFT for 10 ICP a piece. They were delivered and are now on the secondary market on Entrepot after Toniq announced a strategic partnership with CrowdFund NFT. Look for more good things from Cosmicrafts in the near future. And don’t forget another strategic partnership that is in play here. Internet Astronauts are going to be useable as avatars and characters in the game. Oh, and those Costmicrafts airdrops for early supporters will be arriving really soon, so keep an eye out in discord.

The Cosmicrafts x Internet Astronauts partnership was actually announced in January 

And Speaking of Airdrops

Airdrops are a big deal in the NFT world. From Starverse to Internet Astronauts to Motoko, there have been lots of important airdrops for the Internet Computer Ecosystem. OG Medals has to join the list of top airdrops, and they have already delivered on promises to provide more drops for holders. One upcoming drop is from Spanish artist Egido. It’s no wonder the floor price of OG Medals is up 17% in the past week. Egido’s artwork is beautiful, and everyone wants a shot at one. Plus, DKLORD89 is working on his next collection, so it’s good to be an OG!

Another anticipated airdrop that will happen this week is the 2222 Wild Lions from ICPark. Those will be available to trade on the C-C-C Marketplace right after the airdrop this week. And don’t forget that holding two lions will get you a free Kong when the next collection from IC Park launches in the near future.

Here's a sample of the Wild Lions from IC Park - But please, if you are trying to get whitelisted for the airdrop - DON'T DM ME - I'm not on the team, so I can't help you. Sorry.

I’m going to wrap up this week’s update by discussing the ICity NFT project. D-City NFTs have made a big move this week to bring the floor price back above the public sale price. That collection is available on Entrepot. ICmoe, also part of the ICity metaverse, was a free airdrop that is currently trading on the C-C-C marketplace. Keep an eye out for what ICity has planned next!

What to Watch

Look for ICKoalas to head to the secondary marketplace this week. Their goal is 1000 NFTs in the initial sale. This will give them the funding they need to start working on the Noxious Leaves collection, which will also lead to Mutant Koalas later in the year. Plus, the team teased another upcoming surprise for holders on their Medium blog.

Here's my favorite ICKoala so far in my personal collection - they're so CUTE!

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for more Eimolad NFTs this week.

To be Launched

IC Kitsune is launching their foxes on April 4th, Crypto 90s releases on April 6th (with the promise of Crypto 80s to come).

The project I’m looking forward to the most is Drakon on April 8th – they’ll be spotlighted in another article coming soon, and there is a lot to love about this project. The team has recently given sneak-peeks of awesome-looking 3D eggs in their Discord that will be dropped to holders. These will then hatch into baby dragons, bringing tons of value to holders.


This factored in with the now fully refined art that has seen its third, final, and much-improved iteration, along with the more than affordable pricing and card game that will be developed around the well researched and meticulously written lore, make this project one that I will not be missing out on!

NFT launches show no sign of slowing down, so learn about your favorites, get your bags ready, and have fun with the Internet Computer NFT community!

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