ICmoji Website & Twitter Launches!

Daniel James
Daniel James
ICmoji Website & Twitter Launches!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Today is a big day for ICmojis! Not only have we launched our brand new Twitter profile, but we’ve also built a website for you that will house all useful info about ICmojis!

Let’s get into some details and plans for each…

Website Features & Plans

  • A hub for our social media accounts and ICmoji News (patch notes, new features, announcements, etc.)
  • Card Library page where you can see all ICmoji abilities and stats and sort them all by element or class!
  • Game Guide page where you can learn about all the mechanics of ICmoji Origins
  • A “how to play” video will be released soon where Visions will walk you through how to play the game as a free user and use missions if you own ICmojis!
  • A “whitepaper” page will also be released soon with background information about our team, full details on our roadmap, plans, and more!

Twitter Features & Plans

  • A new giveaway posted every week!
  • We interact on Twitter as the ICmoji our profile picture is set to! You can read more about that here, and below are some examples:
Angry elitist troll, basically your average league of legends player.
“When airdrop ser?”
The geek in the room, giving helpful information about what’s going on in the IC world

Plus, a few more you will get to see for yourself soon enough!

Our first giveaway has started; you can check out this tweet for info on how to enter; we will be giving away this guy to one winner!

Good luck! We look forward to interacting with you all on Twitter.

*Note that this article was originally published on Medium but has been published here at the request of Josh (Visions), the creator of ICMojis.

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