Kitsune: A Magical Creature has Appeared

Kitsune: A Magical Creature has Appeared
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We at the DFINITY Community are pleased to present the Kitsune NFT collection. Fawkes & Renard are the creators and talent behind this amazing collection. We hope you enjoy the story and see the benefits of owning Kitsunes NFT in Fawkes's words...

The Kitsune

Kitsune is a magical creature. It is inspired by the Japanese legend of the nine-tailed fox. As the authentic ones possess paranormal abilities, we dared to reinterpret the myth and made our Kitsune a time and space traveler.

We chose to name it Kitsune as our character design is inspired by Japanese anime art; we also got inspiration from the Japanese legend of ‘the nine-tailed fox,’ which is why each Kitsune ruler of each realm has nine tails instead of one.

The fox has traveled through 9 different universes so there are 9 rare and representative NFTs  as well as numerous distinct assets for each one of them.

The story we built around our main foxes has lots of magic and fantastic elements, allowing our kitsunes to change their fur colors and outfits!'

The Story - The Nine Realms of the Foxes

In the beginning, there was only one land where magic foxes lived their lives peacefully. But there was a rumor, more like the hint of a rumor, passed on from generation to generation. It was about the existence of The Nine Realms and a map that disappeared centuries ago. No one knew for sure if there was any truth to the legend. That is until nine brave foxes gathered together to search for the truth.

The fellowship formed to cross all the known land in search of the ancient map. Each went their own way to search the furthest corners of the world. Each one was successful and returned with a strange item they found in their journey: an obsidian stone, a strange fish, a bamboo stick, a magic broom, an empty chemistry bottle, a weird plant, a cup with dark liquid inside, a piece of apple pie, and an ancient map that couldn’t be read. When the nine objects were gathered in one location, they started ...Read more.

The Team

Kitsune’s core team has two members, Fawkes and Renard.

Fawkes takes care of marketing and the technical parts of the project as he has always been good at this kind of stuff. He’s also a professional photographer and takes care of the technical and social part of the project.

Renard is a digital artist and the creator of our Kitsune illustrations and all other creative stuff of our project. She takes care of the design, illustrations, writing, and everything art-related. Renard graduated from the University of Arts, and she’s a digital and traditional artist.


 Q2 2022

ICKitsune will launch an app for their holders. 

Whoever owns a Kitsune will log in using their wallet and generate a page similar to linktree. The big difference is that besides the links on their page, the users will be able to choose some NFT's they have in their wallet to show in an "Owned NFT's" gallery and then post the link in their social media's bio.

The app will not have the possibility to upload pictures, so all the NFT's in the gallery will be there based on what users have in their wallets. The app will not have the possibility to upload pictures, so all the NFT's in the gallery will be there based on what users have in their wallets.

Future updates in Q3 and Q4 2022

- Each NFT in the gallery will have two buttons: the "Info" button will contain info about that NFT's project. "Buy now" button if that NFT is for sale. It will take the user to the sale page of that specific NFT.

- Metaverse galleries.

Connect with Kitsune

Twitter  | Discord | Instagram

*Note: This press release has been edited with the permission of the Kitsune team to disseminate this information to our readership.

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