ICP Squad Weekly: Web3 Unicorns In The Making

ICP Squad Weekly: Web3 Unicorns In The Making
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Unicorns! I see Unicorns everywhere. Call me biased, but the potential of the dapps and Metaverse projects building on the Internet Computer is too significant to ignore.

DFINITY General Updates

  • The SSL certificates to dapp front end domains expired, and no one could access Internet Computer dapp frontends.
  • DFINITY has awarded over 2 Million Dollars in grants to the teams building on the Internet Computer.
  • The Internet Computer crossed 250Million Blocks with a block speed of 24+ blocks per second.
  • Dominic Williams talked about people parties and proof of humans on the Internet Computer.

INSIDE DFINITY: People Parties and Proof of Human

Dominic Williams tweeted that the Virtual People Parties Process is being planned. People can anonymously participate and boost one neuron, and the boosted neuron will have additional voting power and receive rewards accordingly.

The boosted neurons are eligible for privileges across the dapps on the Internet Computer, rewarding proof of human and thus extending decentralization.

The Chief Scientist also stated that people parties take just a few minutes to finish. Boosted neurons are later eligible to host a Badlands node when it releases. This, in addition to SNS, will increase decentralization.

ICP Squad

Our NFT Pre-Order was released on 15th October. The Pre-order will be open for a few days. We also announced the collaboration with Poked Studios on our Discord. Want to Pre-Order? Join us here.

Step By Step Guide On How To Pre-Order The ICP Squad NFT
Follow the simple steps to whitelist and guarantee an ICP Squad NFT. We would like to thank our friends at Toniq Labs and Motoko School for their help.
Legendary Avatar | Singularity Xplorer

Dapps of the Internet Computer

  • Many dapps are battling bots right now.
  • Dfistarter IDO concluded IDO successfully.
  • Distrikt announced that it will bring a new method of verification for public figures and corporations.

Toniq Labs released details about their NFT platform Exponent and also on their newest initiative - Epic NFTs.

Exponent is the foundation of everything that Toniq Labs build. The team claims it to be a rival to Ethereum's native Enjin (ENJ). Exponent aims to take over the GameFi with its innovative solutions.

All of the NFTs on Entrepot other than ICPunks, IC Drip, and ICP Bunny use the Exponent Platform from Toniq Labs. There are 3 main components of Exponent

  • Extendable Token Standard
  • Spatial - A headless wallet
  • eDex Protocol - swap built into the token
Think boundless metaverse -  a fellow NFT addict's view on Exponent.
Exponent: Unlimited Exchange Platform
The foundation of everything we build at Toniq Labs. Our biggest project wielding the internet computer to rival Enjin

Epic NFT: Think Tank & Innovation Hub from Toniq Labs.

Epic NFT wants to break the boundaries of the NFT revolution by aiming to solve real-world issues using innovative NFT based solutions. The Spider DAO (a DAO on Internet Computer, whose origin was a meme contest) is part of the Epic NFT initiative.

Epic #0

∞ Cross-Platform Creator NFTs
∞ Proof of Humanity NFTs
∞ The Spider DAO
∞ NFT Tickets / Proof of Attendance

Introducing Epic NFTs
Think Tank & Innovation Hub from Toniq Labs

Metaverse: "Think Boundless Metaverse"



The following section can also cause NFT addiction. Art lovers, I hope you are prepared to get an eye-gasm.

Here are some of the updates on the Internet Computer Metaverse:

Cronics auction sale starts on October 19th

Source: Cronics Twitter
Sale Details + 24 Cronics to Giveaway!
The long awaited October sale of the last 5,000 Gen-0 Cronics is upon us! These will be the last of the Gen-0 Cronics to enter the market…

ICP Bunny is available to trade on the Entrepot.app now. Bunnies use Bunny protocol and Shared NFT Transfer Protocol for minting and incubating Bunnies, in an incubator canister. Bunnies also talked about real-world applications using the protocol on their medium post below

BunnyNest — Humble beginnings to the real world assets with NFT
Dear ICPBunny Familia,

IC Apes is here! The First Ape Venture on Internet Computer  

  • ICMojis team airdropped NFTs to ICMoji holders. The team has won a hackathon recently, which was held on DSCVR.

NFT Studio marketplace is almost ready.

TheSwordNFT is an access key NFT that will provide holders with access to the Dojo Metaverse, which will be distributed to the community. The team is working on a game with Toniq Labs.

The NFT collection was designed with balance, each weapon will have a significance in future gameplay

Vampires are here to suck the FUD out of Internet Computer. The project roadmap can be found on their website.

Rare Bulls from the Dfinity Bulls collection

credit: DFINITY Bulls
  • ICTuTs launched their Pharaohs on Entrepot.app. Legends say that the subnet issues happened when the Pharaohs were getting ready for their Launch.

Internet Astronauts NFTs were distributed to the community. Check out their artwork on Discord.

According to community interest Internet Astronauts can gain membership to the Space Center where they can enjoy drawing pixel art. The internet astronauts don’t get to the moon alone, so the Space Center will symbolize team work...

ICP Squad is also Collaborating with Internet Astronauts. 🔥 More details will be announced on Discord.

The background has variations too

Poked Studio has 38,000 discord members at the time of writing and releases a sneak peek every day. Poked Studio is collaborating with ICP Squad on discord as well.

The IC Gallery is getting ready to launch 3D Moon Walker NFT. These 3D NFTs will be sold for 280$ - 320$ to the whitelisted users on their Discord.

Our 3D moonwalker NFT will be a very appealing and entertaining collectible, but more important than that our NFT will be packed with a TON OF UTILITY.

Some of the utilities include

  • Participating in Governance
  • Access to Exclusive Metaverse rooms and Shows
  • Lifetime Privileges and Airdrop

IC Gallery also entered into a partnership with CipherProxyLLC (Building AI-based solutions on the Internet Computer). The IC Gallery can be visited using this link, and it runs entirely on-chain. The team has also announced that there will be hidden easter eggs that reward users with NFTs when they visit the gallery.

  • Open-source devs and the community are developing IC Drip. The community had announced a roadmap on DSCVR and Discord. Drip Land also announced a collaboration with IC Gallery and Internet Astronauts

IC Snakes are cute creatures that came to Internet Computer recently

IC Pets opened their discord on Saturday

Many things are happening in the ecosystem right now, and I won't be able to report it all. Reach me on Twitter if I missed anything.

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ICP Squad Weekly: ICP Squad NFT dates have been announced
Another glorious week for Web 3 and the Internet Computer. The Metaverse is growing steadily with many new projects entering the race.

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