Interview with Dfinity Donkeys NFT: A Project Aiming to be Around for Donkey's Years

Daniel James
Daniel James
Interview with Dfinity Donkeys NFT: A Project Aiming to be Around for Donkey's Years
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We interviewed the team at Dfinity Donkeys who are planning a massive token airdrop for the community.

As the great writer George Orwell mused, "Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey."

So, long may this innovative and community-centered project live!

1. How would you describe your artistic style?

Dfinity Donkey NFTs are designed in a comical paradigm inspired by the internet meme culture, crypto, and the IC community.

2. What drew you to NFT creation rather than traditional canvas-based art?
NFTs create a broader canvas for art beyond conventional boundaries and create an open, more comprehensive network of audience and transparency.

3. Why a Donkey?

Donkeys are the most underrated animals by people; they have made a significant contribution to human history and dominance not because they are cute but because they get things done with low maintenance and reliability.

They have greater intelligence, a firm sense of self-preservation, and independence than horses and dogs. They have been the favorite animals for masses who didn't have the time nor the will to go out and attend to their donkeys. They needed an animal that could get up in the morning and work. Plus, they can work up to old age and live longer than horses.

Dfinity Donkey NFTs are created as a tribute to donkeys embracing their support to human evolution and starting a community that can be a catalyst for blockchain adoption and experiments.

4. What is the significance of Donkey Token (Donge)?

We all see how a community can bring a project from the journey of SHIBA INU or DOGE. We aim to build a fully decentralized community-driven ecosystem powered by the Internet Computer at the donkey project. We realized that true power doesn't come from a single perspective; it comes from working together in harmony.

DONGE is designed as the catalyst for blockchain adoption and experiments.

5. Are there any token rewards for NFT holders?

DONGE is created to promote and build a fantastic community for the IC. Every Donkey NFT holder earns 1 Million DONGE tokens per NFT airdrop in March.

6. How many NFTs will be minted? Can you talk us through the process of how you create the art?

There are 10000 unique NFTs made with 100s of unique layers for characteristics.

7. What will be the future, will people be able to breed, stake, rent your NFT, or will it ever be in a game?

Donge Foundations is the authority dedicated to developing activities and promoting a vibrant ecosystem of donkey & IC. The foundation consists of 7 members which will elect from the community based on their expertise. Each elected board will have a tenure of 3 years and there will be an election post 3 years to select a new one.

We are planning a value-added feature for the Donkey NFTs, which will be announced soon.

8. What benefits do you think the Internet Computer has over other L1 blockchains?

The Internet Computer is a public blockchain that hosts smart contracts that run at web speed, can serve the web from cyberspace, run efficiently, and scale within an environment with unbounded capacity.

Smart contracts are a profoundly new and superior form of tamperproof and unstoppable software. They can imbue systems and services with new properties, enabling the reimagination of websites, systems, internet services, and finance.

The Internet Computer Protocol has leveraged novel computer science and cryptography techniques to create a completely unbounded blockchain that can run at web speed and scale without limits. This represents the most significant jump in innovation in the blockchain ecosystem since the launch of Ethereum.

9. How is the DONGE token allocated and will there be airdrops?

Token Allocation Details:

  • 40 % of the total supply is allocated for community airdrop; we will airdrop donkey tokens via various airdrop and reward programs.
  • 15% of the total supply will be reserved for the Donkey decentralized Foundation. The foundation will do all the promotional and community events across the world. It can be used for various programs and operating expenses of the foundation.
  • 10% will be used for initial marketing, promotions, and influencer programs.
  • 6 % will be allocated to the people who work behind this project. 50% of this allocation will be locked for 1 year.
  • 22% will be allocated as a reserve pool. This pool will be locked for five years, and post five years; the foundation will decide what to do with this fund. They can burn this token or allocate to any other development activities that will benefit the Donkey token ecosystem. They can do this via community voting.
  • 7% will be reserved for developer grant programs. Developers or teams with awesome ideas or  MVP will get small grants to kick start their dream.

Foundation Reserve

17 percent of DONGE tokens will be reserved for the DONGE Foundation. This fund can be used for foundation activities and operational expenses. The funds are visible to the public. All the activities in the foundation should be transparent to the community.

Reserve pool

22 percent of tokens will go to the reserve pool account. This will be frozen for the next 5 years and then the foundation can decide what to do with this fund. They can burn/use for future development/freeze for another x years.

  • Do not use this fund for basic operations or marketing.
  • Burn these tokens if the total market cap is below 100X of the initial Cap.
  • Can use these funds for Technology development and developer grants.
  • Maximum liquidation allowed per year is 10% of total reserve pool allocation.
  • All funds in the reserve pool will be public.

Community Airdrop program

We are airdropping 40 % of the total supply via airdropping to the community, but it's a big task to airdrop such a huge allocation to the community. So we decided to do it through various programs.

1. Donkey community Members: Members of various Donkey community channels like Discord, Twitter, and telegram. They are the early promoters of the Donkey project and we will reward them well.

2. IC Project supporters: There are a lot of projects launching in the IC community which includes NFT projects, marketplace, social media, etc. we have decided to airdrop tokens to those who support these projects. For example, X is an NFT project in IC, we will airdrop DONGE to all the holders of that X NFT.

3. Dfinity Donkey NFT Holders: As a part of the Dfinity project, we are launching Dfinity donkey NFT; there will be 20000 NFT on the IC chain. Those who hold Dfinity Donkey NFT will be awarded by DONGE token.

4. Donkey Community Programs: We will set up various community programs to promote the Donkey project and Internet community and airdrop DONGE tokens as a part of this.

10. What excites you most about your launch and which date is your launch?

Our launch is just after valentines day, 2022; for the love of ICP, we will launch on 15 February 2022.

11. What advice would you give to anyone trying to enter into the world of NFTs?

One of the significant parts of NFTs is the original idea of the artwork and understanding of the community. The uniqueness of the artwork depends on the quality of layers.

12. Do you have further plans to work with ICP Squad in the future after this initial sale?

Yes, we are more than happy to work with ICP Squad, which has common aligned values and visions of enriching the ICP community.

13. Can you envisage a future where the most valuable NFT space is on the Internet Computer?

Yes, with more robust advanced architecture, the Internet Computer, as the name says has the full potential of becoming the next internet, where the applications based on NFTs can work seamlessly. Altogether this will provide an auspicious future for the IC.

14. Why do you think NFTs have become so valuable in such a short space of time?

Primarily because of the most relatable application of blockchain after cryptocurrency. The general public easily digests the philosophy and application of NFTs.

15. Tell us about your team?

We are a team of techies who strongly believe in the radically libertarian crypto anarchy. We believe in privacy, trust, democratized power, and transparency. Giving the trust to cryptography and power to people.

16. What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors?

Our central vision is enriching the community and driven by long-term vision projects.

Each donkey NFT  earns 1 Million DONGE tokens as airdrop and gets DONGE foundation membership to earn unlimited membership benefits and voting power.

17. What are your short and long-term achievements and targets? Give us some details about your roadmap.

Q1 2022, we will have the NFT launch, DONGE community airdrop.

Q2 2022 decentralized foundation, DEX listing & liquidity pool creation.

Q3/Q4 DONGE Communities across the globe,  DONGE grand program kickoff,

exchange listing.

18. Any plan to move into the Metaverse?

Yes, we are planning to support Metaverse projects through DONGE grant programs.

Connect with Dfinity Donkeys

Twitter | Discord

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