ICP Squad Weekly: DeFi is about to Explode on the Internet Computer

ICP Squad Weekly: DeFi is about to Explode on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Internet Computer Canister Smart Contracts can now Hold and Control ICP. The proposal was voted Yes by the Community and the DFINITY Foundation.

The Internet Computer has reached the Block Speed of 28 blocks per second.

OpenChat will soon allow users to send ICP tokens to one another via instant messages.

Once OpenChat demonstrates how powerful DeFi X SocialFi can be on the Internet Computer, we may see another explosion of adoption and developer activity that propels the Internet Computer to another level altogether. Open Chat Version 2 was supposed to be released this month but has been delayed.

DeFi Boom Coming: Internet Computer Smart Contracts Can Now Transfer ICP Tokens
The upgrade combines the world’s most powerful blockchain with a wave of DeFi innovation, unlocking the next evolution of DeFi.

ICP Squad NFT: Getting Ready to Make Holiday Season Merrier

We released the November Update on ICP Squad Development progress. We talked about bringing a concept where users will be airdropped with in-game NFT  materials that can be used to mint complete NFT accessories.

The most exciting thing about this minting fee is that it’ll be sent to something we are calling the “ICP Squad Neuron.”
ICPSQUAD November Update...
If you’ve been following our project, you’ve been able to see some beautiful artwork updates! But, we also have other exciting updates to share.

Dapps of the Internet Computer

Read our Interview with DFINITY Nodes here.

Right now, DFINITYNodes has a one-year roadmap, with a three-year vision to host one node cluster on every continent and a ten-year vision to host one node cluster in every country.
Introducing DFINITYNodes: How Everyone Can Help Build the Internet Computer
Until now, it’s been nearly impossible for the average person to participate in running a node on the Internet Computer. The hardware requirements and application processes are beyond the reach of almost everyone except data center owners.

Origyn secured investments from Paris Hilton and Bill Ackman.

  • Dmail is auctioning rare domain names, i.e., any domain names with less than seven characters. These domain names are NFTs as well, and any domain name greater than seven characters can be created freely by the users.

Motoko unofficial is an open-source organization whose sole purpose is to empower and promote the Motoko language.

Check the GitHub here.

Announcing motoko unofficial!
Background Motoko is the world’s most advanced smart contract language. Also is a new, modern and type safe language. In addition, it is developer-friendly and specifically designed to support the unique features of the Internet Computer, and so on. Same as other new languages, it only has some…

NFTs of the Internet Computer

The IC Punks are rebranding to Gigaverse Labs.

Crowns Raffle went live on the 26th of November. Psychedelic DAO created an Incredibly smooth user experience for the raffle. Crowns NFT have proposed utilities with the governance of CAP tool created by Psychedelic DAO.

Crowd Created Canvas releases Zombies Collection, and trading is available on its platform.

Internet Astronauts released the list of utilities being developed for their NFT dAppverse. The BAYC of Internet Computer Dapps are here, I guess :P

Internet Astronaut NFT’s
Today’s NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are generally used as collection pieces, followed by usage as an access key for some games or…

NFT Studio will launch its 3D NFT Marketplace on 1st December. There will be an initial sale of 50 interactive 3D NFTs during the launch, and utilities are also being g planned for those NFTs.

IC Puppies released the details and lore on the 7 Puppy Guilds.

Enter the Puppy-verse: An introduction to the 7 Puppy Guilds.
You didn’t think that the ICPuppies lived exclusively on the blockchain, right? I mean, I’m sure cycles are tasty, but it takes more than a…

That's it for this week :D, keeping it selective and succinct from now on.

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ICP Squad Weekly: Canister Smart Contracts will be Allowed to Hold ICP Soon!
It looks like developer activity is about to explode on the Internet Computer, as a proposal is set to be submitted to the NNS to allow canisters to hold ICP.

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