ICPSquad Weekly: ICP Crypto Resurrection Edition

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
ICPSquad Weekly: ICP Crypto Resurrection Edition

Guess what? The ICPSquad newsletter is back! With the Internet Computer poised on the precipice of Bitcoin integration's public rollout, exciting developments are right around the corner.

Guess what? The ICPSquad newsletter is back! And it couldn't have returned at a better time. With the Internet Computer poised on the precipice of Bitcoin integration's public rollout, exciting developments are right around the corner.

So let's get started right away on our weekly roundup of what's happening in the ICP community. Adam's already got NFT's covered, so in this resurrection edition of the ICPSquad newsletter, we'll focus on DeFi, gaming, and general updates to ICP, the NNS, and developments at the DFINITY Foundation.

On occasion, an additional bonus topic will be included - but you'll have to keep reading to find out what it is!

ICP Crypto DeFi Roundup

Four days ago, Easy Steve from Entrepot.app was featured on the DFINITY Pill podcast. Don't miss this exclusive interview with ICP's leading NFT marketplace! It's a great opportunity to walk down memory lane and gain deeper insight into past events and NFT project challenges in addition to looking forward to the future.

Meanwhile, Infinity Swap will be conducting an AMA this Tuesday. If you're curious about the tokenomics of the upcoming ISWAP token, don't miss this opportunity! There will also be a Demonic Singularity NFT giveaway.

According to Infinity Swap, "InfinitySwap (ISWAP) adopts a deflationary system where the more ISWAP are used the more tokens are burned. It will have a Max-Supply of 100 Million and it can be used to earn platform fees, pay for platform services, and get access to Airdrops and other awesome features."

ICP Crypto Gaming Roundup

Please note that dSquad gameplay is temporarily paused as we work hard to bring you new, engaging features! The September airdrop has been distributed. In case you missed it, here's the update from Moses's account. Please check the discord for more information.

In other gaming news, the highly anticipated MetaSports Basketball plans to launch this quarter, 2022 Q4! You'll be able to bring any NFT to the court and play them as characters in an arcade-style basketball game. This is going to be a phenomenal, truly out of this world experience that will add new value and depth to NFT's! Check out the amazing videos coming from this project!

ICP Crypto General News

People are starting to take notice of the incredible potential of the Internet Computer. Our efforts here at the Dfinity Community are bearing fruit. For example, today, Zifa Mae at changelly.com published an overview of the ICP ecosystem. And, on Wednesday, dailypioneer.com echoed our own outlook by stating that "Following the lead of IP, the Internet Computer aspires to act as the underlying backbone for upcoming Web3.0 applications."

I wonder - where have you heard that kind of talk before? 😎

Undoubtedly, now is a great time to dive into the ICP Crypto community.

I would encourage those of you who are new to focus above all else on what the Internet Computer is trying to build, why it matters, and how it can improve digital quality of life. For example, the Internet Computer recently released a sustainability profile in view of growing concerns about global climate change, and it's quite encouraging. With ICP, we can have all the benefits of blockchain technology without the harsh environmental impacts of other cryptocurrencies that many have rightly criticized.

Bonus Topic: Beyond Oracles

Did you know that back in February, the ICP community voted on, and approved, developing direct HTTPS outcalls from canister smart contracts on the Internet Computer? Normally, blockchains rely on oracles to access external data. Oracles come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are all external software, which brings with it additional trust needs, programming complexity, and costs.

As of 9/27/2022, the Internet Computer no longer needs oracles. That's right, the new feature has already gone live on the mainnet, demonstrating DFINITY developer's commitment to realizing the vision of the community.

Read all about it!

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