ICGiraffes - Why Buy ?

ICGiraffes - Why Buy ?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Fellow giraffes,

We want to thank you all for helping us grow and bringing other giraffes into our unique longneck culture! We have reached points previously thought impossible and have shown that an up-and-coming blockchain like ICP can build quality, value, and a strong community.

As we advance, we would like to talk to discuss the most relevant question that any NFT project should be able to answer:

“Why buy?”

Let’s give you the best answer possible. Shall we?

We had a crazy ride with the launch date confirmation but managed to bring it all together. We kept our heads in the game, and for each postponement, we made a different marketing campaign destined for a target audience.

All of the contacted communities have come over and joined our culture. From the first generation of successful IC projects, Solana and Ethereum communities members all have come and joined us on the road ahead. We stayed together and kept growing; now, the time has come for our launch.

Launch date official announcement:

20.04.2022 on entrepot.app at 3 PM, UTC time!
Entrepot. app

After more than three months of planning and growing, we observed that ICP moved to the next step on the evolution ladder. We decided to look at our utilities once more. Our utility pool was average, so we increased it!

Breeding section for the baby giraffe, 35% resale commission for the 25 ministers and the P2E game are all nice but how can we make it even nicer?

Answer: Offer an insane prize pool of 2000 ICP for the leaderboard of the game.

The details are as follows:

166 ICP will be divided between the top 10 players weekly for 12 weeks. For some, this is life-changing money, making us relevant to those who believe in our project.

Our plans have also come to shape in the form of a unique 3D ICGiraffes 3333 collection that will LEVEL UP the artwork game of our blockchain. The buyers of 25 or more NFTs will receive a free airdrop from our special collection.

Holding one of the 3D giraffes will also reward you with an extra life in the game. Game progress will be judged based on how long you can run in the game, so having an extra life will give you better chances of earning from the 2000 ICP prize pool.

But because we ALSO have ten chiefs (legendries) for the ten professions our fellow giraffes have occupied after moving to the city, we decided to give them even more value. They will also give the holder an extra life in the game.

All these utilities will add up and make your return on investment AMAZING!

Buying in bulk makes more sense now!

Launch date for the game will be 28th of April.

Our future remains our main quest as we want to keep growing and delivering on high-end quality and technology for everyone that buys a piece of ICGiraffes.

We thank you for the time dedicated to our “Why to buy?” article, and we are so glad that the launch is almost here. We are many, and we are giraffes.

The “🦒🚀🌕” is our new badge of honor, and we will wear it with pride!

To help you remember the 🚀to the 🌕 we would also like to show you our ROADMAP:

roadmap 1.0

Roadmap 2.0 will be available after we know exactly what our budget is!

We will also apply for a grant on the DFINITY site! This will help us grow quicker and better! More info will be released later.

Website | Twitter| Discord

Connect With Us:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

Note: This is the edit and republication of the Medium article by Icgiraffes

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