Iconic 2021, Faceted Meninas, and ICSnakes Lead the Charge in Another Record-Breaking Trading Week

Iconic 2021, Faceted Meninas, and ICSnakes Lead the Charge in Another Record-Breaking Trading Week
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

You would think that 33,100 ICP in volume for the week would push the Motoko Day Drop to the top of the floor price rise chart this week, but it turns out that a 184% floor price increase from 19.64 ICP to 55.70 ICP only makes the C-list this week (although it was enough for the long-awaited flippening as Motokos passed ICPunks in both volume and floor price this week). No, it was a different collection released at NFT NYC last November that led yet another record-setting market surge on the internet computer. In fact, it's the first project on the Internet Computer to 10x in a week since I've been keeping track of these stats.

Last Week’s Toplist for Rising Floor Prices

Doubling in floor price from Monday to Monday simply wasn’t enough to make the A-list this week. In fact, doubling was only good enough for the C-list. B-list projects are those that tripled. Here are the five projects that more than quadrupled in floor price during the last week.

· Iconic 2021 – Last Monday, I had a brief chat with Liz Yang from the DFINITY Foundation on Twitter about the artist for the Iconic 2021 collection that was released during NFT NYC last November. Since then, this collection has become the first of the year to 10x in a single week. The floor price is up 992% (nearly 11x) from 0.65 ICP to 7.10 ICP. Just 15% of the limited collection of 500 3D animated NFTs are available on the marketplace. More than 100 sold in the past week, meaning that over 20% of the collection changed hands on the marketplace. I’m wondering if the name being Iconic 2021 means we’ll get a follow-up collection this year? Liz Yang probably knows, but I doubt DFINITY will want to give up the news on this one until NFT NYC gets closer (this year it is in June). In the meantime, if you want one of the 14 ultra-rare color-changing ones, you’re going to need some deep pockets. The cheapest of the two currently on the market is priced at over $14,000.

My brief Twitter conversation with Liz Yang about the ICONIC NFT collection artist 

· Faceted Meninas – It seems like 3D animated NFTs ruled the marketplace this week. The Meninas collection jumped 586% from a floor price of 4.95 ICP last Monday to a whopping 29 ICP this Monday. Limited edition collections also seem to be the hot commodity of the week. There are only 102 Meninas currently (although the team told me there will eventually be 110 in total). Their second project, Elementum: Interitus, made the B list this week with a 243% floor price rise from 1.4 ICP to 4.8 ICP. The NFTs serve as cards for a game they teased in a video this week. Owning a Menina gives you an advantage in the upcoming game, but it's an advantage very few people will have.

· ICSnakes – The DFINITY Foundation recognizes ICSnakes as the first playable NFT. Yes, every NFT in the collection is a fully functional game that can be played on-chain. So why was the floor price just 0.49 ICP a week ago? The current floor price of 2.4 ICP (a 390% increase) shows a little more respect for this incredibly innovative project. We’re also anticipating an announcement from the Snake team regarding their new marketplace at any time now.

· Starverse – Free NFT drops are also all the rage this week, so it makes sense that the very first free airdrop on the Internet Computer – Starverse – has risen to the top. The floor price increase from 2.18 ICP to 7.8 ICP represents a 358% increase. The fact that 3,749 different wallets hold the 5,500 NFTs in the collection is probably also driving some of the action. In fact, fewer than 200 wallets currently hold more than one Starverse NFT.

Starverse holders breakdown on RaisinRank.com

· Memecake – Memecake collectors are finally getting their just desserts (see what I did there?) in the form of a massive floor price increase from 4.88 ICP to 22 ICP (351%). The project saw 7.2k ICP in volume over the past week, after only 11.1k in volume lifetime prior to last Monday. Over the last two weeks, the availability on the secondary market shrank from 758 to just 323 NFTs listed. That kind of scarcity in a collection of 10k is going to lead to spiking floor prices, so congrats to the Memecake team for getting the job done for collectors!

Here is this week’s B-List (projects not previously mentioned in the article, in no particular order)

· ICPBunny – The floor price increased from 0.9 ICP to 3.42 ICP – a 280% increase.

· Infernal Vampire Colony – The floor price increased from 2.49 ICP to 7.5 ICP – a 205% increase.

· Wing – The floor price rose from 10 ICP to 23.5 ICP – a 235% increase.

· IC3D – The floor price rose from 0.3 ICP to 0.94 ICP – a 213% increase.

· Haunted Hamsters – The floor price rose from 0.6 ICP to 2.2 ICP – a 267% increase.

The C-List projects more than doubled but less than tripled in floor price this week. Here are the ones that were not previously mentioned in the article, in no particular order: Poked bots, ICKitties, Dfinity Space Apes, ICDrip, ICmojis, Cyman, Dfintiy Bulls, Prime8s (Prosimians), ICPuppies Wearables, Imagination Project, ICTurtles, ICAliens, 2D Assassins, IVC Gen2, Saga Legends, and TheSwordNFT.

The Top 10 NFT projects by total volume on the Entrepot Marketplace

New Entries to the Marketplace and a Look Ahead

There were two new entries to the secondary marketplace this week. The Dfinity Donkey floor price is already up to 1.3 ICP, so collectors are already well into the green on that project. The other is OG Medals. One thousand NFTs were airdropped to active DSCVR users utilizing an algorithm. The project quickly exploded after entering the secondary market and is now 5thoverall in total volume and touts a floor price of 160 ICP. So congrats to @DKLORD89 for lighting up the OG community here on the Internet Computer.

A selection of OG Medals for sale on Entrepot Marketplace 

The last projects to drop in February are 3D Assassins, Frontliners, and ICP.Dog. Then in the first week of March, we can look forward to ICVibesters, Animal Guardians, and ICDinos. And I just want to mention one more project even though it is a little further off, but the process for obtaining one will be a little different from what we are used to. Exxit Studio will be introducing the MetaRealities collection – a very exclusive 100 NFT collection from artist Candace Marquette. A ticketing system will be used to determine who gets a shot at the March auction, so it’s a good idea to join their discord now to learn more in advance.

This is the longest marketplace update so far, but I wanted to include as many projects as possible. I’ll see you next week, and until then, trade responsibly!

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