ICP Squad Weekly: Canister Smart Contracts will be Allowed to Hold ICP Soon!

ICP Squad Weekly: Canister Smart Contracts will be Allowed to Hold ICP Soon!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It looks like developer activity is about to explode on the Internet Computer, as a proposal is set to be submitted to the NNS to allow canisters to hold ICP.

All the devs working on their secret projects will go into overdrive once the smart contracts are allowed to hold the tokens. DeFi is about to explode :D so get ready for those juicy web speed zero gas APYs.

Internet Computer General Updates

NNS Dapp Front End
Lots of new buttons on the NNS front end dapp.

Internet Computer hovers around a Block speed of 27 Blocks per second. The total state of the Internet Computer is 440 GB +, with over 30,000 proposals submitted and executed on the NNS.

  • There are now 14,000+ Canister Smart Contracts on the Internet Computer.
  • A Proposal to allow canisters to hold ICP will be put forth on Monday 22nd November.
We will submit the proposal to allow canisters to transfer ICP on Monday November 22, 2021 at 15:00 UTC.. This proposal implements community motion 20588 to enable all principals including canisters to transfer ICP.

Enable Canisters to Hold ICP
Summary Expanding support for all Canister types to be able to hold and transfer ICP tokens. Currently, for security reasons, only NNS Canisters and users may hold ICP tokens Status Discussing and working on a design proposal What you can do to help Ask questions Propose ideas Key people invo…

The proposal was later rejected by the DFINITY Foundation because of an ongoing incident in a subnet


DFINITY announces Community Awards Program to support and boost the growth of the  Internet Computer community.

DFINITY Announces Community Awards Program to Supercharge the Internet Computer Ecosystem
The DFINITY Foundation is introducing a dedicated grant program focused on Internet Computer community growth and development.
  • Many episodes of Community Conversations have been uploaded to DFINITY YouTube.
Ethereum on the #InternetComputer.

Internet Computer smart contract is running EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) byte code.  - https://fxa77-fiaaa-aaaae-aaana-cai.raw.ic0.app/evm/

- Dominic Williams
  • DFINITY is looking for business development and marketing geniuses.

Dapps of the Internet Computer

Distrikt released a mobile version of the website, improved Android APP performance, and user tagging.

Psychedelic DAO is making big moves with the product releases. The newest addition to their Product List is Cover.

Cover ✅: Code Verification for Canisters on the Internet Computer as an Open Internet Service
Cover (short for Code Verification) provides a service for developers to verify their canister’s code on an open registry, promoting…

Psychedelic continues developing the product and releasing a new version of Plug Wallet and other products.

DAB-js Update: Optional Parameters & Interface Changes 🧰
We’re updating the DAB-js interface to allow for optional parameters (e.g. passing an agent), which will modify the integration flow for…

The raffle for Crown NFT by Psychedelic will open on the 24th of November.

Interview with CAP: AKA Psychedelicdao
We interviewed CAP (Psychedelicdao), who told us that the Internet Computer pushes decentralization forward by ensuring all assets are on-chain.

Cronics P2E Game will be released soon by Toniq Labs.

The Ultimate Guide to Cronics
The first NFT on the Internet Computer. Mini-game ecosystem and play-to-earn economy: incorporates breeding, battle stats, wearables and…

DFIstarter announced dates of upcoming IDO launches.

NFTs of the Internet Computer

The metaverse is growing as usual on the Internet Computer. I expect to see auctions and other features being available on Entrepot after canisters are allowed to hold ICP, and the sales have been delayed by Entrepot.

Dfinity Space Apes are the new monkeys on the Internet Computer.

IC Snakes is getting ready to launch in the coming week; IC Snakes NFTs contain a mini-game built into them.

IC Kitties released sneak peeks of art concepts for Kitty Kingdoms.

The ICP Bunny team released details on how to carrot tokens for ICP Bunny holders.

ICPCarrot Claim Process
Dear ICPBunny Familia,

Canistore released the first Audio NFT priced at 30 ICP, which comes with privileges to DAO and token sales. The NFTs cost 30 ICP each, and around 850+ NFTs are still available for purchase.

Canistore announced the following use cases and perks for these NFTs.

Our first asset is a key into the Canistore ecosystem and is unlike any other NFT, as holders of this NFT will be eligible for unique benefits.
  • Earn a Percentage of revenue from the next eight audio NFT releases!
  • A free copy of each Edition 1 Canistore NFT released.
  • Guaranteed access to Canistore Private round!
  • Early access to our MVP/DAO.
  • Access to our Club 888 Discord Channel.

ICPunks released the Infinity Flies collection on Polygon OpenSea. Infinity Frogs holders can mint the Flies for free.

Infernal Vampire Gen 1 holders can mint a Gen 2 vampire for free.

Infernal Vampires Gen 2

IC Apes released their website - https://icapeventures.com/ and is planning to launch on the 26th of November.

You can read their WhitePaper here.

NFT Studio is back in the game with huge announcements.

NFT Studio is creating a bridge for NFTs from Ethereum, Algorand, and Arweave to the Internet Computer.

Check out what's in store for IC Puppies in their medium article below. The team has written about the progress and the milestones to be completed.

ICPuppies: A summary and what’s in store for the future.
The ICPuppies Community: Values, Accomplishments, and Long-Term Goals

Blockchain Heroes Collection by WAX Blockchain is still on sale with around 1600 Packs left to claim.

When the initial set was offered in August 2020, 12500 packs sold out in just 20 minutes! Since that time, the team has released two additional series, with the latter selling out in just 35 seconds.

The remaining number of unsold NFT Packs shows how early everyone is to the Internet Computer NFT revolution.

Cosmicrafts releases another Weekly developer update.

Weekly Developer Update #6
This last two weeks have been really important. We have been working hard to bring Tokens, NFTs and Multiplayer as soon as possible! So…

IC Turtles received a grant from DFINITY Foundation.

ICTurtles Grant Milestones
1 month — 30 day sprint

That's it for now. I realize now that I'm getting burned out trying to keep up with the projects. So future Weekly News articles will be more concise. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

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