ICP Squad Weekly: The Internet Computer Ecosystem is Preparing for the Holiday Season

ICP Squad Weekly: The Internet Computer Ecosystem is Preparing for the Holiday Season
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Hello Internet Computer enthusiasts, Happy Holidays to everyone reading this.

DSCVR, one of the decentralized social media platforms built on the Internet Computer, has released the Portal governance feature and posted details on the dapp. Meanwhile, Psychedelic DAO revealed Terabethia - a bridge between Ethereum and Internet Computer Protocol.

Hopefully, we get to see a lot of Christmas-themed NFTs on the Internet Computer this December.

General Updates

Users can now manage and stake neurons in the Network Nervous System using the Ledger ICP app for “maximum security”.

The Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app has undergone a third-party audit and has been reviewed and approved by Ledger.
Introducing the Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) App for Nano Wallets
An integration of ICP with Ledger, one of the world’s most popular hardware wallets for safely storing crypto assets.

DFINITY Foundation along with Toniq labs is hosting the ICONOCLAST art exhibit at Art Basel Miami 2021.

The NFTs will be minted on Ethereum but hosted on the Internet Computer, a blockchain built for and developed by the DFINITY Foundation.
- The Defiant.


Dominic Williams has put up ICP bounties for the community on his Twitter. Right now, there are two bounties active and up for grabs.

Watch the video to learn more about the cool Internet Computer projects that have reached the finale of the Hackathon.

I personally like this write-up by user Alixthe on DSCVR, where he discusses some of the dapp prototypes that were presented by the Hackathon contestants.

Dapps of the Internet Computer

DSCVR Portal Governance v1 is live now.

The portals can be considered DAOs, which can be managed by the community members who are part of it. The Portal governance resembles the basic features of Discord.

Distrikt has optimized mobile app performance and improved user experience. It has burned cycles worth around 100$ up til now and has been running for four months, entirely on-chain.

Credit: distrikt

Every interaction with the dapp is interacting with smart contracts. Try out the dapp here distrikt.app. Distrikt is also looking for Rust developers.

Psychedelic DAO releases Terabethia - the Ethereum x ICP bridge, along with other updates. The team also airdropped Crowns NFTs to Plug wallet users through a raffle and Discord.

Terabethia is a bridge between Ethereum and the Internet Computer that allows contracts on both chains to message each other, as well as mirror & use any Ethereum asset on the IC.
Terabethia: Bridging Contracts & Assets Across Ethereum and the Internet Computer 🌉
Terabethia is a bridge between Ethereum and the Internet Computer that allows contracts on both chains to message each other, as well as…

Terabethia is the signal to get hooked on Psychedelic...DAO

Entrepot posted a thread on upcoming features for its marketplace, and on Why to use Internet Computer for generating and hosting NFTs on-chain. Entrepot has processed transactions of Millions of Dollars in ICP and has spent around 20$ for gas fees and hosting the front-end.

Dmail has completed the seeding round and is selling Domain names for 7 and fewer characters. Dmail will auction the domain names with 1-3 characters on their auction place.

NFTs of the Intertnet Computer

On-Chain / On-Chain / On-Chain

NFT Studio is about to launch its marketplace and minting engine on Monday, 6th December. Read our interview with NFT Studio below.

Interview with NFT-Studio: A New Era in Computerized 3D Art
We interviewed Lukas from NFT-Studio based in Poland. They describe themselves as a next-generation NFT platform that allows users to mint, stake, create, buy and sell, and bridge their creations to other networks.

ICApes and IC Snakes are currently on sale, available through Entrepot.app.

Crowd Created Canvas airdropped Zombie NFTs. Users can hold the NFTs on their wallet to earn the bonus pool sharing(from canvases) and NFT staking rewards.

  • Motoko NFT Floor Sits above 7.5 ICP right now.
  • Poked Studio is working on a mutation concept, where users can combine 2 or more bots to burn and create a Mutant Bot. Mega pump incoming as this will almost certainly significantly raise the floor price.

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Internet Computer Canister Smart Contracts can now Hold and Control ICP. The proposal was voted Yes by the Community and the DFINITY Foundation.The Internet Computer has reached the Block Speed of 28 blocks per second.

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