Halloween Howling with ICPuppies and their Upcoming Game!

Daniel James
Daniel James
Halloween Howling with ICPuppies and their Upcoming Game!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

As announced on our Discord (join it if you haven’t yet — ), we’ve got several things we want to talk to you about. Without further ado:

  1. Our first charity partnership involves the awesome team at Infinite Charity Project. On top of pledging 0.5% of all ICPuppies sales forever, we’re going to donate 200 ICP to their cause. Their next project is something you guys will love, but we’re not allowed to disclose anything else right now.
    All we can tell you is to keep an eye out on their social media ;)

Feel free to suggest charities or causes that you think would benefit from our donations regarding the rest of the charity funds. Our primary focus areas are disfavored children and puppy shelters. Accepting donations in crypto would be a massive plus as it would give us more leeway from a legal point of view. We plan on contributing to a charity every month/every two months.

2. We reached 10.000 ICP in sales volume! This is huge news for our collection, and it goes to show that these puppies aren’t going anywhere. Hold onto your fluffy friends because the NFT market explosion is just around the corner, and you don’t want to miss out on it.

3. Okay, okay, no more fumbling around; we know you guys want to hear about the airdrop. It will be a Halloween-themed airdrop featuring unique wearables and a spooky animated background. These items are a seasonal set and will be unobtainable after this airdrop. You will be able to trade them in a separate ‘ICPuppies wearables’ collection.
Every Stoic and plug wallet which holds at least 1 ICPuppy will receive the Halloween background. For every 5 ICPuppies, you own you will receive a random wearable from this seasonal set. Wallets with over 25 and over 50 ICPuppies will receive special backgrounds.
We plan on having seasonal and special occasion airdrops down the road.

ICPuppies P2E Game Concept Reveal

We’re going to tell you about the upcoming play-to-earn ICPuppies game. We’ve partnered with Toniq Labs on the development side so expect fantastic things!
Many of the features below are still being designed and are subject to change, and we will involve you in these choices as the development moves forward.

However, we’d like to highlight some key elements of it that we think you’ll love:

  1. You will have to take care of your ICPuppy and train it into becoming one of the best puppies out there. Your puppy will have stats, and its assets(hats/accessories) will be swappable and tradeable.
  2. The game will have an upgradable base for your NFT to interact with your puppy and develop its skills.
  3. There will be an in-game economy with its token used to buy/sell items and customizations for your puppy and base. Loot and wearables gathered from the missions can be sold or traded with other players.
  4. You will be able to customize your in-game puppy and boost its stats with wearables you can buy or get from missions.
  5. You will be able to send your puppy on missions (think of it as a staking process) where they will encounter various events, mobs and find loot and gain experience.
  6. Your puppy’s happiness will decrease if you’re not taking care of them :( (akin to a Tamagotchi)
  7. The rarer the puppy, the more bonuses you will have at the start of the game. We will reward those who own multiple ICPuppies as well.
  8. Breeding will be a high-level feature to avoid over-use.

To conclude, if you want to assist us with the game design and development, give us ideas, suggestions, and general counsel, we will open up a separate channel to add the interested members.

See you at the event and good luck! May you get the rarest ICPuppy!

*Note that the above article has been published at the request of our partner, ICPuppies from their Medium account.

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