IC Ikuzo: Bringing Blue Chip Value to Art

Hyuna Kim
IC Ikuzo: Bringing Blue Chip Value to Art
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Since its inception, IC Ikuzo has quickly drawn the attention of the IC Twitter community, becoming one of its most-followed NFT projects in less than two months. It’s not hard to see why Ikuzo has attracted so much organic buzz in such a short time. The art is polished and distinctive, with anime style, and hand-illustrated elements that are novel to the current DFINITY NFT market. For art enthusiasts, Ikuzo’s arresting visuals are compelling enough to consider purchasing. However, the IC Ikuzo team has much more planned for the future and has announced bold intentions to become a blue-chip NFT.

Behind the Hype: The Ikuzo Team

IC Ikuzo is a collection of 5555 character NFTs, with a heavy emphasis on art and community. The team’s goal is to create high-quality artwork that can stand alone and then build upon that base with long-term benefits for holders like future airdrops, deals on collaborative projects with other artists on the Ikuzo Market, and DAO participation in the Ikuzo Bank.

The team is led by IC enthusiasts who are invested in the long-term success of the Internet Computer blockchain. Founders Rai and Sensei bring experience in community management and have been part of NFT launches on the Ethereum and Solana networks. Ikuzo’s resident artist, who goes by the moniker Atisuto, also brings years of experience; he has worked with famous names and media organizations in his country. Further details about Atisuto’s background will be revealed after Ikuzo’s launch on April 15th, but his artistry is immediately apparent in the available previews.

There are also several developers working behind the scenes as well as a 3D designer. Fans who want a sneak peek of the 3D Ikuzo models can find them showcased in a promotional music video on the official IC Ikuzo Twitter.

Blue Chip Aspirations

In the TradFi world, a blue-chip stock is one that has a sterling reputation among investors and is seen as a reliable asset that will steadily gain in value over time. Given the short history of NFTs as an asset class, becoming recognized as a blue-chip NFT will take time to establish. However, Ikuzo’s roadmap is ambitious in its scope, with both an Ikuzo Bank and an art marketplace in the works. The Ikuzo team’s successful deployment of these planned expansions will certainly lend credence to their blue-chip declaration.

The Ikuzo Bank

The Ikuzo Bank will work as a DAO-run treasury that benefits, and is governed by, Ikuzo NFT holders. 50% of the income from the secondary market will be allocated to the Bank and holders will be able to vote on its activities, such as deciding on monthly dividends. The Bank’s wallet address will be public to ensure transparency.

Details will be revealed closer to the unveiling of the Ikuzo Bank but interested buyers should be aware that the Bank will have a tier system based on how many Ikuzo NFTs you hold.

The Ikuzo Market

Ikuzo holders will further benefit from the launch of the Ikuzo Market, a highly curated NFT marketplace where listed collections must meet artistic standards or otherwise be created by people with strong backgrounds in art. As long-term IC investors, the Ikuzo team hopes to attract exclusive collections that will increase outside interest from a broader pool of collectors and art enthusiasts. In this way, IC Ikuzo will serve not only their community but the entire DFINITY ecosystem.

The Road Ahead

As an aspiring blue-chip project with a formidable roadmap, Ikuzo’s primary focus will always be on how to provide value to its community. The team has planned for a series of airdrops to reward their NFT holders, the first being the release of female Ikuzos. The right to participate is unlimited per wallet, every three male Ikuzos will net you a female Ikuzo; for example, if you have 30 Ikuzo NFTs, you will be airdropped 10 females. The second airdrop will be of 3D Ikuzos, which will be given to any wallets holding three female Ikuzos.

Other events to incentivize the community are also in the works while the team develops the Ikuzo Bank and Market. Quality art and genuine community building are at the core of Ikuzo’s mission, and those who look for such strong fundamentals in NFTs should consider securing a whitelist spot before Ikuzo’s April 15th mint date.

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