ICME: No Code For Web 3

Daniel James
Daniel James
ICME: No Code For Web 3
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Houman Shadab, Professor of Law and Director, Innovation Center for Law and Technology at New York Law School, Stanford CodeX Fellow, shares his extensive knowledge around the subject of 'no code' in this riveting article.

Two of the most revolutionary forces driving software innovation are no code and crypto.

"No code" software platforms enable anyone to create powerful, customizable, and scalable software using only visual development tools and without writing a line of code. No-code platforms are rapidly proliferating and will become the way most software is developed in just a few years. No code dramatically expands the range of people that can build software. Creators, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all kinds can now build without the need to hire traditional developers.

Likewise, with a market capitalization now in the trillions, billions in investment, engagement by every major sector of the economy, and nonstop development, cryptocurrency and blockchains are increasingly likely to disrupt most industries and lay the foundation for a new digital economy. Emerging from this innovation is Web 3 -- a new, decentralized, and truly global internet that preserves privacy, removes costly intermediaries and sidesteps existing barriers to innovation from large tech companies.

Standing at the intersection of no-code and Web 3 is ICME.

We recently launched ICME to enable users to rapidly create fully functional websites and software applications that run entirely on the decentralized blockchain network known as the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer was launched in May 2021 by the DFINITY Foundation after several years in the making.

Unlike other blockchains, only the Internet Computer is able to run real-world websites and software applications entirely on blockchain without relying on the traditional Internet. Internet Computer applications are not only fast but they don't cost users anything because tokens are not needed to use apps on the platform (this is known as the Internet Computer's reverse gas model). The unique ability to do everything quickly and cheaply on blockchain explains why the Internet Computer ecosystem is growing so rapidly.

With ICME, there is no need for users to learn to code or spend a lot of time getting up to speed: all blockchain development takes place using an intuitive visual interface. Building even simple websites on the Internet Computer enables builders to take advantage of the best of what Web 3 has to offer.

For example, simply by building a personal page or company website with ICME, you can ensure that all company and user data will be kept private and never placed into the hands of a corporate cloud provider. In addition, e-commerce websites built with ICME don't need to share any of their hard-earned revenue with companies like Shopify that take a cut of whatever is sold. ICME allows sellers to connect directly with customers. No other no code platform offers these benefits because they are only available by building on the Internet Computer.

By combining the inclusive and emancipating forces of no code and Web 3, ICME enables the creation of software that is truly "by the people and for the people."

You can begin building now for free. To log in, all you need to do is set up a privacy-preserving Internet Identity.

Connect with the author here @HoumanShadab

*Note: The author gave permission to publish this article, originally written as a blog on the Internet Computer.

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