Interview with ICNote NFT: Sounds Like Innovation

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with ICNote NFT: Sounds Like Innovation

We interviewed Christian, the founder of ICNotes. He told us that ICNotes is the first collection from the ICP with sounds included. All of the project's goals are related to music. They plan to regularly release music from different artists in the months after launch and aim to be the go-to record label on the blockchain.

1-A. Please tell us about you, your name, position in the project, your credentials, etc., so that we can introduce you.

My name is Christian, and I’m 33 years old. I'm the founder of the ICNotes project and a full-time photographer and musician (DJ / music producer). I like to characterize myself as an ambitious, hard-working man determined to succeed who puts passion into everything he does.

1-B. How would you describe your artistic style?

We approached a fresh and comic style simultaneously with different attributes that make NFTs special and unique. It all started with a simple musical note. We emphasize their sounds, trying to produce quality sounds for our NFTs.

2. What drew you to NFT creation rather than traditional canvas-based art?

The world has changed; all the art is now digitized, the canvas will always remain the most valuable asset of art, but we have to keep up with the trend. Our collection will have sounds, so NFTs are the best option for this kind of art.

3. Are there any artists who have inspired you? What do you like about their work?

An artist that crosses my mind is Tom Bunk. I watched his work closely and what I like is that his work is a little bit funny, and if you watch closely, you can see a little “craziness” in it.

4. What made you create NFTs?

We have been part of the crypto world for a few years now, and when NFTs appeared, we realized that we could put together all our experience from several fields, such as music, graphic design, and visual arts. We want to combine all the areas. The music industry is beginning to move into the blockchain very quickly, so we think the NFTs are a significant opportunity to continue our work.

5. Can you tell us about your project?

ICNotes is all about the community. We want to create a worldwide community of music and NFTs lovers. This is the primary goal of our project. All our dreams are related to music. ICNotes is the first collection from the ICP with sounds included. We plan to regularly release music from different artists in the following months after launch. We aim to be the go-to record label on the blockchain.

6. How many NFTs will be minted? Can you talk us through the process of how you create the art?

Our collection is all about the music. Due to our love for music, we decided to add sounds for each NFT separately. There will be 9991 randomly generated NFTs and nine non-generated ones (the legendary notes).

Each base color will have a sound assigned to a musical note.

For example:

The Red Note base will have the sound of C; the Pink Note Base will have the sound of C# and so on. There will be 3 octaves from C2 - B4.

Seven legendary notes will have drum loops, and for the other 2, we’ve got a surprise for you.
Two non-generated ones will be sent to two of the TOP 50 Holders one week after we sell out our collection. We will organize a raffle, and two lucky holders will get it.

7. Will people be able to breed, stake, rent your NFT, or will it ever be in a game?

We haven’t made any decisions yet, but most probably will be something regarding our metaverse concept. The Holders will have free access to the Metaverse Club, and the Legendary Notes Holders will have commission from ticket sales.

8. What benefits do you think the Internet Computer has over other L1 blockchains when it comes to creating NFTs?

We believe that the IC Blockchain will grow because all of the assets can be used in many games and metaverse concepts in the future. Compared to other blockchains, the IC has many benefits - the meager fees that can help a lot of new nft artists. Another advantage is that you can mint and store all your data on the blockchain.

9. What other art have you seen that excites you in the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem?

Poked bots, BTC Flower, ICPuppies, ICKitties, and many other big projects come to mind.

I think they will be some of the most significant projects on the IC. I watched their progress closely, and the way those projects are managed will surely bring a ton of value to the IC ecosystem as a whole.

10. What excites you most about your launch and which date is your launch?

We were thinking of launching at the beginning of March, but we didn’t have an exact date yet. We are waiting for Entrepot to give us one because it’s a little difficult for our collection because of the sounds and clips. That being said, you can expect us to launch in mid to late March.
The exact date will be announced through our platforms.

11. What advice would you give to anyone trying to enter into the world of NFTs?

Research is the key to everything.

If you want to be a creator, try to figure out what people need and like about the NFTs. Try to come up with something new and exciting for collectors.

If you are a collector, research that project you want to invest in and find its utility for the future.

12. Do you have further plans to work with ICP Squad in the future after this initial sale?

What can I say? Definitely! Working with you has been fantastic, and there are no words to describe our partnership. Congratulations on this project, and congratulations on helping other projects raise the IC standards.

13. Can you envisage a future where the most valuable NFT space is on the Internet Computer?

In our opinion, the answer is yes. There are a lot of projects that give NFTs a utility and try to make people see the opportunities from the IC. On ETH, the fees are too big right now, and when the collectors see that there is almost no gas fee on the IC, they will step into the boat with us.

14. Why do you think NFTs have become so valuable in such a short space of time?

Technology is advancing, and everything is becoming digital, including art. After all, an nft is art whether we are talking about cartoons, characters, music, videos, etc. Art has always been sold, and NFTs have made this much easier for those who want to digitally sell their art with no fear that it will be replicated.

They became valuable in a short amount of time because of the hype generated and the desire of people to collect and own something. I know everyone can download that image, sound, video but the desire to be the owner, I think, made NFTs become so prominent in a short time. In addition to that, some NFTs may have a utility, and people want to benefit from them.

15. Tell us about your team?

The main team is composed of Daniel and me (Christian). Two DJs who fell in love with the NFTs. Besides our shared passion for music, Daniel is a visual artist, and I am a photographer and music producer. We have known each other since 2015. Since then, we have worked on many projects together that consolidated our relationship, made a strong connection between us, and decided to enter the NFT world.

16. What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors?

We worked hard to combine these two worlds. We did it with love, and when you do something that you love, it will be something great. Our main advantage is being the first collection from the IC that will have sound incorporated.

17. Do you have partners? Tell us about them

Partnerships are beneficial for a long-term project. We’ve tried to do as many as possible with almost all projects from the Internet Computer ecosystem. Just to remind you of a few: ICKitsune, ICDinos, ICSpliffsters, ICPSquad, and many more. With this occasion, we want to thank you all for the collaborations we had, and we will have. We were cautious with who we teamed up with. They are very professional, and together we can grow the ICP ecosystem.

18. Tell us about the challenges you face while building your project?

Wow, there were a lot of them. I guess every day comes with another challenge for us. We’ve learned that perseverance and desire are the keys to making something great. I have a quote that I love: “There are no problems, there are only hidden solutions, “ and you have to find them.

19. What are your short and long-term achievements and targets?

Our main goal from the beginning was to create a worldwide community, and we are still working on it to make it bigger and bigger every day. We want to spread the word about the IC ecosystem through music.

After the launch of the first collection, there will be a lot of tracks made by artists and released as NFTs. We will be a record label. We’ll try to help the young producers and artists to capitalize on their work. And for the long term is the Metaverse Concept.

20. Give us some details about your roadmap?

Q4 2021

- Team creation

- Concept creation and development

- Creating social media (Twitter, Discord, DISTRIKT, DSCVR)

- First marketing strategy

Q1 2022

- Second marketing strategy

- Finishing the designs

- Website launch

- Partnership with other projects/communities

- Collecting wallet addresses from the winners

- Last preparation for the launch

- Launch (Estimated March)

- Spring assets airdrops

Q2 2022

- Contacting music producers and artists for future collaboration

- Establishing the terms of music release as NFTs

- Monthly releases of Unknown Artists (we’ll try to make as much as we can to release a lot of music)

Q3 2022

- Developing  the Metaverse Concept

- Design of ICNotes Dance Club

- Streaming DJ sets, artists performing on the metaverse

- ICNotes holder will have a discount on tickets to enter the club

Q4 2022

- Prepares for ICNotes Christmas Party and New Years Eve Party at the IcNotes Club

- ICNotes Christmas Party

- New Year's Eve Party

21. Any plan to move into Metaverse?

Yes, we will definitely enter the Metaverse; this is the new direction after launching the collection. Because of the pandemic, the world was split, so we thought of a method that unites people together and decided to create a Dance Club in the MT where we will live stream shows with artists and DJ sets because the music is that one thing that connects people.

22. Will your NFT be tokenized in the future?

We haven't decided that yet, but we have it in our minds. We will see how the project is going, and we will take it step by step!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions 😊

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