Internet Humans: Launch Details

Daniel James
Daniel James
Internet Humans: Launch Details
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In this article, the folks at Internet Humans want to take some time to explain some aspects of their launch, pricing, perks, special mints, future airdrops, and other exciting stuff. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

A portion of the sale proceeds will be locked in an 8-Year Neuron to use the staking rewards to add and improve aspects of the project, be it dev side, marketing, contests, the community will decide together with the team. This will be done so they can grow the team and bandwidth and provide awesome stuff for the community down the line.

One of the legendary Spectral Humans

The Spectral Council

Out of the 10.000 Internet Humans, 100 of them will be Spectral Humans. These Humans are people who have been living on the Web-3 ethereal highways for so long that they transformed into celeste beings that spend their time on the border between reality and binary existence.

It means that they have some special powers, all 100 of them forming the Spectral Council. If you’re lucky enough to mint one of these, you’ll be part of a group that gets to vote on what happens with the rewards from the neuron we’ll be setting up with a portion of the sale proceeds. Should the team buy rare NFTs, hold contests with ICP prizes or maybe use it to crowdfund other projects?
The possibilities are limitless, and Internet Humans want to hear your guys’ opinion on it!

Plans for wearables

The Wearable dashboard for ICPuppies is ready; the team is now waiting on Toniq to finalize the market side of things to allow you guys to equip wearables on your pups and trade them on the market. They know it’s been a long time coming, but they can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This functionality will also become available for ICKitties afterward, and then it will be transferred over to the Internet Humans. The team wants to issue regular wearable airdrops through their DSCVR portal, so holding their Humans for a more extended period will enable them to be decked out in all sorts of goodies unobtainable otherwise.
However, since they don’t want to flood the collection with assets, they will have some form of filtering or restrictions on the number of airdrops issued at certain intervals, more on that later as we’re still ironing out the kinks.

There are several extremely rare Golden items throughout the collection, such as the chef knife in the image above. Minting one of these bad-boys and holding it will ensure that you will always receive an airdrop, regardless of slot restrictions or other conditions. The team plans to expand this perk to other very rare assets, but they’ll keep some of these a secret so as not to spoil the fun from the get-go!

Legendary item showcase

Future airdrops

The team plans to take the second generation into the cyberpunk world, with robotic limbs, bionic eyes, metal ribcages, etc. People who mint Internet Humans and hold them will be eligible for an Internet Humans: Dystopia airdrop. More than that, holding each generation of Internet Humans will make you eligible for the next one, a Dark Ages Human, a character representing a return to simpler times when block & chain were two separate words.

The bottom line is, minting Internet Humans on 25th March will make you eligible for not just one, but FIVE NFTs that will be FREE for Internet Humans holders. However, they have plans to reduce the supply for subsequent generations to create scarcity and demand and give meaning to holding onto your Internet Humans. Hence, your best bet is to get ahold of a bunch of Humans and take care of them as if they were your friends!

The goal is to offer community collections that make trading enjoyable for more than just profit. The team liked collecting monster cards or miniatures in their youth; trading them with friends and classmates was an enjoyable activity, and it was always a thrill trading their way up to the rarest of them. They want to replicate this feeling with this collection as Internet Humans come in all shapes and colors, and some of them will undoubtedly waste a lot of time trying to find a Human that looks just like them so they can use it as an avatar.
Ideally, the team will airdrop these collections through the DSCVR gated portal, so that’s something you want to keep an eye out for!


The team has thought a lot about a reasonable price point and how to integrate the Whitelist role, the Puppies & Kitties discounts, and everything else in-between. They believe this format will allow everybody to mint at least one Human. The team is very aware of the FUD/issues that plagued previous NFT launches and are in close touch with Entrepot to monitor them. They built a rock-solid community months ago, and they won’t stop here, that’s for sure.

  • Full price- 4.5 ICP;
  • Whitelist price- 3.5 ICP — fixed price — happens 1hr before public sale — limited one mint per wallet address;
  • ICPuppies holder discount -0.25 ICP — unlimited mints — must hold at least 1 ICPuppy in the wallet used for minting. Snapshot will be taken a couple of days before launch. Stackable with the ICKitties discount!
  • ICKitties holder discount -0.25 ICP — unlimited mints — must hold at least 1 ICKitty in the wallet used for minting. Snapshot will be taken a couple of days before launch. Stackable with the ICPuppies discount!
  • Multiple buy discounts:
    5 NFTs — 0.1 ICP discount per NFT (3.9 ICP/NFT with ICPuppy/ICKitty holder discounts applied)
    10 NFTs — 0.2 ICP discount per NFT(3.8 ICP/NFT with ICPuppy/ICKitty holder discounts applied)
    20 NFTs — 0.3 ICP discount per NFT(3.7 ICP/NFT with ICPuppy/ICKitty discounts applied)
    ICPuppy/ICKitty wallet addresses will automatically be snapshotted and added to the discount list, and you don’t have to submit anything.

Roles update

  • Internet Humans OG=free airdrop + Whitelist
  • ICPuppies/ICKitties OGs (Veteran role) =Whitelist

Wen airdrop for Puppies/Kitties?

They will have a snapshot of ICPuppies and ICKitties wallets and compile them into a database for the discounts. If you’re one of the guys that don’t own any of the two, now’s a perfect time to get some because, at the very least, you’ll get a nice discount for minting Internet Humans!

They already took a snapshot of eligible ICPuppies and ICKitties wallets that will receive a free Internet Human NFT.

To close this article, the team wants to reassure you that ICPuppies and ICKitties holders will be proportionally rewarded in the future with a lot of the goodies they have planned directly for these collections. They acknowledge and appreciate the holders of these two collections, and their support is not going unnoticed.

Internet Humans are very excited for the future, and they can’t wait to keep building alongside you all. To Dfinity and beyond!

Note: This article has been published at the request of Internet Humans.

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