IC Birds NFT Sales Continue Slow & Steady as the Team Focus on Roadmap

IC Birds NFT Sales Continue Slow & Steady as the Team Focus on Roadmap
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

ICBirds is the product of three French engineers who go by the names Orions, Histone, and CMBB. Their expertise includes blockchain tech, AI, and varying other fields of computer science. If you have any concerns over knowing only their online names, keep in mind that the team received a grant from the DFINITY Foundation, which means they are all fully doxed.

While the team may have been disappointed to sell just 258 NFTs on mint day, the sale has continued to make slow and steady progress. The total sales have now reached 556, more than double what was purchased on day one. You can get one on the Entrepot Launchpad, and there are discounts for bulk purchases. What are some of the perks that IC Birds holders can get on day one, and what can they look forward to in the future? Let’s take a deeper dive into this project.

There are tons of fun traits that make each IC Bird unique.

The IC Birds dApp Includes a Functional Game

From the minute you purchase your first IC Bird NFT, you can head right over to icbirds.app and start playing their game. Even if you don’t own a Bird yet, connecting your wallet will get you access to the rest of the site. I’ve connected my Plug wallet (you can choose between Plug and Stoic) and can confirm that it is safe. I know this is a major concern with third-party sites. Remember that you can always create a new wallet for free and send your Bird there to connect and play if you don’t want to leave your primary wallet connected to a dApp.

While I have not personally played it, the game seems to be challenging. The leaderboard reveals that only five players have scored more than 13 points, with the top scorer currently at 50. The team has done very well at delivering on roadmap milestones and clearly has the funding and technical knowledge to continue to deliver. So let’s take a look at some of the things they have in store for the future of the project.

Screenshot from the actual game, showing the player's score and presenting the option to start a new game.

Upcoming Roadmap Milestones for IC Birds

We’re only one month into Q2 2022, and the team has already checked off half of the items on their roadmap for the quarter. Up next will be the first mini-game in beta. There will be a contest with rewards. Again, this is only for holders since you can’t play the game unless you connect a wallet with an IC Bird NFT in it. They also plan to let the community choose the next mini-game they develop.

In Q3, things really get going. The team intends to launch Instagram and TikTok accounts to advertise IC Birds to NFT collectors and gamers on other blockchains. They also intend to release a token that will both be airdropped to the community and used in-game. The plan is for the token to be used to buy, sell, and mint new NFTs that will also play a role in the game.

The IC Birds sale is live now on the Entrepot Launchpad

The Future of the IC Birds Project Looks Bright

A highly talented and technical team, funding from the DFINITY Foundation, a functional game, ongoing NFT sales, and an ambitious roadmap paint a bright future for the IC Birds project. While only about 13% of the collection has sold out to date, remember that less than 6% sold on day one, so there is still a lot of interest in IC Birds. At the very least, picking up just one Bird allows you the opportunity to play the existing mini-game and perhaps even get good enough at it to earn rewards in the future. With ICP at an all-time low right now, whitelisted buyers can join the project for under 20 USD, and even the public sale price is under 24 USD, which is not much for a fun game and a collectible NFT.

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