Floor Prices Rise for 2nd Week in a Row as IC NFT Market Sees Growth

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Floor Prices Rise for 2nd Week in a Row as IC NFT Market Sees Growth
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Collectors can once again rejoice as liquidity and sales improve in the Internet Computer ecosystem for the second week in a row. Here are some of the top highlights and things to look forward to.

New Projects Enter the Marketplace

Several new projects have made big entries into the secondary market in the past week. Here are three that I'm keeping an eye on:

· Drip Bang – VRSTL introduced their second collection with a stealth drop on Entrepot. Whitelisting and 12-hour advanced warning for their Discord resulted in the limited collection of 176 NFTs selling out during the one-minute private sale at a price of 9.99 ICP. Since then, the project has 2766 ICP in volume and retains a floor price of 39.5 ICP. The team's other collection (Dragon Boots on the CCC marketplace) has done 6700 ICP in volume and has a floor price of 37 ICP.

· DogFinity – The DogFinity team sold out their collection of 3969 NFTs despite a 24-hour launch delay that placed them up against two other projects minting on Entrepot on the same day. Since then, they've done 573 ICP in volume and have a 1.79 ICP floor price, putting even those who minted in the public sale at 1.75 ICP in the green just days after launch.

· Girls– ShuFan's art collection on the Yumi marketplace features ten artworks and a total of 110 NFTs in the collection. After selling out at 0.2 ICP in several drops spaced three days apart, the floor price of the collection is currently 4 ICP.

Girls by ShuFan is only available on the Yumi marketplace.

Core Collections See Continued Growth

One of the best signs of health for the Internet Computer's NFT marketplaces is that the core collections that have the most volume over the past year are also seeing floor price increases.

· BTC Flower – Over the last two weeks, the floor price has jumped from 220 ICP to 369 ICP, a 68% increase. BTC Flower holders will soon receive 1:1 Pineapple Punk airdrops. Learn more about the collection here on Medium.

· Poked bots – Over a two-week period, the floor price of bots is up 18%, from 17 ICP to 19.98 ICP.

· Motoko Day Drop – This week, the floor price of Motoko NFTs increased 21% from 24 ICP to 28.96 ICP. The project also set back-to-back ATH sales records. On Saturday, Motoko #7382 sold for 800 ICP and on Sunday, Motoko #1524 sold for 888 ICP.

· IC Punks – The floor price of Punks rose 33% this week from 13.79 IPC to 18.3 ICP.

The top Motoko sales of all time as seen on NFTGeek.app

Projects with Updates See Major Growth and Scarcity

Some of the other top-performing projects of the week include:

· IC Dinos – The floor price is up to 3 ICP after sneak previews of dinos aging from babies to teenagers and a new dinos marketplace that will house all of their current collections and upcoming new species.

· Dfinity Space Apes – While the launch of Mutant Space Apes was delayed from Monday to Tuesday, the DSA collection continued to see growth, with the floor reaching 3.59 ICP on Monday.

· IC Bucks – Egido Val announced on Twitter that his next collection would be airdropped to Bucks holders. Over a two-week period, the floor price has nearly doubled from 0.86 ICP to 1.65 ICP. It also crossed the 10K ICP threshold for secondary sales.

· D-City – A preview and working demo of the D-City metaverse has caused the collection's floor price to go from 6 ICP to 16.50 ICP in just one week – a 175% increase.

A screenshot posted on Discord by pandachan

Entrepot's Launchpad Projects Trying to Capitalize on Improving Market Conditions

Over a dozen projects failed to sell out during the struggling market over the last couple of months. However, some are revising their strategies to try and capitalize on the new liquidity in the marketplace.

· IC Giraffes – The IC Giraffes project suddenly seems to have a new life, thanks to a dedicated team member (Benny04 on Discord). He privately contacted every holder selling their NFTs below the floor price to encourage them to either delist or raise their price. The personal effort seems to be working as there are significantly fewer Giraffes listed for less than 0.9 ICP. They are actively meeting with investors and have applied for a DFINTY grant. Plus, they are personally reaching out to ETH and SOL community members. It will be interesting to see if this strategy pays off and bring renewed interest to the project.

· ETH Butterfly – This team took a completely different approach and simply dropped their sale price from 4 ICP to 1 ICP. It seems to be working as more than half the collection has now sold out.

· IC Birds – The Birds team has also taken the decreasing mint price route (although the discount is under 50%). You can now get a Bird, which provides entry to a game, for just 0.845 ICP (0.71 ICP if your wallet is whitelisted).

A quick search on DGDG.app reveals there are still 15 1/1s available in the mint wallet, including those shown here.

What's on the Horizon?

Many projects are waiting to announce their release date, including Bones Dfinity and Puppet Originals, which appear in the "Upcoming" section on CetoSwap. Also, the 3D Crystal collection (from Dmail) has been added to the CCC airdrops page. However, there are also many projects with release dates on other marketplaces, such as:

· IC Kongs – The second release from IC Park will launch on CCC on May 27th. However, the burning of IC Lions for people who want to trade Lions for Kongs is slated to begin one week early. This will allow you to burn your Lions if you want to receive a 1:1 drop. Holding Lions will also result in airdrops at a 2:1 ratio.

· Galactic Guardians – The collection will launch on May 25th on Entrepot.

· IC Genesis – The Saorsa Labs team announced that their IC Genesis Project would list on Entrepot on June 2nd. This project is related to the ICP Detectives portal on DSCVR.

The crypto market may be struggling, but things are continuing to look bright for the Internet Computer's NFT marketplaces. Until next week – trade responsibly!

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