In 2030, 2021 Internet Computer Investors Will Be Like 2017 Bitcoin Investors

Jason Dukes
In 2030, 2021 Internet Computer Investors Will Be Like 2017 Bitcoin Investors
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Don't be that guy when they ask this question in the year 2030: "How much would you have now if you had invested in ICP back in the summer of 2021?" Here are just a few reasons why...

I used to watch the GI Joe cartoons as a kid. Every show would end with, "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle." They're coming out with a Snake Eyes movie, by the way, but that's beside the point. What was the point? Oh yeah – what might be different now if you had known what would ultimately transpire?

Imagine just 8 months ago knowing what Virgin Galactic stock ($SPCE) would be doing now. Imagine being the Miami Dolphins owner and signing Drew Brees as your quarterback when then NFL Coach Nick Saban recommended it before Brees signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Imagine investing in and hodling Bitcoin back in 2014, 2017, or even in September 2020 for that matter. What might be different now if you had known then?

Well, don't be that guy when they ask this question in the year 2030: "How much would you have now if you had invested in ICP back in the summer of 2021?"

Could the exchange price drop below $40 again? Sure. Could mass awareness and overwhelming adoption take another three to five years? Possibly. But once the secret is out, once more and more people know, well, knowing is half the battle.

So, if you aren’t learning what The Internet Computer is, you should be. I believe "The Internet Computer" and DFINITY will rocket to the attention of the mainstream much faster than blockchain and crypto did.

Here's why you might want to bullishly invest in it, stake it, and then spread the word, just like I do:

It is a decentralized internet

The Internet Computer moves the internet from centralized servers owned by big tech companies on to decentralized crypto protocols interconnected by shared ownership. So what, right? What that means in simple terms is that users get to own and govern their internet. Your data will be on the blockchain, not on the trading block.

Clear identity and staunch security are standard

PAUSE AND TAKE THIS IN: you will not need usernames and passwords on The Internet Computer.

Why? Because every user will have a registered identity with adaptive security linked to (a) each device they commonly use and (b) the touch or face identification unique to that device. Say goodbye to forgetting your password, being hacked, or having to buy expensive and fiddly password generators. Your accounts will be 100% secure.

Integrated and incentivized interaction is incoming

Get this: once it reaches more mainstream adoption, then your socials, your finances, and all your online interactivity will be integrated together on The Internet Computer such that a shared economy is finally attainable. Shared ownership that benefits everyone involved – artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and even that lady who likes to post pics of her precious Patricia sleeping next to their pet porcupine – will finally be a reality. And more to the point, most websites and DApps (decentralized apps) will incentivize you for using them. Each of us gets tokens and generate revenue TOGETHER as we engage in our evolving decentralized existence. That's invaluable!

Finally, cross-chain functionality will be realized

It’s a little comical that all these decentralized crypto protocols ended up recreating centralized silos that struggle to exchange and interchange with one another. Until now.

The Internet Computer will enable cross-chain functionality in ways that are actually usable for all of us in the everyday. Every major protocol will be able to talk to each other, and true decentralization will be possible. What Ethereum aspired towards will ultimately become an actualization because of The Internet Computer.


So, what are you doing still reading this? Get to your favorite exchange or digital wallet and grab some ICP. Then, go register for your very own Internet Computer Identity, stake your ICP on the Network Nervous System of The Internet Computer, and let it just sit there until 2030 while gaining generous interest.

This isn't financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor. I'm just dropping knowledge from one crypto-enthusiast to another. If your curiosity is peaked, though, and you want to dive deeper and learn more, check out this article from Messari further explaining The Internet Computer, Dfinity, its founders, and its possibilities. You'll be glad you did.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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