How do we Increase Adoption on the IC Ecosystem?

Daniel James
Daniel James
How do we Increase Adoption on the IC Ecosystem?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Galactic Guardians assembled some of the most influential community leaders and project founders on the Internet Computer and got their views.

Galactic Guardians are a new NFT project on the IC, and so they were only able to reach out to the individuals that have helped them grow immensely in under a month. This is their way to say thanks. The Galactic Guardians team cares about this ecosystem, they care about the IC and the community and this is why they are building here. Together we rise up.

The questions at hand?

How do we increase adoption of the ICP Ecosystem? How do we onboard the next 100,000 users on IC? How do we improve our communities and the quality of projects?

Over the last year, we have seen a boom in the NFT space. It started on Ethereum with Crypto Punks, then BAYC. After that, Solana Summer took into effect with the rise of SMB, and Degen Ape Academy. But how do we achieve what our fellow Layer 1s have achieved?

Well, grab your favorite bubbly, your favorite cup of tea, and a snack, this is going to be a long article. An informative one at that. Remember to like, and share. This is how we grow, and improve.

Written by Dannybags, @dcitynft

We launched our project on ICP because of the amazing community. Although still small, they were extremely passionate about the future. We hope that by making D-City the best it can be that we can attract attention outside of the IC community and that we can help do our part in spreading the word about the IC and its unique potential.”

Written by Avocado Research, Avocado Research @av8cado

I think we should develop the strengths of Internet Computer, something that other blockchains do not have. For example, real WEB 3.0 services like DSCVR, Distrikt, and OpenChat.

Written by Jon, Founder of Pokedstudio, @pokedstudiouk

The art on an NFT is important. Try to create the best and most imaginative work you can.

Written by Pwoseidonn, Community Leader, @Pwoseidonn

The IC is primed for mass adoption. When the pin drops, it won’t just ripple.
It’ll tsunami.

There are barriers to IC mass adoption, all puzzles to solve.
These include lack of awareness, strange URL domains, inaccessibility without a biometric device, FUD from bad actors, the steep fall of ICP price shortly after launch, etc.

Inaccessibility without a biometric device, I think, is a major issue. Even with access to ‘Internet Identity’, the various steps required to sign in pose a challenge to adoption. On the flip side, making access easier will only exacerbate the spam bot problem.

To accelerate IC mass adoption we need a way to let people access IC without a biometric device, but we also need a method to verify humans to prevent bots.

Written by @vingtheory, @icpxy

We need to do a better job at marketing our projects and products outside of the IC community. All we do is collab with the other IC Projects, host twitter spaces, and have mostly IC community members joining the space, etc.

It's ironic, but we need to use web2 platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, Reddit, and Youtube to promote our projects. Honestly, many of us will always be looking for a good project. So, reaching outside will definitely be a good activity to bring users to both IC and the project.

As an NFT investor/trader, you should first ask yourself what you like about NFTs in general? Is it just art? Or utilities? Or both? Are you willing to commit to a long-term relationship with any project? (or) are you just going to buy and forget? You can even flip for good cash on projects that are purely driven by hype. Crypto is full of opportunities if you set your strategies right.
As a creator, you can create subpar NFT collections but attach innovative tech and use cases. Or create the best in the industry art and it just sells. Or both to make an impact in the industry. It all depends on you and your team’s expertise.

My take on this is whatever you do, do it right and do it great. Quality products are always appreciated. (Ving wrote a 10-page college paper when we asked for a small paragraph… so we grabbed only a few sentences from his massive document :D)

Written by The Swop, @the_swop, Founder:@StofAxeCap

Leaders within the ecosystem should be approaching larger media outlets to showcase their projects. Marketing efforts need to be ramped up quite a bit, maybe we need some outside collaborations from other chains. Focusing on YouTube and TikTok would be great ways to market, I do believe Linkedin would be another great platform to add to the mix. Twitter Spaces is a great tool, organized times to get more leaders in to teach others about what’s going on in the ecosystem could have a tremendous impact over time.

The Swop will be looking to start attending live crypto events to help our brand grow, we are looking to connect with more communities throughout all of crypto. The Swop is also looking to become a key role in increasing the adoption of the Internet Computer; we will do live events such as concerts, festivals, and conventions. It certainly will not be an easy task, however, we do have an experienced live events coordinator who has organized many events for Comic-Con, E3, and The Xbox One Tour.

I do believe everyone is putting their best foot forward to help expand the ecosystem, if we continue to push content out, eventually people will be drawn more to the IC. I do believe in a year’s time we will be congratulating all the hard work the developers had put in. Enjoy the moment, things can change pretty quickly.

Written by Chris, CEO of @icvibesters

When we look at what we have to offer right now on the Internet Computer, we can easily say evolutionary technology in speed security and programming. Alongside the technology, we have some really good Dapps for decentralized social media platforms and a few thriving NFT marketplaces and communities. What we don’t have yet is Decentralized Finance in its true form as of yet.

When we look at other popular chains and their history DeFi is usually responsible for extreme growth.
I believe with the technology our chain offers users and developers that it is only a matter of time before we are hit with IC’S DeFi wave. For now, the teams developing and making a home on the IC can do their best work to ensure the Internet Computer’s ecosystem continues to thrive and produce quality projects.

Written by Lydia Lei, Community Leader. @lydialei3

After one year of development, there are now over 200 projects that are developed on the IC ecosystem, including NFTs, Dapps, infrastructures, DAOs, and wallets… but which of them will be the next mainstream product?

As we know we have some amazing dapps such as decentralized social media Openchat,distrikt, Dstar, Relation, Nuance, Icevent….etc. They are not perfect now, the speed is slower than web2.0 but they are innovative for blockchain, all the dates are online, and all the data is owned by users. This is a big step in the blockchain world. And also the NFTs on IC are unique.

Users don’t need to pay a high gas fee, you can very easily own an NFT. This provides less friction for projects to arise and for artists to come into the IC ecosystem. The NFT space is a community-driven ecosystem. All the NFTs need to do is serve the community well and deliver what they promise.

It is not simply driven by emotions, but by the community. So this is
an important great reason for NFT projects to do their own customer loyalty. So I think dapps and NFTs might be one of the biggest parts of the IC and its adoption. Thank you very much.

Written by Maximum, @crypto_90s

The IC ecosystem is still INCREDIBLY small relative to the NFT engagement on ETH or even SOL. One of the biggest factors that I think will drive increased demand in the IC, particularly for NFTs, is using them to do innovative, long-term projects.

Great art and hype are excellent, but new adopters and community members need to have the sense that projects have serious, long-term plans for their NFT collections.
I think these are key factors that will draw more attention and capital to NFTs on the IC.

Written by Skyler, Founder of @icguardiansnft

The ICP ecosystem and Dfinity are prime for building. Ideal for onboarding new users. We feel that everyone can attack this issue from different angles. Social Dapps, NFT projects, tech improvements. Our POV, however, our angle is art and story. Part of our mission is to create beautiful artwork. You see it in our NFT project.

After that the art in our manga, and the airdrops we have planned for diamond hand-holders. WE also think that onboarding artists is key to bringing in a new influx of people. We see amazing artists on Ethereum and Solana. Many already have 5/6 figure followings. We can bring people like that over here.

We haven’t spoken about this much, but we do hint at it. We want to build a 1/1 marketplace for artists. Ethereum has Foundation, Solana has Holaplex, and both layer 1s have more than just the ones named here. There is room for more than one.

But first, we want to build a strong community under our Galactic Guardians brand, and deliver some fire artwork and some dope storytelling. We have some serious long-term goals. But it's only possible with the support of the community and the continued support of leaders in the space.

Thank you to every single individual that has helped us so far. Extremely welcoming, we feel lucky to have the support of you all. We won’t disappoint. And we hope this article is proof of how we can collaborate together.



*This article has been published with the permission of Skyler at Galactic Guardians

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