ICPSQUAD Weekly : All the Signs are Pointing Towards Internet Computer Super Growth Cycle !

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly : All the Signs are Pointing Towards Internet Computer Super Growth Cycle !
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Supernova Hackathon Registration and Workshop Schedule

Registration is now LIVE for Supernova, the inaugural Internet Computer global hackathon, hosted by the DFINITY Foundation. Supernova is a six weeks long event running from May 10 to June 20, 2022. The prize pool includes $6 million USD as well as opportunities for grant funding.  

Currently, the Supernova hackathon is preparing interested developers with a series of educational workshops that teach participants to build web3 dapps, DeFi protocols, games, NFTs and metaverse projects on the Internet Computer. The next workshop is on Tuesday, April 19th, the first in a two part "Mint an NFT" course.

The remaining workshops are as follows:

  • Tuesday, April 19th (9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM Central European Time): WORKSHOP #7: Mint an NFT (Option 1)
  • Thursday, April 21st (11:30 AM India Standard Time / 2:00 PM China Standard Time): WORKSHOP #8: Mint an NFT (Option 2)
  • Tuesday, April 26th  (9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM Central European Time): WORKSHOP #9: Build a DeFi use case (Option 1)
  • Thursday, April 28th (11:30 AM India Standard Time / 2:00 PM China Standard Time): WORKSHOP #10: Build a DeFi use case (Option 2)
  • Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 (9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM Central European Time): WORKSHOP #11: Build a DAO (Option 1)
  • Thursday, May 5th (11:30 AM India Standard Time / 2:00 PM China Standard Time): WORKSHOP #12: Build a DAO (Option 2)

For more information, and to register: https://supernova.devpost.com/

DFINITY welcomes former Cardano CGO Eva Oberholzer

Eva Oberholzer

Eva Oberholzer joins DFINITY as Chief Growth Officer. A former Cardano executive, Oberholzer was both the Chief Growth Officer and Member of the Management Board at the Cardano Foundation during its most significant adoption phase. With an extensive professional background in marketing and PR within the banking and blockchain industries, Oberholzer aims to aid DFINITY in forming a "sturdy foundation to long-term, sustainable growth and to showcasing the possibilities of the [Internet Computer] protocol." You can read more about Oberholzer's recent move to DFINITY here.

Recent Statistics Show Increasing Growth

The Internet Computer is now bigger than Ethereum in chain state size by a significant difference. Ethereum is at 640GB while ICP is at a staggering 854GB (as of time of writing). ICP has also recently surpassed 700 million blocks generated and canister smart contracts number is close to reaching 56,000. Live stats can be monitored here.

Furthermore, ICP was the second crypto after Ethereum for most Github commits this week, showing that there is real activity, developer growth, and end-use happening under the surface.

source: @coin_commit

Now Live! Titanium Milestone Video Series

DFINITY's Post-Genesis Roadmap

With the Titanium milestone recently reached on the post-Genesis roadmap, everyone is eagerly awaiting Chromium's key development: direct integration with Bitcoin. In the meantime, DFINITY has recently released a series of videos explaining Titanium's significant features, which make the Internet Computer the ideal blockchain network for DeFi. The video series includes:

-Bitcoin Integration Developer Preview
-Sample Dapps Illustrating Common DeFi Use Cases
-Simple APIs for Ledger Transactions
-Chain Key Cryptography Overview

The Internet Computer blockchain's Titanium milestone marks the release of essential DeFi building blocks for dapp developers, including APIs for accessing the IC ledger and for token transactions, sample dapps illustrating the most common DeFi use cases, and a ledger canister that can be used for DeFi development.     -DFINITY Foundation

What's In The Pods? Distrikt's NFT Airdrop

Distrikt, a social media dapp on the Internet Computer focusing on short-form written content, released an NFT airdrop on April 15th, rewarding its core users. With a total of 10,000 NFTs in the collection, the airdrop is still underway with thousands left to be distributed. More surprises are coming for lucky Distrikt core users who received the surprise airdrop, as the pods contain secret contents that are yet to be announced.

More excitingly, this airdrop signifies that Distrikt's newly integrated NFT wallet is primed to become an invaluable, innovative feature that allows users to receive, manage, and even send NFTs directly in the dapp, entirely on-chain, even on the phone. Distrikt is one of the few dapps in web3 bridged to web2 via mobile apps, so this makes their NFT wallet (and NFT collection) historically significant.

Community Governance Beyond the NNS

NFT Judgement DAO's "Alpha" governance NFT token

As the ICP community continues to grow, some people have voiced concerns about potential rugpulls and questionable projects, especially in the NFT domain. In response, community members have taken it upon themselves to create checklists and democratic evaluation processes to vet new entrants--IC Detectives and NFT Judgement DAO are two initiatives that are underway. Although a few have expressed fears that this could eventually turn into gatekeeping or encourage baseless witch hunts, these groups are positive signs that our community is proactive and willing to self-govern.

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