Some Floor Prices Get So Low Collectors Can’t Say No

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Some Floor Prices Get So Low Collectors Can’t Say No

Even in a bear market, there are always going to be collections that see such affordable prices collectors will jump at the opportunity. Whether it is someone who missed out on a collection early on and now sees an affordable entry point or someone who was hoping to increase their holdings, let’s look at some of the best-performing NFT collections on the Internet Computer this week.

A Motoko NFT with the "original" body coloration sold for 100 ICP this week.

· Motoko Ghosts – Did the original collection of Motoko NFTs, drawn by pokedstudio artist Jon Ball, finally become too affordable to ignore? It seems so. The floor price was up 20% this past week from 24.9 ICP to 29.88 ICP. In fact, one collector sniped a Motoko NFT for just 21 ICP a few days ago.

· OG Medals – DKLord’s collaboration with InfinitySwap is growing closer every day. In the meantime, the OG Medals collection has seen some recent price fluctuations. But apparently, the price got too low for collectors to sit idly by. The floor is up 10.2% this week from 48.99 ICP to 53.99 ICP.

· DfinityDeck: Elements – BeYou Studios is getting closer to the ORIGINS launch, and holders from previous collections, Paradigm and Elements, are getting airdrops and private sale access. While holding a Paradigm NFT offers better rewards, most collectors have been priced out. Thus, the Elements collection benefits. This past week, the floor price was up 15% from 20 ICP to 23 ICP.

· Revolució – The flagship collection from Canistore saw the floor get as low as 15 ICP just two weeks ago. That means the floor is up 60% over the past two weeks to 23.99 ICP.

Spotlight on Art and Photography NFTs

There were some new art and photography collections that sold out this week on the Entrepot Launchpad, as well as several old-school projects that performed well. So let’s take a look at a few of the top-performing art and photography collections on the IC.

· Colorful Abstracts– I once again want to thank everyone who supported my art. While secondary sales have been slow, I’m happy most people who collected my art are not quickly trying to flip it (but I understand those who might have needed to). The current floor price is at 6 ICP, which is up 50% from the public mint price and 140% from the private sale mint price.

The COLDEST collection captures natural beauty with incredible photography. 

· COLDEST – The first photography collection from Essential Studios offers stunning art. It is no wonder that 45 (of 60) pieces sold rapidly. The floor price is currently 2.9 ICP. That’s 93% up from the mint price of 1.5 ICP.

· Tranquility – The floor price of the original ICP Art collection got as low as 4.94 ICP last week, but a collector snatched it up (ok, it was me), which increased the very thin floor immediately to 6.99 ICP. That’s a 41.4% increase in floor price thanks to just one sale. And it’s a good reminder to check how thin the floor of a project is. Sometimes, a collector may scroll past because the floor price is down or perceived as low, but just a few ICPs could raise the floor quickly.

I hope everyone has a good week of holding, trading, or window shopping.

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