ICP Squad Weekly: ICP Squad NFT Pre-Order Process Dates Announced

ICP Squad Weekly: ICP Squad NFT Pre-Order Process Dates Announced
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Another glorious week for Web 3 and the Internet Computer has passed. The Internet Computer ecosystem is growing steadily, with many new projects entering the race. Meanwhile, it still costs Millions of Dollars to store 1 GB of Smart Contract Data on Ethereum.

DFINITY General Updates

  • The Internet Computer got a new Twitter Emoji.
  • Service Nervous System article was released on Medium by DFINITY Foundation.
  • The Internet Computer has crossed 244 Million Blocks with an average Block generation of 22.6 Blocks per second.


No new videos of the INSIDE DFINITY series were released. A community conversation about the SNS was uploaded on Youtube, and Dominic Williams was also featured on Bad Crypto Podcast.

Community Conversations | Service Nervous System
The SNS will allow entrepreneurs and developer teams to create decentralized, tokenized open internet services, and use the decentralized internet to fundraise from anywhere. - DFINITY Developers.
Decentralizing dApps with the Internet Computer - The Bad Crypto Podcast
In episode 554, we speak with Dominic about the DFinity internet blockchain, its speed and the kinds of Dapps that are being created on it.
Link to the Podcast

ICP Squad is getting ready for the pre-order process.

The pre-order dates have been announced in the article below. More details about the project and pre-order process can be found on our website.

Announcing the Start of the ICP Squad NFT Pre-Order Process
Today we are pleased to announce the start of the Pre-Order process with the dates of each phase. The countdown begins!

Pre Order Dates

To reward our early community builders, we’ll be releasing access to the pre-order/whitelist URL in stages:

  • Discord ICP Squad OGs: October 11th.
  • Genesis role Discord members (capped at 20k): October 14th.
  • Everyone (URL will be released on our Website and Twitter): October 15th.
dSquad - Dfinity Community ∞
All Things dSquad’s Engage To Earn NFT Game

Dapps of the Internet Computer

  • Distrikt added new features and is proceeding according to the roadmap.
Credit: distrikt.io
ICPmeet Dapp Landing page
  • Origin opened pre-registration for OGY utility tokens.
  • Portal has started hosting DEV Portal Series.
  • Aedile released a sneak peek of their dapp
Credit: Aedile
  • ICP Swap released an internal demo video testing the advertising and swap features, among others.
ICP Swap Demo Video
  • Dank upgraded Cycles Token (XTC).
Cycles Token (XTC) Update: Token Standard Changes
We’re migrating to the DIP20 standard to better align XTC with the DeFi ecosystem of the Internet Computer, using a known and familiar…
  • Earth wallet is finalizing NFT Support for Internet Computer NFTs.

NFTs sell like hot cakes on the Internet Computer.

Many projects are releasing in October, and two projects have finished the sale already. Infinity Frogs and ICPuppies sold out entirely just within hours of launch.

ICPuppies was sold on Entrepot on October 8th
  • ICP Bunny team released details about Shared NFT Transfer Protocol on their Medium. ICP Bunny can be traded on Entrepot from October 13th.
  • Metascore airdropped tournament badges to wallets of hackathon participants.
  • Pokedstudios released a rarity chart for Poked Studio Bots and is conducting whitelisting contest on discord.
Longer the Green line ; Lesser the rarity

NFT studio is minting games as 3D NFT using its minting engine.

IC gallery released the canister link for the gallery. To visit the gallery, click on the link - https://gan2q-ciaaa-aaaai-aanoq-cai.raw.ic0.app.

credit: IC Gallery

Wild and West NFT is one of the new NFT projects of the ICP Ecosystem.

Sneek peek from twiter

Internet Astronauts are set to launch on October 10th. Astronauts will be distributed to early adopters and active users of Internet Computer.

NFT authenticators will lead willing dApps can accept pre-existing NFT's and offer some benefits. However, at this point, IASC is the first of its kind and third-generation NFT set we can not be sure on future,  so think IASC as collectible art pieces!

That's it for this week; reach me on Twitter if I missed anything.

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Previous Edition:

ICP Squad Weekly: There are now more than 10,000 Canister
Lately, I have been free-falling into the Internet Computer Metaverse. Last month, a few major proposals were approved by the Network Nervous System. The ecosystem dapps are getting ready for significant upgrades and have been releasing updates on the progress.

⚠️ ATTENTION: The pre-order process of ICPSquad NFT starts next week, Join Discord and get the Genesis role so you get whitelisted.

Disclaimer: The community itself is not affiliated with the Dfinity Foundation but aims to become an indispensable ally to further the next generation of the internet, working cooperatively to ensure the success of the project.

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