ICPSQUAD Weekly: Supernova Edition

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly: Supernova Edition
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Supernova Ends With a Bang

The first ever global DFINITY hackathon finished with an explosive Demo Day event where 42 finalists presented their projects to a panel of esteemed judges. The community at large was invited to watch and at the end of the presentations, winners were announced in each category. The top prize went to Spinner Cash, a dapp that privatizes transaction data, and Cubetopia, a Minecraft-inspired metaverse game that has already incorporated wearable NFTS from VRSTL Studios (a digital fashion brand native to the Internet Computer), with more plans to collaborate with other projects in the future.

VRSTL's Dragon Boots are available to wear in-game, the first of many collaborations to come.

The fun isn’t over yet, as the DFINITY Foundation has opened up a community vote, available until July 10th. You can vote for your favorite project in the dedicated DSCVR portal,  giving projects a second chance at recognition and prize money. Plus, you could win a 3D Motoko NFT simply by casting your vote.

You can see the entire list of Supernova winners as well as browse through hackathon submissions on the DFINITY website. A curated gallery of the 42 finalists, sorted by category, can be found here:

Supernova Hackathon Demo Day: Meet the 42 Finalists
The Demo Day categories include SocialFi, GameFi, Metaverse and NFTs, Asynchronous DeFi, Public Good/Social Impact, and Blue Sky.

Track Star

DeFi Llama, a major TVL (total value locked) & analytics aggregator, is now tracking ICP as well as Sonic, one the the major DEXs being built on the IC blockchain. This tracking is a positive step in the right direction for the Internet Computer and the entire ecosystem, as it indicates that more recognition from the larger crypto community is beginning to develop.

Raising Our Standards

One of the biggest issues within the developer community has been the lack of a widely accepted token standard. This has stymied growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem as many projects have put off tokenization until a consensus was reached. It seems that the token standard issue has been finally addressed, and while we are still in the early stages, the ICRC-1 token standard is the token standard officially being embraced by the DFINITY Foundation itself--this certainly doesn't mean that other fungible token standards will be discarded or discouraged from being developed, but rather we will benefit from having one recognized standard, with the door open for more innovations to come.

This is the first standard that is supported by both DFINITY - SNS, ckBTC and later ICP will all support ICRC-1 - and the community and it doesn’t preclude extensions or new standards.


Distrikt's Pod Challenges

Distrikt finished its second round of airdrops on July 4th, delighting core users who have been waiting since the first batch dropped in mid-April. The Distrikt team has been hinting from the start that the "Pod" NFTs contain a secret, and it appears that they will evolve into robots or wearable helmets; decide for yourself after you watch this teaser video:

Futhermore, Distrikt announced that they would be making the Pods available on Yumi Marketplace, and that trading on Entrepot may be temporarily interrupted.

A (Very) Decent Proposal

Your Internet Identity just got boosted with a potentially critical security feature! Proposal 68570 was passed on July 5th, making recovery phrases deletable only by entering the recovery phrase. This optional mechanism safeguards your Internet Identity in the event that someone gains access to a trusted device and tries to delete the recovery phrase, making it impossible for the original owner to regain control. You can read more about how this provides an extra measure of protection, as well as instructions on how to enable the setting, in this thread:

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