ICPSquad Weekly: NFTs Are Taking Off On The Internet Computer And Scaling is Improving

ICPSquad Weekly: NFTs Are Taking Off On The Internet Computer And Scaling is Improving
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

DFINITY and Internet Computer General Updates

  • ICPunks Launch stress-tested IC and flooded the subnet after it received overwhelming support
  • The Community conversations are taking off as usual 🚀
  • The proposal for Canister capacity upgrade was successfully implemented
  • Canister Smart contracts on the Internet Computer has crossed 7600
Credit: DFINITY Foundation
  • Inter-Canister Query Calls have been added to the community consideration section of the Roadmap by the DFINITY foundation.
  • Dominic Williams talked about "Integrating The Internet Computer and Bitcoin Networks" on the series Inside DFINITY.


Dominic Williams talks about various progress made by the Internet Computer in the Inside DFINITY series. 3 episodes have been released on Youtube at the time of writing,

  • Inside DFINITY 21/9/2: Integrating the Internet Computer and Bitcoin Networks

We honestly can't get enough of these videos from DFINITY. Especially, Dominic Williams talking about blockchain and Internet Computer, in general, is captivating.

Increased Canister Storage Proposal

Canisters get a boost as the proposal to increase the capacity of canister data from 4 GB to 300 GB was executed successfully.

The proposal was voted yes by the Neurons.

The proposal was developed and executed in accordance with the roadmap published by DFINITY on its website. Cycle_DAO summarized the proposal and said it would vote yes. Check out the review of why this is significant here 👇

Beginner’s Guide To Understanding NNS Proposal To Increase Canister Storage
Currently, smart contract canister stable memory storage is capped due to Wasm limitations at 4 GB per Canister. To improve scaling, there is a proposed design for a new system API that will be offered to Canisters that allow them to use as much memory as available on their subnet

ICPunks Launch overwhelmed the Internet Computer.

September took off with the awesome launch of ICPunks. The Discord had around 25,000 members during the launch of ICPunks. All punks were claimed within the first 30 minutes of the launch.

The distribution was based on whitelisting early adopters and public distribution - with a first-come, first-serve method.

This, of course, attracted the eyes of the blockchain community, resulting in tremendous traffic on the Internet Computer Network, estimated to be around 90,000 unique visitors. This was the second major stress test.

ICPunks Claiming started at 20:00 UTC | Credit: Dfinity Dev forum

The subnet performance degraded because of the heavy load of query and update calls. Dfininty Developers and Community started the grind to analyze the problem and released a detailed analysis.

The effective impact of this was that many users were unable to load applications on the webpage or interact with canisters as the majority of messages during this period of time were either rate limited or rejected by the replica
High User Traffic Incident Retrospective - Thursday September 2, 2021
Boundary nodes throttling users access to query and update calls of canisters on subnet pjljw Summary An NFT project launched fully on 2021-09-01 20:00 UTC with earlier waves at 2021-09-01 16:00 UTC and 2021-09-01 19:00 UTC. The first wave at 16:00 UTC kicked off an increased volume of traffic to…

The detailed discussion on the developer forum outlines findings and suggestions for future directions.

Ecosystem Progress

General Updates

  • Plug wallet crosses 100,000 users
  • DSCVR and Entrepot airdrop ICy Drop NFT - based on Loot Project
  • Over 50000 ICP worth of transactions have been completed on the entrepot.app
  • ICME - an infrastructure project, released Beta version.
  • Nuance is preparing for the second wave of Alpha Writers

AstroX releases Agent-Dart

Get ICy 🥶 with DSCVR for the upcoming Hackathon.

DSCVR airdrops another NFT collection called IC Drip to its users. This NFT was inspired by the Loot project that went viral on Ethereum Ecosystem. The team announced on DSCVR that the project is entirely open source.

IC Drip are randomly generated meta-commerce shopping carts for outfits and personas stored on chain.

IC Drip can be traded on the Entrepot.app, where Entrepot users were airdropped with IC Drip NFT too. Transfering the NFT from DSCVR to Entrepot was enabled shortly, and NFTVillage.ai now shows stats for the IC Drip.

Save the Date: 22nd September [ Hey Google/Siri, Set a reminder for 22nd September - Attend Hackathon ]

DSCVR is busy with the preparation for the Hackathon along with the community. It makes me glad to see many developers collaborating for the upcoming hackathon.

The NFT badges can be won by playing games 


The team has made significant progress over time. They are fueling the NFT hype and innovation on the Internet Computer with their token standards and Non-custodial marketplace - Entrepot.app.

  • It feels like it is going to be a bullish month for Cronic Critters
  • Toniq Labs has posted a Medium Post on Cronics breeding, tokenomics, and more information on the upcoming play-to-earn game.

Entrepot has listed several collections in the marketplace. The floor of cronics started to rise, and now over 13,000 ICP worth of Cronics have been sold/transacted.

  • The Wings collection debuted on the Entrepot.app and sold out completely within 5 hours.
  • Entrepot has crossed transactions of over 3 Million Dollars ~ 50,000 ICP
Entrepot.app is simply a frontend view of the exchange protocol in action, and is currently the only NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer!

Toniq Labs was featured in community conversations series by DFINITY and discussed many things. The upcoming Rise of the Magni game tournament will be broadcasted live on Portal.

Portal is testing its Alpha and Fueling the Portal Gun

Portal has made significant progress over the last few weeks and is testing its alpha rigorously.

Portal link: https://ja7sy-daaaa-aaaai-qaguq-cai.raw.ic0.app/ | Portal.one

Portal Homepage

Portal will also host the Official Rise of the Magni tournament live stream :D. Portal will be a decentralized Stream-to-Earn platform running on the Internet Computer and is getting ready for a major Alpha test.

Join the discord to stay updated and participate in Alpha tests. Check this post on Portal for a brief overview 👇

PORTAL: A Stream to Earn Platform
PORTAL will be a “creator first” live streaming service. We say this with confidence because PORTAL will adopt the “stream to earn” model. This is a new term we want to popularize with your help! We want streamers big and small to benefit from using our platform the moment they clickstream.

ICME - First no-code website builder on Internet Computer

ICME has released the beta version to the public, and users can create their own websites. The website feels easy to use and has a limited theme option as of now.

You can start building here: https://sygsn-caaaa-aaaaf-qaahq-cai.raw.ic0.app

Credit: ICME website

It feels very smooth to use and is very User friendly. I can't wait to finish my website on ICME. Fell in love with the simplicity it offered and looking forward to seeing more themes soon.

The NFT craze: Metaverse GO!

The NFT Craze is just getting started on the Internet Computer

Infinite Charity Project

NFT's have taken off lately on the Internet Computer. Coming this Autumn is a special project that showcases the wonderful sense of community we are fortunate to be a part of. Headed by Rustin McCullum, a safety-critical systems engineer and our very own Dfinity Community Editor-in-Chief, Daniel James, this project will be launched this Fall, and proceeds will go to help abused animals.

More details will follow, but you will NOT want to miss out on getting your hands on one of these exquisite pieces of art that show animals in their resplendent glory. 1050 total NFTs will be minted in total.

We want to say a big thank you to Josh at 'Visions' for his selfless commitment to the project, the guys at ToniqLabs, Entrepot Market for hosting the sales, the NFT Village, Oli, who created the 'Wing' NFT collection as well as the great guys over at Internet Astronauts who are both donating some of their sale proceeds, and finally Dfinity Community for its support of this noble cause.

Cronic Critters

Toniq Labs has released the Cronics dashboard on the day they were featured on the Community Conversation series with DFINITY.

The cronics that Gen0 bred will be burned during the launch, and the real CRN tokens will be distributed equivalent to the cronics burned.

You can breed Cronics - but they will be burned when testing ends.

Cronic Dashboard - Medium Post by Toniq Labs

  • With the crazy launch of ICPunks, around 90k people showed up to claim the NFT - overloading the internet computer. All NFTs were claimed within 30 minutes.
  • The team had issues building their marketplace and then partnered with ToniqLabs for using the Entrepot.app as the official marketplace for ICPunks.
  • Due to Token standard differences, ICPunks must be wrapped before trading on entrepot.app | Wrapped NFTs By Toniq Labs
  • NFTs can be wrapped freely with just two clicks and can be traded on the marketplace.


The team decided to use Entrepot as the official marketplace - and ICPunks has crossed 29,000 ICP in volume. ICPunks also released their roadmap on Discord and teased their new NFT collection, which will be airdropped to ICPunk holders as part of privileges for holding ICPunk.

The team has also stated that they are building a cross-chain NFT marketplace.

NFT Projects in the oven:

  • Sword ninja
this TheSwordNFT is the first DSCVR post that reached more than 1000 upvotes

Only 10,000 Ninjas will ever be minted. The team didn't announce any details on a release but said that all the updates related to the NFT will be posted on the DSCVR portal first.


ICPuppies are 10,000 randomly generated 8-bit NFT Buddies. The project has released a roadmap on icpuppies.io and discussed possible future gamification for these cute little Puppies.

Credit: ICPuppies Twitter background

The team has partnered with Entrepot to do a contest on DSCVR. To participate, post your pet's photos on this DSCVR Post. 10 cute little puppies and kitties will be rewarded with 1 ICPuppy each


Newsie is an NFT collection on Internet Computer. The sneak peeks can be found on Newsie's Twitter.  

Credit: Newsie


ICMojis by VisionGFX has released a Medium post on the game they were working on. 30 new ICMojis will be released this month. The team plans to release the game publicly before the DSCVR hackathon ends on September 25th.

All of the ICmojis you own will have in-game cards to show battle stats and additional information making them an ultimate collectors item while showing the versatility of NFTs.
Home Screen | Credit: VisionGFX

NFT Studio

  • NFT studio is exploring and creating 3DWASM NFTs on the internet computer
  • Around 500 NFT will be available for the community to claim on September 13. Make sure you follow their Twitter for announcements.

Internet Astronauts

The Internet Astronaut project took over the Internet Computer community and other NFT communities gathering a whopping 25000 members in discord in over just two days. This astronomical project is partnered with Entrepot, DSCVR, Portal, and more. They are also looking to donate to the aforementioned Infinite Charity Project with proceeds from their sales, so these are astronauts with a big heart!

Around 3000 members -- those who invited at least 3 people to the discord will be whitelisted. The Whitelisting was later extended to 3500 members. The team has released details about their project on interastrosc.com. While the event has now closed, a small number of people will continue to be whitelisted through Twitter.

Holders will be granted the Space Center membership where they can have fun and decide the future of the ecosystem. There will be various perks and more!

Did I miss anything?  Reach me on Twitter :D


Direct Integration with Bitcoin
Summary The Internet Computer will add smart contracts to Bitcoin through an application of Chain Key cryptography that will directly integrate the networks. Smart contracts on the Internet Computer will be able to hold, send and receive bitcoin, without the need for private keys. Status Prepping…

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