ICSpliffsters : Time to Mint your Edgy Spliffs

ICSpliffsters : Time to Mint your Edgy Spliffs

We are pleased to announce the launch of ICSpliffsters! These 10,000 little spliffs hail from a satellite of Mars, fittingly called Stonedheim. Who's their leader?

The one and only, SPLIFFMEISTER! And of course, there are the 4 Elder Spliffsters, called Rudy (Ruderallis/CBD), Splifvert (Sativa), Downie (Indica), and Acapulco (Hybrid).

Minting is live on Entrepot! It’s up to YOU now to find them a good home on the Internet Computer's blockchain.

Our initial launch was on February 11, 2022, and, during the first three minutes, almost 2,000 ICSpliffsters were minted. At the time of writing, most likely, less than half of them have arrived in their owners' wallets. Among 10k NFT projects, ours was a pioneer in simultaneously launching its minting and marketplace.

Moreover, we were the first project that applied distinct price tiers for buying options. The standard buyer had to pay 0.75 ICP for one ICSpliff, 3.5 ICP for five ICSpliff, 6.2 ICP for ten ICSpliff, and 12 ICP for twenty ICSpliff. Our whitelisted customers should’ve had the following prices for the same tiers, respectively: 0.65 ICP, 2.75 ICP, 5.5 ICP, and 11 ICP. Our OG customers should've had the following prices for these same tiers: 0.55 ICP, 2.5 ICP, 4.2 ICP, and 8 ICP.

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the Toniq Labs team. They are now working tirelessly to give people refunds depending on their customer roles. The airdrops should’ve landed in wallets 24 to 48 hours after launch, but because of the mix-up, please expect a delay.

We greatly appreciate your patience!

*Note: This press release has been edited with the permission of the ICSpliffsters team to disseminate this information to our readership.

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